Shipping Car From Illinois To Texas

March 5, 2020

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Whether you’re ready to put the winter snowstorms of Chicago or Peoria away for beach life in the Sunshine State, or you’re simply a Texan who’s found a great online deal on a vehicle currently in the Prairie State, shipping a car from Illinois to Texas is the right option for you!

Work schedules may prohibit you from making the lengthy drive from Illinois to Texas. If you are making the trip, you may also have to get behind the wheel of a moving truck and may not have another option to get your family vehicle from point A to point B.

That’s where a reputable auto transport service provider such as Nexus Auto Transport comes in to save the day!

Shipping your vehicle with a trusted company is the best way to get your car or truck as you need it, when you need it! And with so much to explore in the Lone Star State, you’ll likely want your vehicle as soon as possible for everything from barbecue cravings to camping excursions.

While a great auto transport company takes care of most of the legwork for you, it pays to be an informed customer! In fact, those consumers in the know could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by approaching things the right way.

We’re here to help with that. This definitive primer on shipping your vehicle from Illinois to Texas will provide you with everything you need to know to maximize your vehicle shipment value and minimize your concerns.

Everything’s much bigger in Texas, but your headaches don’t have to be!


How Much Will Shipping A Car From Illinois To Texas Cost?

While Illinois is a relatively small state from a square mileage standpoint, Texas is definitely not cut from the same kind of cloth.

When we said everything’s bigger in Texas, we weren’t kidding. The Lone Star State dwarfs all other states in the continental United States with 268,597 square miles within its borders. That’s almost five times the size of Illinois!

Considering that total mileage is a huge part of how your overall bill is assessed, there’s a ton of variance to be had based on where your drop-off point is located in the Lone Star State.

If you’re near the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the northern part of Texas, you’re going to pay less for your shipment than someone living down in San Antonio or closer to the Mexican border.

If your pickup and drop-off locations are in metropolitan areas or thoroughfares right off of a main highway, you’re in for significant savings and less chance of delay compared to if those locations are in rural areas which aren’t as readily accessible.

The more trucker labor which goes into picking up and dropping off your vehicle, the more you’re going to end up paying in time and money.

Is your car in working order? If not, the extra labor required to load and unload a vehicle will cost you more. If you can, get your car running before you schedule your shipment.

The mileage and make of your vehicle also plays a role. An older car with 150,000 miles on it costs less for your shipment provider to insure than a new luxury sedan.

The last determiner we’re going to cover may be the most important of all. In short, the timing of your shipment and extenuating factors within the auto transport industry itself may play the biggest role in deciding how much you pay and how long you’ll wait to receive your vehicle!


What Time Of Year Is Best To Ship My Car From Illinois To Texas?

The auto transport industry is a seasonal operation through and through. The entire trade goes through ebbs and flows during the calendar year, with seasonal fluctuations determining how many truckers are on the road and how much companies charge for service on particular routes.

At no time of year is this more apparent than in the first three months of the year. From January to March, the auto shipment industry goes through a pronounced drop in overall supply of drivers and demand for services.

However, this doesn’t impact routes like the one from Illinois to Texas as much. In fact, retirees known as “snowbirds” return to the road during the holidays through the first few weeks of January for the expressed purpose of shipping vehicles from snowed-in states up North to warm-weather states down South.

Therefore, there’s a good chance you can get timely service for your vehicle shipment from Illinois to Texas. The problem is you may have to pay much more to get your car on a quick turnaround since snowbirds tend to gravitate towards the higher-priced available loads.

The industry starts to bounce back in April and May, with most regular drivers back on the road and snowbirds running key North-to-South routes such as the one from Illinois to Texas. However, delays are still prevalent at this time and prices can vary based upon the amount of backlogged orders your shipment provider is contending with.

If you want to catch the auto shipment industry during its yearly boom period, schedule your shipment during the peak summer months of June through August. Rates vary wildly at this time with demand soaring and driver supply at its apex.

