Nexus Auto Transport, the breakthrough in car transport service

October 14, 2018

Transporting a car has never been easy for many people.  It involves so much stress and financial resources. There are the expensive packages that many transport providers may offer you.  There are the unrealistic packages that may sound best for you. But, the truth is, you cannot be sure to all of these. There are many scams in the business world today, and it would be unfortunate if you become a victim to this.


The traditional way

The industry has long existed, and they provided auto transport services to the people, but, unfortunately, the value of the services they have offered are so inferior.  It is inferior in the sense that it never satisfied their customers, up to the extent that people doubt their services. There may be some who reach out to them because they have no other choices.  It makes or break for them. It seems a trial and error to them. The following are some of the failures of the auto transport companies in the delivering of their services.

  • Failure to deliver on time is the main cause of dissatisfaction among the customers.  Many people will ship their vehicles to catch something at the other end. Some are there for business engagements and while others are there for personal commitment. They cannot afford to be late for these occasions.  What will happen if you get there and the car is not yet around?
  • Failure to secure the vehicles.  Another concern for car owners is the capability of the transport company to secure the car.  Many experiences such as dents and scratches in the body of the car or cracks in the windshield were reported online.  This total incompetence on the side of the transport company.
  • Failure to reach the destination.  One more setback is the worst scenario of not being able to reach the destination.  It may be a failure in the processor in-ability of logistics, that cause the failure to deliver.  In a transport business, you must have the connections, just in case, you will need logistical support in the process of transporting the vehicle.
  • Failure to track the shipment.  One frustrating failure of a transport company is when the shipper asked for the whereabouts of his shipment, and the shipping company cannot answer them.
  • Failure to access properly the shipment.  Some incompetent companies fail to access properly the shipment and will ultimately ask for additional payment upon delivery.  That will be an embarrassing situation for both parties.


How did people deal with the situation in the past?

Well, as mentioned earlier, people move around, and if they do, they will always need an auto transport service. Others are going places, because of business transactions.  This will require them to move, and since they are left with no choices, they are just a prospect victim of the system. It is really hard to deal with a situation that is one-sided.  It is you knew you will be at a losing end, but, you still need to do it, because, there are no other alternatives available. A take it or leave it thing.

How did Nexus Auto Transport become a breakthrough in car transport service?

Nexus Auto Transport Service was conceptualized to provide a value-added approach to the car shipping industry.  They are aware that the industry logs behind in development, because, it is run with a system that is outdated in the customer service industry.  They knew that they need to change the approach, to erase the stigma that is attached to it. They design a new approach by bringing the following changes to the system:

  • Fast and on time delivery.  The problem of late delivery was being addressed by nexus auto transport.  They searched the cause of the problem and provided a solution to it. This resulted to a fast and on time delivery of the shipment.
  • Secured and safety is maximized.  Learning the other concern of the shippers, such as security and safety, they have managed to add more precautionary features to their system, resulting in a secured shipment.
  • Tracking real-time capability is available.  Tracking capability is a very welcome development by the customers.  This erases the anxiety caused by not knowing where your shipment is.
  • Complete insurance coverage.  Another good feature that assures sincerity in the shipping company’s side.  Shipping cars total worry free for the customers.


Nexus Auto Transport Services has been in the U.S for decades now and continued to grow in the industry.  They have complete services to offer, for your shipping needs. Catch them at and know more of them.  Nexus Auto Transport is indeed a breakthrough in the car transport service industry.