Price to ship a car across country

Price to ship a car across country

Shipping a car across country isn’t something that many people get to do on a daily basis. It is a rare occurrence for car owners. That gives you every reason to treat that moment as special. Before engaging any car shipping company, you need to have answers to some questions. One of those questions that keep recurring to is the costs of car transportation. How much do I need to set aside when shipping my car across country? Well, we might want to give a direct answer to this question, but it isn’t applicable. Several factors influence car-shipping prices making the ultimate price a variable.

Brace yourself for variations

For someone shipping a Sedan, you can expect to use about $700 and $1200. This applies to the standard open carrier auto transport. Are you transporting a classic car or an antique ride? That will need advanced security measures involving enclosed car shipping service. In such a case, you can expect the prices to go up to $2000. Yet again, the condition of the vehicle also makes the cost of shipping a vehicle differently. If you are transporting a vehicle that is not moving, you should expect to use more money compared to someone shipping a running car. Such cars require special equipment to lift and stack them in the trailers. As such, the customer will pay more for the additional service. The rates provided only refer to averages, and they might fluctuate significantly depending on the distance involved and type of car shipping company you are engaging.

Getting the quotes

To avoid unnecessary speculation or guesswork, you need to get the exact quotes from the car shipping company you would like to hire. For a first time client, getting quotes from different individual companies will be the best bet. Have a list of preferable companies and obtain quotes from them. You can then choose one that fits within your budget.At Nexus Auto Transport, you can get the exact quotes from our system without the slightest hustles.

It’s more than the cost

While we might want to choose car-shipping companies based on the rates offered, price alone should not be the major determinant when it comes to hiring a car transport company. You need to take into consideration several factors including the reputation of the company involved and their customer services. How do they handle client complaints? Is their insurance claim process seamless? You need to find specific answers to such questions before making an attempt of hiring any car shipping company.

Think of referrals

If you can get word of mouth referrals from a close friend, it is even better because you are most likely to land on better services at competitive rates. Shipping your car across country is not by any means a rocket science. You simply need to follow the given guideline and consider selected tips. You will end up saving money and having a seamless car shipping process! Do you have any questions regarding car shipping? Feel free to contact us!