Catching the right shipment provider at the right time during the peak months could lead to a fantastic discount on a timely delivery. Conversely, a company not built to manage such demand could prove a frustrating partner with lengthy delays and increased costs.

Those who can wait would do well to ship their car from Illinois to Texas in the window from September through early November. This is when supply of truckers and demand for services are calibrated the most, leading to the lowest rates of the year and less worry about delays.

The holidays are a tough time for the auto shipment industry for reasons you may expect. Many regular truckers leave the road at this time to spend time with their families, reducing open slots for shipping service and increasing wait times.

Snowbirds do return to the road right around Thanksgiving, though. So, it’s possible you’ll get prompt service at that time if you’re willing to pay a bit more for the whole process.


Should I Ship My Car With Closed Or Open Transport?

For those shipping a normal passenger vehicle and looking for a cheaper bill along with faster service, open transport is definitely the way to go.

Open transport trucks are less expensive to book because they can ship multiple cars at the same time, increasing company and trucker profitability when several orders can be taken on the same route.

However, there are definitely instances where closed transport is more desirable for a customer. This is especially true if you’re shipping a car that carries personal significance or is worth much more than a normal family vehicle.

If you want to protect your sports car or luxury vehicle from the damage it could incur from being exposed to the elements or other highway perils, enclosed transport offers added protection for your car’s paint job and body work.


Is My Car Insured For The Duration Of The Shipment?

The drive from Illinois to Texas is a long one, but rest assured your vehicle should be covered completely by your auto shipment provider’s cargo insurance policy.

In fact, auto shipment companies are required by law to maintain active cargo insurance on any shipment truck being used. Any company who doesn’t answer “yes” right away when asked if your car will be insured is not a company you should do business with.

However, don’t attempt to fill your car with personal items in hopes they’ll also be insured. Normal cargo insurance policies only cover the vehicle in question, not including anything that’s left in the car before transport.

If personal items are lost, stolen, or damaged during shipment, you will not receive compensation. In fact, some companies will even refuse to pick your car up in such instances to avoid potential liability concerns and confusion.


What Documents Will I Need To Ship To My Car?

You don’t need any additional documentation for your car to be picked up or dropped off at its destination in the Lone Star State, but there will be a very crucial document provided to you!

You or someone you’ve designated will need to sign a Bill of Lading at both the starting and end point of your car’s shipment journey. The Bill of Lading acts both as a receipt and a thorough inspection report on your vehicle.

The driver of your shipment truck will inspect your car and notate any preexisting damages and other potential concerns.

If the inspection hasn’t been completed or there’s missing information on the Bill of Lading, there are a host of potential liability concerns which could crop up if your car is damaged en route to Texas.

Ship with a company which ensures thorough inspections are completed 100% of the time. It’s the only way to fully protect your vehicle and your rights as a vehicle owner!


What Should I Know If I’m Moving From Illinois To Texas?

Those looking to put the freezing winter temperatures and exorbitant tax rates of Illinois behind them will find a perfect match when moving to Texas.

While Texas has its share of weather concerns at certain times of the year, it’s generally a much warmer  locale where shorts are a year-round wardrobe staple!

In addition, Texas does not have a state income tax and property taxes within the borders of the Lone Star State are much less on average than those in Chicago and other outlying areas within Illinois.

For those looking to start a new career path, Texas provides a fantastic balance of top-rated universities and a diversified economy. In fact, job growth rates in the major metropolitan areas of Texas are among the best in the United States.

Did we mention the food? Texas is not only home to some of the best barbecue in the entire world, but also has a burgeoning culinary scene with world-class restaurants serving everything from traditional Texas fare to international cuisine of the highest quality.

In short, Texas is the perfect change of pace for anyone looking for both opportunity and a long list of things to do and see! Contact Nexus Auto Transport right away and you’ll be able to experience all of it firsthand in no time!