Shipping Car From Illinois To Florida

March 4, 2020

Are you an Illinois native who’s ready to donate your winter coats and trade them for short-sleeved shirts and easy beach living in the Sunshine State? Are you a Florida resident who has found their dream car online and parked in the Prairie State? Whatever your reasoning, shipping your car from Illinois to Florida can be both affordable and easy!

On average, it takes about 18 or 19 hours worth of driving to make it from Illinois to Florida. For regular folks, that’s two or three days’ worth of time behind the wheel. That means expenses for food, gas, lodging, potential repairs, or even souvenirs for restless kids in the backseat.

That’s not even factoring in a round trip if you’re headed to Illinois simply to pick up a new car! You could fly there and drive back, but you’ve just added airfare costs to the aforementioned expenditures.

Rather than wasting time and money, why not work with an affordable auto shipment company like Nexus Auto Transport?

Those customers who have a good understanding of the vehicle shipment industry’s machinations can save both money and time with the right company handling their order.

Not versed in the world of domestic car shipping? We’ve got you covered with this in-depth primer on shipping your vehicle from Illinois to Florida.

Let’s start by tackling what goes into determining your total bill for a domestic vehicle shipment.


How Much Will Shipping A Car From Illinois To Florida Cost?

While the average driving distance of nearly 1,200 miles between Illinois and Florida is shorter than many other shipment routes in the continental United States, it’s still a considerable distance and could cost more than you bargained for with the wrong shipment provider.

The mileage your shipment truck has to cover to complete your order plays a key role in determining how much you’ll pay. However, it’s not the only determiner and may not even be the biggest!

Illinois is technically considered to be a Midwestern state, but it’s very close to the Northeast. Vehicle shipments from the Northeast down to Florida and other warm-weather states down South are nearly always in demand.

In short, you’re unlikely to be turned away for shipment service from Illinois to Florida. However, excess demand could lead to significant delays or increased prices for expedited shipping.

Are your pickup and drop-off points located in easy-to-access cities or towns right off of a main highway, or are they in remote locales such as the Florida Keys with limited road access in and out?

The more work that your driver is likely to do, the more money that you’ll undoubtedly have to pay up front. In addition, remote locales often experience significant delays in service throughout the calendar year.

Are you shipping a beaten-up 1993 Toyota Camry? Or, do you have a one-of-a-kind muscle car which you want to show off on the streets of Miami? The make and mileage of your car plays a role in determining your total cost. The more it costs your shipping company to insure it for the drive, the more it will set you back.

If your car is currently not working, expect extra charges for the added work your driver will have to do to get it onto and off their shipment truck.

There’s plenty of other special considerations such as enclosed shipping which could affect pricing, so ask your service provider plenty of questions when securing a quote.

We want to cover one more important variant which could send your shipping costs skyrocketing or keep them at a reasonable number. To put it simply, the timing of your vehicle shipment may be the most important decision of all for those working within a budget.


What Time Of Year Is Best To Ship My Car From Illinois To Florida?

If you’re leaving Illinois for promises of sunny skies and gorgeous beaches in Florida, you’re already quite familiar with the Prairie State’s penchant for crazy snowstorms and even crazier traffic during those storms!

It’s often a scary proposition to drive in and out of Illinois during the winter months. This is true even for career drivers, especially considering the weight and awkwardness of most shipment loads.

Weather is usually at its worst in Illinois in the months of January through March. In addition, less regular drivers are on the road as the auto shipment industry works through one of its many seasonal fluctuations.

Depending on your pickup and drop-off points and the weather, you could be in for some major delays. However, you could also be one of the lucky customers who gets prompt service thanks to the help of a unique type of driver known as a “snowbird.”

Snowbirds are semi-retired drivers who usually work three to four months out of the year. They usually begin right around Thanksgiving through the first few weeks of January, and then return to the road in April and May.

The specialty of most snowbirds is tackling routes just like the one from Illinois to Florida. These experienced shipment truckers usually work on shipping cars from cold-weather locales up north to warm-weather destinations in the South.

While it’s possible and even likely you can get a quick shipment turnaround with a snowbird at the wheel, it may not come cheap. If you want quicker service, snowbirds usually gravitate towards loads with higher-priced orders.

