Re-defining car transport with nexus

October 13, 2018

Car transport is not a newly born industry.  In fact, it is no longer in its infant stage.  The industry is decades old and manages to keep up with the challenges.  But, the new transport industry did not realize, without absorbing setbacks in the past.


The old auto transport industry

As mentions earlier, this is a decades-old industry and their existence, have helped many people and businesses alike.  They made many possibilities happen they have mastered the art bringing your car from point A to any position in the U.S.  They continue to operate towards the coming years, but, not without setbacks. It is where they continue learning.

  • Delays in the shipment of cars.  In the early years of car transport, one of the challenges is how to cope up with the delays in every shipment.  It is caused by the lack of connections in the industry. You need to have competent staff in every port, to facilitate your shipment.
  • Damages upon arrival to its destinations.  Another challenge they tried to contend is how to eliminate the damage factor, while the car is in shipment.  It is always the greatest fear of all shippers.
  • Inability to track down the shipment.  When something goes wrong with the shipment or when delays occur, there is no way for the shipper of the company to track down the real shipment time.  It is stressful for the shipper to arrived first and his car is nowhere in sight.
  • Inadequate insurance coverage.  Poor insurance coverage is another issue in the early years of the car transport industry.
  • Incompetent staffing.  Human relations is another factor that affects their effectiveness.  When your people in the field are not competent to handle the shipment, problems such as delays and damages will come to happen.
  • Poor customer service.  Customer service is the best gauge of how a company stands in the industry.  Making a follow-up will take you days to get a response.
  • Inability to do seasonal transport.  In the early years of car transport, it is hard to transport your car as season changes to worst condition.
  • Inability to ship classic and expensive cars.  During the early ears, shipping expensive and classic cars is always a big risk for the shipper.
  • Inability to provide several options.  The old car transport industry offers very limited options, to choose from.
  • Payment option is limited.  A payment that time is limited to cash only.
  • Terms are not flexible.  Yes, terms maybe not flexible.  It maybe a one -time payment only.


Re-defining car transport industry with nexus

One company was born to re-define the car transport industry.  They bring with them a complete package, with features that change how car transport company, adapt to the modern shippers.  The new approach is so holistic and includes changes in many aspects of its operation. They are:

  • Door-to-door service. With this feature, you can now expect your car to be delivered right in your doorstep or to any pre-arrange destination. Shippers are no longer required to pick-up their cars in a designated pick-up point.  It will be right in your doorstep.
  • Complete tracking capability.  In a shortest time of delay, you can follow-up on the whereabouts of your car, real time.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage.  They will provide complete insurance coverage of your car from start to finish.  It is totally worrying- free for you.
  • Cost effective.  Prompt delivery and accurate quotation is a very cost efficient service towards their customers.
  • Total Security. Premium security is practice in your car shipment.  It will be delivered to you on time in the same mint condition.
  • Prompt delivery.  Even minutes and hours of delay is not acceptable.  Room for error is minimized, making it almost zero.


The company that re-defines the industry

Nexus Auto transport Company has managed to implement the necessary changes in handling car shipment.  With their expertise and the right connection, they were able to eradicate flaws in the shipment processing, eliminate incompetent staffs and put more values on their services.  This gives them the opportunity to re-define the art of car transport.

You can visit their well-designed site at and score through the pages.  It is so amazing to read more of the services they are offering.  Read the reviews and be amazed at how satisfied their customers are.  Hit on the contact button, and you will find yourself talking or chatting with their customer service representative in no time.  Make your shipment work on your favor, make it a nexus way. They have indeed re-defined car transport.