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What is the Price of Shipping a Car?

December 31, 2016

For those travelling or shifting residences because of job transfers, it is understandable how challenging the process of transporting your car can be. For some, you might want to drive it to your new location. However, this is often demanding and time-consuming making it a less preferable option. For most people, therefore, the most viable options remain that of engaging auto transport companies. If there is one thing that customers are concerned about when it comes to seeking the services of auto-shipping companies, it is that of service charges. How much will it cost me to shop a car from Florida to New York? What is my estimated budget if I need to move my car within different states in America? Such questions often arise for people who are due to ship their cars, especially those doing it for the first time.

Expect Variations

When it comes to auto shipping charges, giving a fixed figure might not be applicable. The charges or associated often vary depending on a number of factors. For one, each auto shipping company charges differently for the services offered. While some companies will grant you better deals, others will require you to dig deeper into your pocket in order to access certain services. Yet again, the type vehicle being transported also affects the ultimate auto-shipping quote. On average, it takes $600 to $1000 to ship a four-door Sedan car. For larger vehicles, it means spending a little more.

Consider the Distance Covered

Ordinarily, the distance between the pick-up and delivery point has a significant impact on the ultimate pricing. For longer shipping distances, you will necessarily have to pay more to compensate for the services rendered. Shipping an ordinary Sedan from New York to Florida, for instance, can cost $820 to $995. The variation comes in the routes being used alongside other factors. In the same way, transporting an ordinary Ford F-150 from New York to Los Angeles may cost $1270 to $1400.

Are you Transporting Classic Cars?

Well, auto-shipping companies offer transportation services to a wide range of vehicles. We have the average vehicles normally shipped using the open carrier method. On the other hand, there are also classic cars that require special attention during shipping. For such antique rides, you will have to spend more to have them transported from the various locations to your preferred destination. In most cases, transportation of such cars requires closed container, which comes at extra costs. As such, you must be willing to pay more for the services rendered.

Obtain instant quotes

You do not have to be confused about the price of shipping your car, especially when you engage the services of Nexus Auto Transport. Here, we have an online calculator accessible through our website. With this, you will be able to obtain accurate without the need for estimation. As most of our customers confess, what you see is what you pay. What’s more, the quotes are instant so you wouldn’t have to wait for minutes or even hours to know how much the auto shipping services will cost you!