Some of The Common Challenges Faced When Shipping Your Car Using A Car Transport Company

April 10, 2018

What are the challenges facing the shipping industry?

Planning and organizing how to ship a car can be a harrowing experience.  With so much at stake, just the thought of placing it in the hands of a freight company leaves you asking yourself so many questions. You’re not being pessimistic about the possibility of something going wrong during the whole transport problem.

Unfortunately, several problems may arise during auto transport. You just have to know how to deal with them in case of occurrence and how to avoid them to be safe. Here are some of the main challenges faced when shipping your car using a car shipping company.

Fraud and scam

Just like other moving services out there, the auto transport industry is not exempted from fraud and scam. The most common is whereby a company offers a very affordable quote, with a hidden fee which tends to shoot up the shipping price– commonly referred to as “bait and switch” estimates.

The company targets a customer, who may not be able to dispute the cost later on with the company refusing to deliver goods until the whole amount is fully paid. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

As a customer, you can avoid such scams by thoroughly doing your homework on car shippers before hiring a freight company.

Risks of Damage

When transporting your car, chances of it escaping damage are moderately high, especially when you’re using open-air transport. This is because extreme temperature variations or debris usually cause most damages. When your car reaches its destination, be sure to inspect it to check for any new damages, including scratches, cracked mirrors or dents.

Delayed delivery

Late delivery is a common challenge facing auto shipping as a whole.  This problem is sometimes unavoidable. Therefore most auto shipping companies rarely provide the exact time of delivery, anything could happen on the way, say congested traffic, late customers, adverse weather conditions, a lot of paperwork, accidents or even a flat tire.

All these factors are capable of holding up and delaying the delivery of your car. Despite the factors above, most car shippers try to do their best to provide their customers an expected delivery date that is accurate.


It is necessary that you stay in touch with your shipping company or broker to prevent any delays that may result from poor communication. Failure to do so may result in your vehicle being removed from the transportation list, hence prolonging the delivery date.

Issuance of an incorrect quote

This may occur in a situation where the company has misunderstood your location. To prevent the mistake of your car from being delivered to the wrong city and to receive the correct car shipping quote for the rates, ensure that you provide the zip code of your pick up and destination points.

Off-route locations

If your pick up or delivery route is not known to the auto transport company that you have selected, you may part with a few more cents or incur a delayed delivery. In case you are located in remote areas, you may want to pick your vehicle up at a terminal to save yourself the extra expenses. It all depends on your preferences.

Rising costs

The rising of car shipping costs often affects the industry competitiveness negatively. This ends up increasing the costs of operations; thus, customers end up paying much more for services rendered.

Safety risks

As machines and equipment become more accessible to outside entities, safety risks have proven to be a challenge for the shipping industry. With the increase of piracy and marine robbery overseas, threats are posed to car shipping industry, although solutions are being frequently provided to overcome such issues. Such a scenario is one of the reasons why you ought to have an insurance cover before shipping your vehicle.

Incorrect address

As a customer or a client requiring automobile services, you will be required to fill out some documents during the moving procedure.  You have to understand that you will be needed to fill several papers; hence the chances of you putting down the wrong location accidentally are high.

Failure to meet specifics shipping requirements

Your vehicle may not meet the required details to enhance its transportation. For instance, the length or height of your car may not be measuring up to the specific cut- off points of the auto transportation company that you have selected. Also, some people fail to remove certain restrictions such as spare tires and exterior attachments from their cars to ease a safe transportation process.