Secrets to finding a reliable car transport company

July 10, 2017

The auto shipping industry is a big business. There are thousands of auto transport companies, and the market is estimated to be worth over $ 5 billion dollars a year. With such a large number of companies and money involved, the industry has attracted a lot of competition for business.

However, this has attracted some less reliable companies whose main aim is to make money rather than put first the interest of the clients. As such, consumers should remain vigilant to avoid falling prey of the rising number of dubious companies. Before choosing an auto transport company, it is important to do research and know what to look out and beware of.

Carefully exam the company’s website

Reliable companies avoid large mistakes on their websites as they take their time to set up and periodically update them, as opposed to phony ones where multiple errors may be rampant. The client should check on the addresses provided by the company on their website and if possible confirm their physical location.

Confirm the licensing

All auto-shipping companies are regulated by the United State Department of Transport’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and cannot operate under any case whatsoever without a valid Motor Carrier Number (MC Number). Legitimate companies will provide consumers their numbers through their website or representatives, unlike frauds who will either hide their number or pass off fake or expired numbers. Companies without MC Numbers are not authorized by law to operate in the United States. Verify the company’s credentials through Better Business Bureau or FMCSA’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records Website.

Cost of Transport; Compare Shipping Quotes

In order to find a cost-effective auto transport company, you need to research and compare the prices of several companies. This will enable the client to come up with a comprehensive list of car shipping quotes possible. The costs can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the type of the vehicle, its origin and destination, and mode of transport. We at Long Distance Car Moving Service offer the most competitive prices in comparison to our competitors. Fraudulent companies will offer extreme prices, low or high, some of which may tend to go against logic. The consumer should question the reliability of these companies. This calls for proper due diligence before switching to business with such companies.

Verify Insurance Details

Before you transport a car, ensure you are well aware of the extent of liability of the carrier company. Most carriers cover the damages that could have been avoided in the transportation process, negligence damages. Damages due to natural calamities such as rains and cyclones are not covered. Ensure this cover serves as primary coverage to protect customers.

Ensure that the auto transport company has insurance covers well in a place that guarantees the consumer the safety of their car. Fraudulent companies will have no insurance covers in place or will have inadequate cover.

Check for Car Transport Reviews

Several websites are available to help you to find reviews of car transport carriers. These websites provide ratings, comment systems, and encourage people who have recently had a vehicle shipped describe their experience for the benefit of future and potential customers. Websites with more car transport carriers and a higher website rating are relatively more reliable. Most websites have an option to remove ratings from the search if you feel you could get a more reflection of opinions from people who have been paid to give their opinions

Make a personal contact

Once you have decided on a few car transport carriers that interest you, make contact via telephone. It is important for you to have direct line communication with people who are shipping your car from one point to another. Often, once you are on the telephone with a company, you will get a better idea of how they do business. Customer service practices are an important indicator of how future problems may be handled and what kind of service you will likely receive. Make sure you select only car transport carriers that have a phone number published on their website, and the company is well responsive to customer calls. You may wish to check consumer reporting agencies like Better Business Bureau to ensure no complaints are filed against them. Place a preliminary phone call, enquire about safety practices, and upgrade services like door-to-door delivery and insurance.

Do not automatically go with the lowest price

Many companies lure unsuspecting customers with the lowest bid. They then need to locate a physical carrier to move your vehicle. If the carrier does not accept low price (and generally they don’t), then the vehicle won’t be moved. Many companies low-ball customers into using their company. This would open up to more problems particularly if any down payment had been done, including things like late car delivery or damage to your car (with no one willing to accept responsibility for the mishap).

Variety of Shipping Options

Reputable car shipping companies offer a variety of shipping options, each with its benefits. Is it imperative that your car arrives by a particular date? If so, consider selecting expedited delivery service. Alternatively, is a competitive price your number 1 goal? If so, ask the car transport company how you can trim the cost. A good car transport company will offer customers a reduced price for dropping off and picking up the vehicle at one of their licensed facilities. This cuts down on the time and labor involved in transporting each car.

Reputable car transportation companies will have a variety of service options and price points. If you are working to quote from a company and only receive one flat rate, you are probably limiting yourself and your shipping options. You should choose an auto carrier that offers door-to-door and terminal service options along with a variety of additional choices to ensure you are able to tailor your move according to your needs.

Moving a vehicle may be stressful but with Long Distance Car Moving Service, a reputable car moving company, which adheres to the above tips you are guaranteed of a simple and a worry-free experience