The complete car transport provider

October 14, 2018

People in our desire to experience the best services in life, are often prone to scams and become a victim of a fake service provider.  It is always true in the many industries in the world. There are those fake house contractors, who will just build you with substandard dwellings.  There are those building contractors, cleaning services, appliance service centers and many more. These companies will deliver you with incomplete services, changing the impression of the customers towards the industry.


Detecting a fake or an incompetent auto transport company

These companies will always try to hide their true intention.  Often times they will succeed, leaving their customers with so much frustration.  But, a smart customer can detect these companies, with the following steps in mind.

  • They cannot provide references of past customers.  Try to ask for the names of their past customers and this company will go nowhere.  Of course, they won’t, because. They knew that there were no happy and satisfied customers with them.  A good company will even ask their customers to refer them to friends.
  • They cannot provide complete documents as a sign of legality.  Maybe they can provide you with a document, but, for sure, it is not complete.  There are many documents you need to comply before you can operate. Some are easy to acquire, while others need validations.
  • They don’t have branches in states they operate. How can they ship your car, when they don’t even have people on the other side?  In this kind of service, the connection is an important factor.
  • They don’t have a permanent address.  Locating them is difficult. No signage and no permanent address.  If they keep on moving to different offices, be careful.
  • Fixtures in their office look temporary.  Noticed something in their fixtures? Is it not fixed?  Be wary and think twice.
  • They don’t have a legitimate website and landline number and a domain name. It is a common sight.  Companies email using or These are a just small investment for a company. This only signifies that they are not a real investor and just after for profit.
  • They try to hide their identities.  They don’t have proper Identification and uses their personal ID instead.
  • No presence of office equipment and vehicles, bearing their companies name.  It is a common sight to see companies name and logos printed on the company’s assets and equipment.  You don’t see one in their office, start to say goodbye. Don’t wait for their marketing expertise to talk to you, you might be persuaded.

You already have some pointers in detecting incompetent companies.  Now, let’s do the opposite. What makes a complete car transport company?

  • Their approach.  A complete car transport company is always precise in their approach.  They always want to create an environment of trust and confidence, between them and the customer.  They always put a premium on the first impression of their client. It is because they knew that first impression lasts.
  • Their packages.  Their packages are well defined to make sure that it is full of value.  They are aware that customers will always want value of their money. They knew the customer’s mindset.  They don’t want to think, that something is taken from them. Their money, you have to reciprocate it with value-added service.
  • Their rates.  Their rates should be reasonable.  Profit? Of course, it’s business. People will love to pay, as long as it is justified.
  • Their customer care.  This will complete the characteristics of a reliable car transport provider.  People would love to be given attention and the feeling that they are important to your business.  This is where the others failed. They stopped when the deal is done. They forgot, this deal can multiply to more deals, if properly handled.  They extend customer care, way beyond the sale.


Your complete transport solution

Nexus Auto Transport Company, your complete transport provider.  You don’t have to go anywhere, they are right here in the U.S. Whatever your transport needs, they have the solution.  Whatever your financial capabilities, they have the option and the terms. Your worries and insecurities, they will have it eliminated.  You want on-time delivery? They can assure you, that your car will reach its destination before you do. What else? With Nexus Auto Transport, service is a passion, and perfect execution is a lifeline.  We leave you with nothing else, but, peace of mind., it is where you can find us.