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Paying for Auto Transport Services; What You Need to Know

November 25, 2016

When was the last time you shipped a car from one state to the other? What was the experience like? Statistics show that the payment policies of a company affect the clients’ satisfactory rates, in a bigger way. You might not have thought of it that way. How many times have you failed to shop because you didn’t have enough cash? Probably your VISA card was loaded but the vendor wasn’t expecting such kind of payment. It is also applicable in the case of auto transport companies and their services. Companies with favorable policies and payment options carry the day.

When should you pay the money?

Different companies have varying preferences when it comes to payment plans. While some service providers insist on upfront payments, other auto transport companies will only deduct the due amount after the pick-up of the vehicle. Over the years, customers have come to like and prefer service providers who do not demand upfront payment. Paying for the services without seeing any progress is risky. Trusting people who haven’t delivered a single service is tricky.

The another option is that you pay all the money before the vehicle is picked. The danger comes in when the auto shipping company isn’t so reliable. You should only follow such a plan when you are certain that the company doesn’t have a nasty history of disappointing customers. You can always check that from the review or seek advice from close associates. Otherwise, it is preferable only to engage service providers who deduct the amount after your vehicle has been picked up.

Consider your options

The another common issue is that of payment options. Varied company policies favor different payment options. For some auto shipping companies, personal check is not acceptable when it comes to payments. For others yet, using cash is not a viable way of paying for the services.

In most cases, however, credit cards like MasterCard, VISA, and American Express are acceptable. Other companies also allow for electronic transfer of funds. For others yet, you can pay using other options like PayPal. At the end of the day, one realizes that payment modes vary from one auto Transportation Company to the other.

Make Prior Inquiries

It will be so disappointing to settle on all the shipment details only to realize that your choice of the company does not support your payment option. It is even more worrying when it hits you that the company required upfront payments when you were not ready for that. To save yourself the unnecessary stress, it is proper making early inquiries. You can call the company’s direct hotline number and make inquiries regarding the same. You also have the option of sending emails or participating in live chats. Inquiring from friends with similar experiences is also a viable option. At Nexus Auto Transport, we are always willing to make clarifications on the same. Simply get in touch with us through one of the communication platforms. We are always ready to assist.