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How Secure is your Vehicle during Auto Shipping?

November 15, 2016

Auto transport

Vehicle transport

Auto transportation process is as safe as the company involved allows it to be. For most people, that is the general argument. Deeply considering other factors however, it is agreeable that the safety of auto transportation process starts with one’s considerations. The choice of auto shipping company you go for will determine how safe the resultant transportation process is. While other companies take extra security measures to ensure safer relocation, others simply offer regular services. The difference, however, slim it might appear, is critical. The choice of company aside, other factors are also key influences when it comes to the security of your car during shipment.

Choice of Carrier Services

Well, depending on a customer’s needs, there are multiple auto shipping carrier options to go for. From open carrier, enclosed carriers to expedited express services, the list is long. Upon critical analysis, however, one realizes that the safety of the vehicle depends on his choice of vehicle shipping option. The open carrier option is cheaper and relatively safe. However, the handling of vehicles can pose security threats during auto transportation. The fact that the cars are stacked up in columns and rows itself causes a security slip. What happens when there is corrosive leakage from the vehicle on top? Your vehicle is most likely to suffer the consequences.

Enclosed car shipping services, on the other hand, are safer. With this, there is certainty of your vehicle being shipped the right way and arriving safely at the preferred destination. For expedited express services, there is even greater surety that your car will be delivered faster and safely. For these services, however, the car owner will have to expand his budget to accommodate the extra funds needed for such shipping services. Considering the maximum security involved, one might agree that it is worth it especially when you are shipping high-end rides like Ferrari.

Insurance First

Everyone is concerned about the safety of vehicle during auto shipping, the service providers, and clients alike. However much careful the driver and carrier services might be, we can never rule out the possibility of accident or unseen eventualities. As such, vehicle transport companies have insurance covers for the vehicle being transported. It is worth noting that the insurance covers and policies vary from one company to the other so you might want to confirm the finer details prior to shipping.

For most companies, the insurance cover is $ 1,000,000 combined single limit and $250,000 for individual incidents. Notably, the insurance covers in such cases are just for damages caused when the vehicle is being transported; most probably due to driver’s negligence. Also, it is worth noting that the insurance does not cover any personal belongings that might be in the car when in transit. Most importantly, the vehicle owners will be held responsible if their cars cause damages to other vehicles in the same transit, possibly through leakages. The policies vary from one company to the other so you might want to confirm just to be certain of the safety of your vehicle during auto shipping.

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