Shipping Car From New York To Florida

March 5, 2020

Whether you’re one of the many making the move down the East Coast to the Sunshine State or you’ve simply found a car you love posted by an online seller in New York, shipping your car from New York to Florida is definitely the way to go!

The state of Florida has seen a population boom in recent years and New York’s a big reason why. According to a recent study, New York residents relocate to Florida more than any other state in the Union!

Busy schedules and weather patterns can make the drive from New York to Florida an untenable one. That’s especially true if you already live in Florida and have to make a round trip to pick up a car, wasting extra tanks of gas while working through a logistic nightmare with two cars making the return trip down the coast.

Shipping your car can not only save you time, but also a ton of headaches. This is especially true if you schedule your shipment with an auto transport industry leader such as Nexus Auto Transport. We’re always committed to finding you the best shipment option while offering you the fairest price possible.

One thing you need to know, though, is working with a reputable auto shipment provider is only part of the equation. You also need to time your shipment right and think critically when it comes to setting up the logistics for your car’s journey from New York to Florida. The more knowledgeable you are, the more money you’ll save and the easier the whole shipment process will be.

We’re here to help. This definitive primer on shipping a car from New York to Florida will give you all kinds of tips and tricks for getting the best value for your vehicle shipment dollar.

Don’t get swindled. Bookmark this how-to guide and make your vehicle shipment from New York to Florida a painless one.


How Much Will Shipping A Car From New York To Florida Cost?

The unique charms which make Florida such an attractive new destination for former New York residents can also be a costly detriment when it comes to the vehicle shipment process.

Depending on where you live in Florida, shipping a car into your particular area will come with a varied degree of difficulty for the trucker servicing your order. You’ll usually be held financially responsible for any extra labor or effort it takes to drop off your vehicle.

If you live in the Florida Keys or another part of the Sunshine State with limited road access or geographical quirks which limit the amount of trucks coming in and out, you’re going to pay more than if your drop-off point is in a main metropolitan area like Orlando or Tampa Bay with multiple highway entry points.

In addition, harder-to-reach pickup and drop-off points often translate to shipping delays with most providers.

The average total road mileage of a trek from New York to Florida is around 1,000 miles, but that will vary based upon how far south your drop-off point is down the length of Florida. The more mileage added to the journey, the more your base cost will increase.

There’s also the make and mileage of your car to take into account. It costs more to cover a nicer, newer vehicle with cargo insurance. That extra spike in cost trickles down to the customer. Also, cars that are not in working condition come with an added charge or two for the additional labor required to load and unload them from a shipment truck.

Everything we covered above plays a pivotal role in how much you’ll pay for your shipment, but there’s still one integral factor to cover. The timing of your vehicle shipment from New York to Florida may be the most important determiner for both your overall bill and the wait you’ll endure before receiving your car.


What Time Of Year Is Best To Ship My Car From New York To Florida?

When it comes to vehicle shipments within the continental United States, no state has more cost and scheduling variance based on the time of year than the state of Florida.

One part of this is due to the massive influx of retirees and other transplants who’ve decided to embrace Florida as their new home away from home. Another is simply due to the extraordinary weather and geographical anomalies which make the Sunshine State so unique.

However, the real truth is that the auto transport industry as a whole is very much an operation predicated on seasonal fluctuations. Those fluctuations are amplified for shipments coming in and out of Florida, but they’re present in all operations around the United States throughout the calendar year.

From January to March, the entire auto transport service industry is in a weird place. A lot of regular contracted drivers are still off the roads to avoid extreme weather or to extend holiday plans with family. As such, any spikes in demand for service usually lead to backlogged orders and increases in both prices and delays.

Florida has the benefit of “snowbirds” to its credit, though – retirees from the auto shipment trade who return to the roads from Thanksgiving through the first few weeks of January (and parts of April and May) to ship cars from colder locales to warm-weather states down South.

