Pros and Cons of Opting to Use Auto Transport for Shipping Your Car

March 22, 2018

Every good thing has its advantages and setbacks. In the case where you want to relocate, many benefits come about with using auto shipping for your auto. The transportation service that you select will determine how best the service will suit your transportation needs. Below are some of the pros and cons associated with auto transport car shipping.


Value of your car is maintained

When you decide to drive your vehicle physically, its value will decrease naturally as more miles are covered. Driving one’s car applies only for those seeking to include a short distance. Otherwise, for long distances, auto transport car shipping ensures that the value of your vehicle is maintained.

Insurance cover

Shipping companies have an insurance cover for your car in case it undergoes any damages during transportation. Also, when seeking for comprehensive protection from your own insurance company, they assist you with the process.

Expertise in the shipping industry

Many auto transportation companies have employed car transporters who are experts in the field of car transportation. With knowledgeable employees, the latter can help you with the rules and regulations surrounding a specific shipping company.

Since these people are so much familiar with the transportation process, they can help you to determine the best way of transporting your car and also advise you on the required documentation.

Peace of mind

The other advantage of using car shipping services is having a peace of mind. Handing over your car to a car transportation service will relieve you from the stress that comes about with relocation. For instance, the transportation is much simplified as compared to you transporting your car yourself by driving it.

Time and money-saving

Hiring an auto transport company will help save expenses that would have been spent on fuel and traveling. Time is money, right? You save yourself a lot of time by hiring a shipping company to take care of all the arrangements to get your car transported. This way, you won’t have to go through the stress of driving your car to your new destination.


Well, this depends on the type of transport that you decide to go with. As for enclosed transport system, the possibility of damage is very rare because this type of carrier is more flexible. Since they do not carry much load as compared to open-air transport, they can move at a higher speed.


Many car shipping companies have flexible schedules for payment and takeoffs, which are very convenient options for a client.

Competitive prices

Many companies provide auto transport services. This has widened the industry regarding delivering transportation rates.  Due to the availability of many freight companies, one can do extensive research and explore the various prices that exist among them.

Drop off and pick up points

With auto transport services, you can opt for the door- to- door services, whereby your car is picked from your house and dropped off at the destination that you require at an extra cost.


The possibility of vehicle damage

Any car being transported by an open carrier is at risk of sustaining environmental damage. This may occur due to dirt, extreme temperature variations or dirt. All these factors lower the value of a vehicle and are quite expensive to rectify.

Also, vehicles being transported together by open-air transport are not safe from any leakages from other cars.

Expensive services

Auto transportation services can be quite expensive, especially if you’re planning to use the enclosed version or any other preferential treatment for your car. On the other hand, you can decide to drive your car to wherever you want as long as you have the inclination and the time at your disposal. It’s up to you.

Hidden fees

In auto transporters, there may be scammers, especially those who have hidden costs and want to dig a lot more from your pocket. Ensure that you conduct your thorough research on car shipping rates before selecting any shipping company. As much as they provide you with services that you require, you do not want to incur extra costs due to lack of transparency.

Delay in delivery time

This is frequent for open-air transport. Often, cars are being loaded and unloaded at different terminals since they are going in different directions. This causes an interruption in movement, hence causing a delay in delivery time. If you need your car urgently, then you might want to consider using enclosed transport instead of open-air transport.