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I need to Ship My Car. Which Shipping Options are Available for Me?

November 16, 2016

Shipping your car to another location can be an interesting venture; if well executed and well planned. Even more, the whole process can turn out fulfilling when you choose the best shipping plan for your vehicles. In the past, many people have ended up spending so much money or making terrible mistakes simply because they were not keen enough when selecting the shipping options. At Nexus Auto Transport, we have been in the industry long enough to understand the shipping needs. That is why we provide customers with an extensive range of auto transportation options, suitable for them.

Open Carrier Auto Transport

It might as well ranks as the most popular auto shipping method offered by companies. This standard vehicle transfer procedure involves the mass transfer of vehicles. For local dealers receiving vehicles from ports, this is the way to go. One amazing aspect about this auto transportation option is that you get to save money. It is not as costly as the other available options. For those who might not have had an experience with this, it is ideal knowing that vehicles are carried in open car carries where they are stacked in neat rows and columns.

This special arrangement allows for carriage of several vehicles. Worth noting is that this service is more accessible and available compared to the other options. With it, you can have your car picked and delivered within a commendable time.

Enclosed Carrier Services

As the name suggests, enclosed auto transport involves vehicles being transported in tightly closed containers. This method of auto transportation offers better security and comfort. Most people opt for it when transporting vehicles of higher values. It is ideal for shipping luxury vehicles and sports cars between two states. The level of safety involved in the carriage is enough to ensure secure auto transportation. Notably, the shipping option comes at extra costs. You will need to sacrifice a few more dollars to have your car shipped the easier way; more comfort and better security.

Expedited Express Car Shipping Services

If you need premium fast-track solution to auto shipping, this is the way. The package comes with advanced shipping plans. Unlike the usual vehicle shipping services, which takes 1-4 days before pick-up, this option is faster. With earlier arrangements, you can have your vehicle picked up within a day and shipped to the desired destination. This package is ideal for people who would like to have their vehicles delivered sooner. It might be because of personal preferences or commercial needs. Whichever way, expedited express services will always have you covered in emergencies.

One fabulous aspect of this option is the professional handling of vehicles involved. Only designated, highly trained professionals carry out this service. At Nexus Auto Transport, it is even better because only experienced and top-notch carriers will handle your car. Considering all the tremendous benefits that come with this package, it is just fair enough paying a little more to have the vehicle delivered quickly to your destination of choice.

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