Nexus, your car transport partner in the U.S

October 8, 2018

Car shipment is a very daunting task.  Bringing your car from point A to point B means a lot to you.  It will involve a lot of effort and funding to be able to facilitate the shipment of your car safely.  Without the proper connections in the car handling industry, your car shipment is far from perfection.


The effects of not engaging a reliable car auto transport

For some people it will be cost efficient of they will just drive their car to their destination.  They only think of the immediate cash out when engaging a transport service, but, they did not think of the consequences in doing so.  They forgot the many challenges they may encounter while in transient thru unfamiliar places. Here are a few question you need to ask yourself, before embarking on this endeavor.

  • Are you physically fit to drive a long distance?  You drive the whole day, resting only to take your quick meal and back on the road again.  It may take you a day or two of continues driving. Do you have the stamina? Are you fit enough or physically prepared to drive this long.  Take more time to think.
  • Can you handle the stress driving in such a far distance?  Driving is stressful, whatever the distance you are driving.  It is because you are not alone on the road. There are thousands of you on the same highway, keeping an eye of each other.  You have to maintain focus to avoid an accident or ending up with traffic violation to contain with. What if you have very limited time and traffic starts to build up?  Can you handle such a situation effectively?
  • Are you aware of the different traffic rules every state has?  Yes, there are standard traffic rules in the world or in a country.  But, you cannot deny that some states are implementing their local traffic rules.  It is because some traffic rules need to revise to make it work for them. One thing is your being unfamiliar of their roads.  You might end up going around just in the same state.
  • Do you think you can make it on time?  Time is essential for many shippers. Some have appointments to attend to.  If you are going to a meeting or a very important business meeting, can you afford to be late?  There are a lot of factors to facilitate will affect your timetables such as breakdowns, accidents or simple traffic.
  • What about breakdowns? Are you sure of the roadworthiness of your car? Accidents can occur due to two reasons, the human factor and the machine itself.  Any of those causes will take a toll on you.
  • What about security and safety in the highway?  Have you heard of carjacking? Or maybe you are familiar with highway robbery. Did you consider that scenario?
  • How much will it cost you?  How much will it cost you have your car towed and repair in an automotive shop?  How much will it costs you for meals in between? How about stops in motels at night?  Driving your car long distance will cost your car to deteriorate fast. How about the gas consumption?  Have you ever think of that?


Maximizing your car transport provider

Many people will opt to drive themselves because they felt that they are in the losing end of a deal.  It is because, for some, they don’t know how to maximize the services of their transport provider. To be able to get the best value, they should observe the ff:

  • Be specific on what you wanted to happen or what you expect to be the result of after the shipment.  This is important as to maintain alertness on the part of the provider. When they noticed that you are so strict and kin on details, they will respond accordingly.
  • Tell them your budget and that you are not going beyond that.  Don’t pretend that you can go farther beyond that. This will make designed a specific plan, accurate to your specification.
  • Do not be afraid or be ashamed to ask for discounts.  It is a privilege of every customer to ask for discounts. Remember, whatever the sale representative says, they will still have a profit.  This is business, and they will not stamp a deal if they don’t get a profit.
  • Ask for any freebies.  Freebies such s coupons or giveaways are a normal marketing strategy.  That is for you, a token of gratitude.
  • Ask for a representative and his contact number. This is very important, for the reason that, you will need to do a follow-up, while your car is in transport.  


Your total car transport provider

Nexus Auto Transport Company, your car transport partner, offers maximum value with their services.  A veteran in the industry, they have everything you need in transporting your car.  Their site is You can check on them there.