Nexus Auto Transport – The Best Auto Transport Solution In USA

August 30, 2018

Nexus Auto Transport is a professional auto shipping service provider with ultimate reputation in the field of auto shipping in USA. The company adopts a customer-centric approach that ensures the shipping service runs smoothly through every step of the way. Nexus aims at making the daunting task of auto shipping as smooth as possible for all its clients.

Various service options from Nexus cover all the aspects; including insurance, vehicle tracking, tolls, tax, and the door to door service.

Services from Nexus Auto Transport To have a closer look at the different types of auto shipping services provided by Nexus, let us go in detail into what each service entails. Open Carrier Auto Shipping – Open Carrier method is the most affordable and cost-effective option when thinking of transporting vehicles in large numbers over a long distance.

The method is obviously secure and is completely insured against all accidental damages. The main advantage of open carrier auto shipping is lowering of the cost.

Hauling at least ten cars (the standard minimum number of cars carried) lowers the cost for the clients and at the same time enhances the profit for the company. Though the carried vehicles are not protected against external elements as rain, hail or snow, such possibilities are minimal as the company sees to it that the time taken is as short as possible. Unless you are transporting a very expensive car, it is advisable to choose the open carrier option for best results.


Seasonal Auto Relocation – If you are preparing for your seasonal move, it is obvious that you will need your own car with you. The seasonal relocation site is obviously not near your permanent residence and this means it can be a big headache to get your car over there. Driving the car to the new place all by yourself can be extremely tiring and discouraging. This is where Nexus Auto Transport comes to your rescue. Simply get in touch with Nexus and eliminate all the concerns related to seasonal auto transport. All the car shipping carriers at Nexus are modern units that go through regular mechanical check-ups. And most importantly, the services are fully insured to take care of any related risks.

Enclosed Auto Shipping Service – If you are a proud owner of expensive, classic or antique vehicle and need your precious beast to be transported, it is Nexus’s Enclosed Auto-Shipping service that you should consider. The precious vehicle will be carried by the company in fully-enclosed carriers so that all the harsh external elements can be kept at bay. The reputed door-to-door service offered by Nexus will provide you with professionally-trained handlers along with comprehensive insurance covering for your treasure. Transporting such precious vehicles need extremely safe driving practices and the company ensures that by hand-picking reputed drivers for the enclosed shipping service.


Classic Car-Auto Shipping – If you own a classic car, it is perhaps not just the financial value of the car that matters. There is also a great deal of sentimental worth attached to the car and it is obvious that as an owner, you will like to take every precaution to keep your treasure protected. Nexus brings you the most comprehensive auto shipping service for your classic car at the most affordable rates. The company has both the open carrier and enclosed shipping facility for classic car transport. No matter which option you choose, transporting a classic car requires utmost precaution and Nexus proudly ensures that. All the company’s drivers have been trained to employ top level diligence and caution while transporting classic possessions of clients so you can rest assured you will receive your car in a safe condition.

Expedited Express Shipping – If you are looking for super-fast car transport service, Nexus’s Expedited-Express Shipping Service is your best option. It is the fastest service that you can have against a little extra cost. The service is obviously slightly costly as compared to other service options. But when time is of the essence, the extra cost is truly worth it. Conclusion Auto shipping in USA is a booming business and to acquire the reputed top ranking in this industry, the service provider need to excel in all the spheres related to shipping the vehicles. Nexus Auto Shipping is extremely careful about providing their customers with absolute satisfaction. To make this possible, the company does everything feasible and possible. Simply get your required transportation quotation and let you