Ship My Car

Best Way to Ship My Car

Whatever your reason for wanting to ship your car may be, it is essential that you do it the right way. A mistake in the transportation may end up costing you a lot of money. So, how do you go about shipping your car? What are the reasons for using a car shipping company? How should you decide on the best carrier to use? These are the questions that will guide you to making the right decision as far as a car mover is concerned.

Nexus Auto Transport is one of the most reliable car shipping company that you can count on to offer you the best car transport services. The following information is provided by our shipping experts and will come in handy when you are looking to ship your car.

Why you should use a professional car shipping company

There is no doubt that using a car mover is the better option compared to driving it yourself. Besides coming with a peace of mind, there are many benefits to be enjoyed in using this option. They include the following.


Professionals in the shipping industry have many years of experience in not only how to handle vehicles in transit but also the routes they use. This is needed when you are transporting a vehicle, especially when the distance covered is long – like to another state. Driving yourself may be hectic when you don’t know the perks.

Saves money

The other reason you want to use an established car mover is that you will end up saving a significant amount of money in the process. Think about it. Travelling over long distances for hours on end can lead to a lot of spending, and it is not on gasoline alone. These are expenses that you can avoid when using a car mover. You hand over your vehicle and wait for its delivery on a stated date.

Reduces wear and tear on the vehicle

Yes. Driving long distances can damage not only your tires but other components of your car as well. As such, they will not last as you had anticipated and the expenses for repair can be unbearable. However, when using a shipping company, your vehicle is loaded on a trailer and delivered to your destination with minimal to zero damages.

Saves time

If you are a busy person, then you know how difficult it can be to spare several hours for driving yourself when transporting your car. Heck, some may even take more than 12 hours. With a shipping company, however, you not only get to save time but also enjoy the convenience of having your car delivered to your preferred destination.

Choosing the shipping company

After deciding to use a car transport company, the first thing to do is research on one that will handle your shipping needs. This is by far a crucial step that will determine the success of the shipment. Online is where many people begin, and you will want to use your googling techniques too. Check out the reviews of some of the top movers and settle on a few.

Better yet, you should aim at seeking recommendations from the people you know, maybe relatives or friends. They will tell you firsthand how it is to be served by a given car mover. If that is not possible, seek the contacts of some of the customers who left reviews online and get in touch with them.

Getting quotes

Next, you want to get to know the much each of the car shipping company charges for your route, and the good thing is that you can either ask for a quote online or simply call them and inquire about the same. The downside of using some of the websites to get quotes is that they demand your personal information first – this is something you want to avoid. When using the Nexus Auto Transport calculator on our site, you will get anonymous quotes without having to give any personal information but rather details about the car to be shipped.

Safety measures

One good thing about shipping your car using an experienced company is that you can be sure of the safety of your vehicle. First, all car movers are required to have insurance for the vehicles they transport. Also, the cars are fastened on to the moving trailers using belts to prevent them from rolling or touching other vehicles in transit as well. Bear in mind that you can always file a claim if your car gets damaged on the road during transportation.