So, you’re going to pay a bit more to get what you need right when you need it.

After leaving the trade for a few months, snowbirds return in early April. They’re not alone. The entire industry starts to pick up as does demand for routes like the one from Illinois to Florida.

More regular truckers are on the road, so there’s a bigger supply of shipment slots usually available. The catch is that some companies in the auto shipment industry are mismanaged to the point where they’re still working through a major backlog of orders at this time.

The peak summer months of June through August are big for the auto shipment industry’s many different providers. Demand for all routes is near or at its apex, and the amount of drivers on the road is also at its highest level.

Rates and wait times vary pretty wildly at this time. If a company’s overbooked, you could be looking at extended wait times. If a company’s in a balanced state, you could be in for a heck of a deal.

Things smooth out considerably in the period from September to early November. Demand for the route from Illinois to Florida is balanced with driver supply. Backlogged orders are less prevalent and you can usually score a very good bargain with reduced wait times.

Snowbirds are back in full force during the holidays, but they’re compensating for a lack of regular drivers on the road. Prices vary at this time and delays occur regularly when shipment companies don’t have the workforce to meet spikes in demand.


Should I Ship My Car With Closed Or Open Transport?

Enclosed transport and open transport both have advantages and disadvantages. In truth, what you’re shipping may be what determines which option you choose.

For those shipping regular passenger vehicles and looking for the cheapest choice, open transport is the  perfect option.

Open transport trucks can carry multiple orders at one time. A full open transport truck is a great thing for company and driver profitability, and it’s also a great thing for customers looking for a reduced price point.

Closed transport is a great choice for those customers shipping a vehicle with added personal or monetary value. Enclosed transport protects your vehicle from the elements and other road perils which could nick and scratch your vehicle.

If you’re shipping a muscle car or luxury sedan from Illinois to Florida, you may be willing to part with the extra cash for an enclosed shipment. Just know that you may be in for a wait depending on driver availability and orders taken prior to yours.


Is My Car Insured For The Duration Of The Shipment?

Yes. Any shipping company who doesn’t maintain an active cargo insurance policy on their shipment trucks in use is breaking the law.

If a provider gives you the runaround when you ask about insurance, cut ties with them immediately!

Also, don’t fill your car with personal belongings or moving boxes. Only your vehicle itself is covered by a normal cargo insurance policy.

You’ll have to make alternate arrangements for moving items from Illinois to Florida or risk lost or damaged personal items with no recourse for an insurance claim.


What Documents Will I Need To Ship To My Car?

There are no special documents necessary for you to initiate a vehicle pickup or drop-off, but you or someone you appoint will need to be present to sign and receive a copy of a Bill of Lading.

A Bill of Lading acts as much more than just a receipt in the vehicle shipping industry. It’s also an inspection report which acts as a crucial bit of documentation in case of an insurance claim.

Your driver should conduct thorough inspections before hauling your car and before signing off on a completed delivery. The initial inspection will notate preexisting damages on your vehicle. The final inspection will serve to notate any additional damages that may have been sustained during shipment.

With full documentation of both inspections, there should be no dissonance if an insurance claim on incurred damages is necessary.

That’s why you should never initiate or finalize a shipment without receiving a copy of a fully-completed Bill of Lading.

Any unfilled fields could throw your insurance claim into chaos if your provider or driver tries to claim that damages sustained during shipment were preexisting.


What Should I Know If I’m Moving From Illinois To Florida?

Native residents accounted for just 36% of Florida’s overall population as of 2012, and that percentage is decreasing according to recent studies.

Only Nevada is home to a lower percentage of native citizens.

In fact, former Illinois residents account for a staggering three percent of Florida’s population!

It makes perfect sense. The combination of beautiful beaches, sunny weather, lower taxes, and entertainment options in the Sunshine State make it one of the most attractive destinations in the world for transplants.

Florida offers a truly unique living experience. While Chicago definitely operates as international hub, the entire state of Florida is so diverse and so different from city to city that it feels like you’ve got the world at your fingertips.

That’s why you should contact Nexus Auto Transport right away if you’re ready to make the move from Illinois to Florida. You’ll have your vehicle as soon as possible to explore everything the Sunshine State has to offer.