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How Much Is It To Ship A Car?

October 31, 2016

Shipping a car from one state to the other can be quite costly. It becomes even more challenging when you are doing so for the first time. As opposed to experienced customers who know when they have landed on a good deal, you might end up paying more than is necessary when it is your first time. To avoid such mistakes, one needs to know how much he should pay for particular services. In most cases however, the standard charge for shipping a vehicle from one place to another doesn’t exist. Instead, the costs involved vary from one company to the other depending on several factors.

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It starts with the vehicle

The kind of vehicle you are shipping will affect the ultimate amount you are going to pay as service charge. As expected, shipping a lorry and personal Toyota Corolla cannot cost the same amount. Shipping larger vehicles tends to be more costly as compared to shipping other rides. In addition, shipping luxury cars tend to be more expensive as compared to other vehicles. Since there is greater risk in transporting such vehicles, one will be expected to pay more. With this information, you will know there is a problem if shipping a lorry costs almost a similar amount as transporting a small car.

Services Involved

The kind of shipping services involved will also influence the amount of money you pay as shipping charges. Your car can be transported in various ways. There is open carrier option, which involves stacking of vehicles in open carriers. The process is safe and attracts affordable charges. The other option requires advanced comfort and security measures. Popularly known as enclosed carrier services, this option involves the vehicle being transported under special conditions.

Such services aren’t handled by any other crew. It requires people with high levels of training who demand better compensations. If you are planning to transport a luxury car, this method is ideal. Otherwise, you can use the standard open carrier method, which isn’t bad either.

Season and Delivery Time

The timing of the shipping also affects the ultimate amounts to be paid. Shipping cars through summer can be cheaper because of the favorable weather conditions. Some roads are also affected by poor weather like heavy rains. One would need to compensate the auto shippers heftily for shipping vehicles to such destinations. On the other hand, some companies make shipping in winter less costly because the traffic is low.

How soon you need the vehicle will also determine the amount of funds paid for the services. The sooner you need your car, the higher the chances are for paying larger sums.

Get Free Instant Quotes

People no longer have to worry about how much they should pay for vehicle shipping services. With instant free quote services, you can effortlessly know how much is expected of you. Most systems are accurate, so the final payment wouldn’t be so much different from the initial one unless the shipping details change. At the end of it all, one realizes that the price of shipping vehicle from one point to another is dependent on some factors and not just one.

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