Nexus Auto Transport: Dependable Shipping Solution That Thinks Ahead

August 30, 2018

Why drive there, if you can just have your car shipped there? Whether it’s because you’re moving or because you bought a new car out of state, there might
come a time when you don’t feel up for the long drive.

Or you might have more than one car, and simply not enough people to drive it through. Whatever the reason, you might want to consider the possibility of
using a car delivery service.

What Nexus Auto Transport Is About

Nexus Auto Transport is the way to go if you want your car shipped. Established in 2015, the company provides expert transportation and shipping for your
vehicle across the country. They offer affordable and competitively priced car delivery service when you need it. The company offers the (potential) customer
the chance to get a free comprehensive quote on their website, where they supply you with three final prices that you can then choose from.
The quote price also includes the vehicle insurance for any unseen circumstances, convenient tracking of the vehicle for you, any an all toll fees on the way,
door-to-door delivery, and any taxes that may apply.

What Nexus Auto Transport Offers

The company prides themselves in making the process of shipping your vehicle simple and straightforward. There’s no need to cause an already possibly
stressful task to become even more harrying.

Nexus Auto Transport offers a wide variety of services for your convenience and to make moving easy. A few of their services are mentioned below but does
not span the width of what they truly have to offer.

1. Open-carrier Auto Shipment

When you want to ship your car at an affordable and cost-effective rate, while still ensuring that the car delivery service offered is secure, you might want to
consider going for open-carrier auto shipping. This is the typical method of transferring cars on an open carrier and loading the cars in rows and columns.
The stacking is done by professionals with plenty of experience who ensure that the cars are packed securely. However, it does not offer a shield against natural
weather elements. Since this type of service is more readily available, it offers the chance for your car to be transported sooner than with other types. Opencarrier
shipping is also the most economically advisable options.

2. Seasonal Auto Relocation

Different weather conditions require different car delivery service conditions. Perhaps when winter strikes, you prefer relocating to where the sun still shines. If
you do so, you are probably aware of just how costly it can become to rent a vehicle for that duration. Add to that, the rented car just does not have the same
feel to it when you drive it. While driving all the way to your sunny destination might seem a bit… much, having your vehicle transported might just be the

Don’t fret, because Nexus Auto Transport has thought ahead! They offer delivery service at your ?journey’s end’ door for your convenience. Once again, they
do this in a faultless manner at a price that is better that is definitely better than the rental agency, and with the assurance that your car is delivered in the same
condition you last saw it.

3. Enclosed Auto Shipping

What to do when the vehicle you want to ship lies more to the ?super-expensive’ side of the scope? Obviously, you want the car delivery service that you use to
take care of your car in a secure environment – that is not subjected to possibly sudden harsh weather conditions?
Nexus Auto Transport offers the option to transport your precious car in an enclosed auto shipping service that is handled by expertly trained and highly skilled
professionals and includes wide-ranging insurance for up to a million dollars. Sleep tight knowing that the Prosgot this covered.

4. Expedited Express Auto Shipping

Need your vehicle delivered to its newest destination A.S.A.P.? They got it covered for you. At a little more premium price, Nexus Auto Transport will ensure
that your car gets shipped at top priority for a quick, yet reliable, turnaround time guaranteed and does so without letting the quality of the service slip. It does
depend on the availability of truckers, so be sure that you don’t leave the booking till the last minute.

5. Classic Car Auto Shipping

Are you a proud owner of a vintage or classic car? With the great power of owning a classic car comes the great responsibility (and concern) of ensuring that
the car gets treated with the utmost care. When it comes to transporting your classic car, you want only the best car delivery service to ensure that not even a
scratch gets onto your ?baby’. While all the certified truckers employed by Nexus Auto Transport are expertly trained in only treating each car with the best
care they possibly could, even more precautions are taken to leave you assured that your classic will stay a classic.

The Wrap-up

Nexus Auto Transport offers affordable and professional car delivery service that will cover all your bases. Next time you have to transport a vehicle, whether it
be your family car or your brand new, state-of-the-art, classic car, they have a wide variety of services to provide to you. So, go on and use them. You know
you want to.