Do you need affordable car transport services? Everything you need to know

July 25, 2017

Not so many people may like the idea of shipping their cars.However, situations such as job transfer or sending a car as a gift to a friend or relative will require you to seek auto transport services. The process should not be so expensive to scare you. You can obtain quality services at affordable prices by just adhering to some simple guidelines.

Do your research

Conduct a research on several companies before settling on the one. Do not always go with low prices as this may translate to poor services. It is important to confirm you are dealing with a genuine company. First, you need to visit the companies’ website. Ensure that the physical address they have provided on the website exists.

You may also make a phone call as this will give you an idea of the customer service team you will be dealing with in case of any grievances. Genuine companies will be willing to share their registration details whenever you request for them. Just before you finish, check previous customer reviews. This gives a broad picture of the level of customer satisfaction. If the customers got value for their more, they would often leave positive reviews.

Book with the auto transport company well in advance

Having done a thorough research on a number of companies, you should be ready to settle for the one to transport your valuable car. Booking in advance saves on your money. To begin with, you will have adequate time to adhere to the company’s requirements. The company may require you to do something about the condition of your car. You will also have adequate time to choose between different auto transport methods, depending on your wallet and their availability.

Prepare your car adequately

Make sure the car you are about to ship is actually what you need. There have been cases where someone buys a car and ships it only to realize on delivery they transported the wrong vehicle.

It is advisable that you give the car a thorough wash. Check for any scratches or dents, take photos and date them appropriately. Document these records with the auto transport company. In addition, remove all personal belongings and customized items from the car. This reduces cases of theft or damage that may be caused by these items to the car.

Your car should be in a running condition. If not, inform the auto transport company well in advance. The car may be driven for short distances during loading and offloading. For this reason, also ensure there is some gas in the tank, the battery is fully charged, and all the fluids are in the recommendable quantities. Never forget to check on any leakages. You may be charged for any damage caused by leaking fluids to other cars in transit.

Choose a suitable shipment method

You may choose between open and closed car carriers. An open carrier is cheaper, but the car is open to damage by weather conditions. You may also choose between the door and terminal delivery. Door delivery is more expensive but presents you with a better chance to inspect your car before using it at all. Shipping your car should not be expensive. With just a few tips, you can be certain of quality services at a fair price.