Top 10 Auto Transport Review Websites

February 19, 2018

Moving a classic car across the country or transporting a new car over long distances are some of the reasons why many car buyers opt to use auto transport company. The services provided by these companies include multiple delivery procedures, insurance and other types of transporters essential in delivering your vehicle safely to you. Factors to consider when selecting an auto transporter include the length of transport, the time of delivery and the type of vehicle being transported. Let us now have a look at the top ten transport review websites based on customers’ feedback.

Transport Reviews

Most people call it home for reviews. It is the starting point for many individuals searching for the best auto-transport company based on reviews. They harbor more than 200,000 reviews originating from 4100 different transport companies. These reviews are deemed reliable as the customers also attach their order details.


Also called the Better Business Bureau. This website is ideal to visit if you want to view complains of people about several auto-transport companies. The website is also important if you want to assess bad and good reports about various companies. For instance, you can read MontwayAuto Transport reviews on the website and see what other people are thinking about the company.

My moving reviews

In spite of the motive of the website to host reviews of moving companies, it also has a lot of auto transport company reviews. Due to the fact that majority of companies do not transport vehicles, most people just read the reviews and then get a separate shipping company to transport the car. The website has a tab at the top of it that you can easily click to browse through transport companies based on state. Noteworthy is that not all auto-shipping companies transport vehicles all over the United States, some just ship locally.

Reseller ratings

This website is home to a variety of online car shopping experiences collected from millions of consumers. It is characterized by a 10-star rating system, which tends to be informational and more precise than the 5-star ratings.


This is one of the best auto transport companies that you can hire for delivery of luxury cars, classic cars, daily use cars as well as ATVs. The company has been serving its customers since 2009, and therefore have enormous experience. Its website provides useful information about the company’s inner operations, how the employees are treated and. Such information is essential to consider when deciding on whether to book them.

Ship a Car Direct

This is a bonded and insured auto transport company that ships your car from the dealer/seller to your door-step. They outcompete over 75% of available car carriers, hence offering you only the best. Besides, when you make an order, you will be awarded an insurance worth $500 free of charge. Ship a Car Direct is an auto transport company that transport thousands of cars monthly, and are able to pick up a shipment within 24 hours.

King of the Road Transport

This auto transport company offers multiple transport services to its customers such as auto shipping cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and many more. They offer door-to-door shipping coupled with tracking services and opportunity to chat with their online agent. This website hosts millions of reviews, therefore you are likely to find enough experiences here.


You cannot claim to be an internet addict and yet fail to own at least one Facebook account. Facebook is the most popular social media that hosts both personal and business pages. With an auto transport company’s page on Facebook, customers can easily leave their comments and star ratings as well. When you set out to search the best auto transport website that you can trust, ensure you browse through its social media pages to view the feedback of its customers. You will realize those top auto-shipping companies will always appear on the first page of the search result.


Even though it is not as popular as Facebook, companies that have Google+ page have useful information contained here. Due to the advancement in technology, you can easily search for reviews on that particular company on the Google search and view the results.


After Facebook, Twitter is the second most famous social media that you can easily search a particular auto transport company’s reviews with a just a click. Most of the companies have a Twitter account accessible to both their customers and potential customers.