The Steps to Follow to Ensure That You Are Shipping Your Car the Right Way

March 22, 2018

Obtaining a complete and sufficiently detailed car shipping guide will help you understand the shipping process and to simplify for you the car shipment process. In most occasions, the process is always straightforward unless otherwise. And with the right steps, you will have an easy time transporting your vehicle. Below are the specific steps in detail that you need to navigate when you want to ship your car overseas:

STEP ONE: Plan Ahead and Schedule in Advance

This will help in scheduling the shipping in advance, thus ensuring that your vehicle is delivered within the time frame that you desire.

STEP TWO: Conduct Your Thorough Research

The next step before making any hiring or purchasing decision is to do your homework and ensuring that you get it right. What exactly should you major your research on?

  • The shipping company- explore the auto transport service providers and the shipping company that interests you most to uncover all facts about it. Explore various search engines and get references from friends and relatives to settle down with the best of the best.
  • Shipping rates- these may vary depending on the size and type of vehicle, method of shipping and the drop-off point. Check out the different shipping costs for various companies before you settle for one. You may also check for references and see what other people paid for the service that you need.

STEP THREE: Obtain and Compare Auto Shipping Quotes

Don’t only focus your attention on the price of the quote. Care also to check out exactly what it includes. Some key points to look for on such a quote include;

  • Method of transportation used
  • Destination Fees
  • Is inland shipping offered?
  • The type of service that is quoted

STEP FOUR: Consider Your Shipping Preferences

Do you need your vehicle to be shipped as soon as possible or you want to keep looking for a shipping price that is friendly to your pocket? Always consider this factor to determine your rate versus time trade-off. Also, be informed that the length of the shipping process will vary depending on the method of automobile shipping that you settle for.

STEP FIVE: Finalize Booking and Scheduling Logistics

After your shipping company has reviewed all the vital details with you, including customs requirements and service options among others, you can go ahead and finalize the booking and scheduling process before depositing any payment to commence the process.

STEP SIX: Select Your Shipper and Get All The Paperwork Ready

After choosing the car shipping company that you want to handle your car, gather all the required paperwork and send it to the shipping company. The faster you do it, the higher chance of you speeding up the shipping process. The paperwork should include:

  • Personal identification documents- these may consist of copies of passport, drivers license, etc. issued by the government
  • A bright and original title of your vehicle
  • A copy of a bill of sale, also known as proof of ownership, or a certified authorization letter from the lien holder

Mentioned above are the essentials that are frequently needed across significant shipping companies. In a case where your shipping company requires other documents or forms, be sure to provide them.

The shipping company will also provide you with the necessary consignee forms that you’ll need to fill out. The details are personal and include name, address, and location among others. After filling out all the details, return all the documents in time either via mail, email or fax to enable the company complete your booking. This will help prevent any common delays in transport.

STEP SEVEN: Inspection of Vehicle Condition

Before shipping your car, your company will take a walk- around to inspect the status of your vehicle. Always do your inspection and take snapshots too. Get your auto cleaned up and serviced before handing it over to the freight company. Carry out another check as soon as your car gets home after transportation.

STEP EIGHT: Receive Your Vehicle at The Pickup Point

After dropping off your car at a port, you will receive tracking information for the carrier handling your truck from your shipping company. Throughout the journey, you will be in touch with the transporter, until the endpoint. In case you’re the one receiving your car at its destination, you’ll be in contact with a destination agent. From there you can follow the necessary steps to obtain your vehicle. Confirm that the car is in the same condition that it left in.