New York to Florida route is one of the most common for these experienced drivers. You may get lucky and get your shipment on one of their trucks, but you’ll likely pay extra for expedited service as they usually focus their attentions on loads with higher-priced orders.

The months of April and May are when the auto shipment industry begins to wake up. Snowbirds return to the road for a bevy of shipments from North to South, while regular contracted truckers return to the roads and begin working through previously backlogged orders.

It all comes to a profitable head for the auto transport companies in June through August. During these peak summer months, the road is filled with truckers as supply and demand both skyrocket.

You may find a cheaper deal from June to August with the business humming along, but there’s also a risk that you’ll schedule a shipment with an overloaded company backlogged due to overzealous scheduling and a lack of available drivers.

In regards to the best time of year to schedule to ship your car from New York to Florida, you can’t do any better than the period from September through early November. This is the time on the calendar where supply and demand are most balanced in favor of customers, leading to reduced overall rates and quicker shipment turnarounds.

The holidays are another snowbird season where the amount of regular drivers is reduced due to truckers wanting to be home with their families. Your luck during this time frame will vary, but don’t expect a discounted rate which is isn’t accompanied by a massive delay in service.


Should I Ship My Car With Closed Or Open Transport?

Are you shipping a regular passenger or family vehicle? Are you looking for the shortest possible wait time and the lowest possible rate for service?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, open transport is likely the way to go! Open transport trucks can haul multiple vehicles at once, reducing overhead and transferring savings over to the customer.

However, closed transport definitely has its place. For those shipping cars with added value such as a sports car or luxury sedan, closed transport offers extra protection from the wild Florida weather and other external factors which could nick and scratch your prized possession in an open transport scenario.


Is My Car Insured For The Duration Of The Shipment?

All vehicle transport companies are required by law to carry active cargo insurance on their shipment trucks.

Unless you’re working with a budget service who cuts corners and breaks the law, your car will be insured as soon as it’s picked up.

However, cargo insurance only applies to your vehicle. It does not cover any personal items within your car. Therefore, don’t look to vehicle shipment companies as a replacement for normal moving truck services.

Auto transport providers are not liable for any items lost or stolen from your vehicle. Furthermore, some companies will decline to pick up any car which has an inordinate amount of personal affects inside of it. Do the smart (and safe) thing and make separate arrangements to move your things down the coast from New York to Florida.


What Documents Will I Need To Ship To My Car?

While no particular documents are necessary at pickup or drop-off, a Bill of Lading has to be signed by you or someone on your behalf at both junctures.

A Bill of Lading is a critical document for auto transport customers as it also doubles as an inspection report. The driver of the shipment truck will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle at pickup and drop-off, noting any damages both preexisting and incurred during shipment.

Always ensure you receive a copy of the Bill of Lading at both points and that all fields are filled out completely. Any incomplete documentation (especially in the inspection field) could leave you liable for damages incurred during the shipping process.


What Should I Know If I’m Moving From New York To Florida?

The added costs of living in the main metropolitan areas of New York tend to add up dramatically over the course of a year. Those moving from New York to Florida are in for a treat, as many of the added costs such as exorbitant parking rates and added taxes just aren’t there in the Sunshine State.

According to a recent study, a $100,000 salary in New York is the equivalent of an $87,000 salary elsewhere in the United States. That same salary stretches to an average equivalent value of $101,000 in Florida.

In short, your dollar simply goes much farther in most areas of Florida. Even living in Miami is much cheaper overall than living in New York City in regards to everything from rent to a gallon of milk.

Retirees aren’t the only ones flocking to Florida in droves from the Northeast. Florida is a true melting pot of transplants from all over the United States and the world. This has led to an influx of many different cultures and all kinds of amazing food, museums, and things to do for people from all walks of life.

Oh, and there’s Disneyworld. You can’t forget about that.

Shipping your car from New York to Florida is just the first step towards an amazing new life in the Sunshine State. Contact Nexus Auto Transport today and start your move off on the right foot!