Saving on the cost of shipping a car

August 10, 2017

Shipping your car over a long distance can be an expensive venture. You might end up using more money that you actually budgeted. Being caught off-guard is probably the most disgusting thing that can happen to any car owner transporting his vehicle. It is therefore important that for anyone shipping his vehicle to have an idea of all the possible costs. Feel free to request quotes. Thereafter, you can decide on which company to choose depending on your budget. In the process of shipping your vehicle, there will be need to save money where necessary. For that to happen, you must do things differently. Saving on auto shipping quotes demand more.

Obtain quotes

What do different auto transport companies charge? Obviously, you will get varying quotes depending on the car transport company you want to hire. If you multiple quotes, you will be able to identify the most affordable service providers. You must be careful to inquire about the possibility of hidden charges. Surprise quotes can increase significantly overall auto transport cost. At Nexus Auto Transport, you can be certain of quick, accurate quotes. Ideally, what you see is what you will pay.

Look for discounts and coupons

The auto transport industry is a highly competitive field. This industry has attracted different players making the competition so stiff. Car owners can take advantage of this to ensure affordable auto shipping services. Take your time to scout for discounts and redeemable coupons. If you are keen enough, you might end up saving up to 30% of auto shipping costs.

Opt for open carrier

When shipping your car, you will have the option of using an open carrier or enclosed auto transport. Enclosed car shipping services come with better safety enhancements. However, you will pay more for the service. Depending on the type of vehicle you are shipping and the distance involved, expect to pay $800 or more. If you are shipping an ordinary vehicle, you do not have to pay more by choosing enclosed auto transport. Simply select open-carrier auto transport. Reliable auto transport companies often have sufficient security measure to ensure the process is safe, even if open-carriers are used.

Make Advance Scheduling

Most people are used to rush hours. They only involve car transport companies when a limited time is remaining. If you need affordable auto shipping services, you need to make earlier arrangements. If possible, schedule the booking two weeks before you need the services. You will be able to benefit from certain discounts. Simply strive to be the early bird. If you wait until it is too late, you might end up seeking expedited express services. Such services only come at additional costs.

Although shipping a car is deemed a pocket-emptying affair, one can easily save money while still ensuring secure transportation of his car. You can explore several money-saving avenues. Just be careful enough not to settle on the cheapest quotes because you might end up with not so good services. Even more, let your decisions reflect other factors besides the costs of car transportation.