How to plan an excellent car shipping experience

August 1, 2017

Situations will at times require you to ship a car. You may have acquired a car just recently and you are shipping it from the dealer to your state. It may be job relocation or shipping the car as a gift to a friend or a relative. In all these instances, you have the option of driving the car all the way. However, going for shipping the car appears to be the better option since:

  • Transporting the car reduces the damage risks for both interior and exterior of the car
  • Saves you time that would have been wasted during inspection by relevant authorities

To ensure an excellent car shipping experience, it is advisable to adhere to some few guidelines:

Thoroughly inspect the car before shipment

Wash the car properly both exterior and interior parts. This allows for a better inspection. Make a well-detailed record of all the scratches, dents or any other damage. Take photographs of these damages and date them. Make sure you present these records to the auto transport company before the shipment commences.

Remove all personal items and custom products

During the car shipment process, there will be loading and offloading of your car. Several people may have access to it. To reduce the risk of the theft, it is advisable to remove customized objects like DVD players and stereo faceplates.

Many auto transport companies will not accept to have personal items in the car during the shipment process. The insurance cover is exclusive of the personal belongings that may be in the car. In addition, the auto transport companies are often not licensed to ship luggage.

Detach parking passes and toll tags

Having active toll tags and parking passes may be automatically be charged along the way. Some of the items are also subject to theft. Ensure you remove or deactivate them.

Preparing the car for shipment

Even though your car will be shipped for the better part of the transport, it may be driven for some short distances. It is, therefore, recommendable to ship the car in a running condition. Mechanical problems should be reported to the auto transport company in advance. Check the following before shipping your car:

  • Make sure tires are properly inflated
  • Ensure the battery is fully charged
  • Ensure all the fluids are in the right quantity
  • Make sure the gas tank is quarter to half full
  • Ensure the car has no leakages
  • Properly document any mechanical problem and inform the mover in advance.

Preparing for picking and dropping

Make sure your car is loaded and offloaded at convenient locations. This avoids the trouble of having to pay other charges for the transport process. Disable the alarms or give instructions on how to disable it. Talk with the auto transport company on insurance arrangements. Auto transport companies will have more information. Preparing your car for the shipment process gives you peace of mind and ensures you save on the cost. Next time you are shipping your vehicle, take advantage of the guidelines above.