So How Do You Transport Your Vehicle if You Have Never Done It Before?

April 2, 2018

At times, it may seem impossible to drive your car physically, especially when you’re moving it or short notice or buying it from another country, especially overseas. In such instances, you can always organize and plan with a shipping company for the shipping of your vehicle. To obtain the best deal and to enhance the safety of your automobile, explained below are a few guidelines that are worth knowing


When switching your car from one location to another, you have three options for transporting your vehicle safely to your new home. The various ways include:

  • Shipping your vehicle with an auto transportation company- You can look out for shipping companies that offer excellent shipping services and affordable rates before signing on the dotted line.
  • Physically driving your car- this is pretty advantageous as you’ll be able to transport your items or belongings that are not allowed in transportation companies. As much as this option is cost effective, the risks of damage to your car due to mileage may increase.
  • Hiring a car to haul yours- you may opt to rent a haling vehicle from transport companies to tow your truck along safely. Unfortunately, the transportation rates that you’ll incur afterward may not be worth the effort and hassle.

So after you’ve made the entire necessary advance plans to ship your car,

  • Get in touch with car moving companies

Contact auto moving companies which specialize in transporting vehicles over long distances. Do your research to find out the level of protection that can be guaranteed for your car. Ensure that you select a shipping date that is flexible enough with your schedule.

  • Put down your cars basic information

You will be able to do this once you obtain a form from the transport company. Ensure that you fill out the form correctly with the correct details of your car model, its running condition, and mileage. The final price or car shipping rates will be determined by the information that you provide, therefore, ensure that you do it right.

  • Decide on your preferred method of transportation

Choose the transportation that you preferred based on your budget, your preferences and the model and make of your car. Most shipping companies always provide different options for how you would prefer your car to be transported. For instance, if you’re moving a classic and state-of-the-art machine, you might want to consider going for a secure and pricier option.

  • Settle the necessary payments

After taking care of the required paperwork, you will be required to pay a deposit fee before any car shipping services are undertaken, and finish the remaining amount upon delivery of your vehicle. Take note of the factors such as distance to be covered and the model of your car that may contribute to the pricing of your vehicle.

  • Protect your car during transportation

You will be able to do this by inspecting the auto for damage, paying for enclosed transport and getting your vehicle insured. Although an insurance cover costs extra, the repairing costs of repair could be much higher, should anything happen to your car.

On the other hand, going for enclosed transport will save you the hassle of worrying about your car’s paint job. Inspecting your vehicle will also ensure that it arrives in the same condition that it left in.

  • Save on shipping expenses

One can save extra shipping expenses by opting for several transportation options:

  • Do this by obtaining a car shipping quote with an accurate estimate to identify a company that is within your price range, customer satisfaction and insurance cover.
  • If the transportation distance is conveniently shorter, you might be able to save the extra expenses that come about with loading your car onto a carrier by hiring someone independent to drive your car. This is convenient because you can use your vehicle as a suitcase to transport your belongings and other valuables.
  • Another way to save is by opting for a terminal to terminal shipping. This will save you the extra costs of getting your car delivered to you at your doorstep.
  • Shipping during regular seasons will also save you extra expenses since auto transportation companies usually charge less when competition is not that stiff.

Most car companies transporting cars do not allow any out of the ordinary items during transportation. Ensure that you remove any personal items and detachable equipment from the vehicle so that you don’t incur extra costs.