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How to Prepare your Car for Auto Transport

December 30, 2016

Some people consider auto transportation services hectic or even difficult; it should never be so. With the right company, vehicle shipping should be a seamless and hassle free process. It becomes even easier when you know what it takes to get the perfect car shipping services. Worth noting, smooth car shipping experience doesn’t just start at the pick-up point. It traces back to the moment you make the first call. Even more, it takes into consideration the pre-pickup preparation process. Many experienced auto-shipping customers will admit that ideal shipping service starts with you. How well you prepare your vehicle for car transportation will determine the overall success of the the shipping process. So how should one go about it?

Handle the Necessary Repairs

You wouldn’t want to assume any minor repair issues before auto transportation. Simple oversights like leaking fluid lines can cost you dearly when not handled prior to shipping. It is fair enough seeking the services of professional mechanics to handle any loose parts, faulty tires that cannot keep air pressure and other minor repairs. If you have unlockable car doors, they should be repaired to avoid any losses that might arise from it. The same also applies to unmoving. Transporting your vehicles when they are running is the safest and affordable way of going about the shipping process. Whenever possible, you should insist on the mechanic bringing your vehicle back to form prior to shipping.

Drain the Gas Tanks

To avoid any risks, car transport companies recommend that gas tanks should be drained to not more than ¼ full. Doing so before the vehicle is loaded on the shipping trailer keeps your car safe from any danger that might arise from gas leaking. In the process, you also get to reduce the weight of the car; making the shipping cost lesser. If possible, you can drive your vehicle over a considerable distance to ensure the gas level is down. Alternatively, you can use a hand pump or siphon to drain away excess fuel.

Remove Valuables and Detach Loose Parts

Before the vehicle is picked up, it is important ensuring that all the valuables are removed from the vehicle. Things like detachable car stereos, the car manuals, and removable emblems should be out of the vehicle during auto transportation. Even more, you should be careful not leave any personal belonging inside the car. Many car transport companies do not provide insurance covers to valuables inside the cars. You should also be careful enough to ensure detach any loose or hanging parts from the vehicle before auto transportation. You can handle this on your own or use the services of professionals.

Thoroughly inspect the vehicle

With everything said, what remains is inspecting your vehicle before the auto shipping process. From the bonnet, engine, car exterior to even the wheels, you should be keen on checking every component of the vehicle. If possible, take photographs for record purposes. This is the last thing you should do before signing the Bill of Lading and handing over your car to the auto shippers.