Trust Nexus Auto Transport? Why

August 30, 2018

The Best Option for all of your car shipping needs, with options for every person, every budget, and every situation. Trust Nexus Auto Transport with your next
car delivery and rest assured that your car will be taken care of with the dedication and safe transportation that you should expect from your safe auto transport
services in the US. Nexus Auto Transport treats you, and your car, like family! Read on to find out the options that Nexus Auto Transport gives for your safe
auto transport within the US.

Looking to move your car for a temporary arrangement, such as a vacation, or even storage during the cold winter months? Looking for a way to transport a
vehicle for any other reason, including buying or selling, or even transportation for a classic car show? There are options for every budget, reason, and person
when using Nexus Auto Transport- the safest mode of auto transport in the US.
As one of the most well-respected providers to the professional auto shipping service industry, Nexus Auto Transport is here to serve all of the needs that you
may have. With a consistent customer-centric approach, Nexus is here to ensure that all of your shipping needs are met and that things run smoothly from start
to finish; we guarantee that we will be behind you every step of the way, with the service and support that you will need to get your car safely transported in
multiple ways, for multiple budgets.

Nexus Auto Transport offers a variety of auto shipping options for the car owner, with flexible options for pricing, to fit your lifestyle.
One of the most standard and cost-effective options available is our Open Carrier Auto Shipping. With this method, cars are transported on an open car carrier,
allowing more cars to be moved at once, and allowing us to pass the savings on to you, the consumer.
While this is the most common option, it will leave cars open to the elements, which may not be the best option for those with antique or expensive, imported
cars. However, Nexus offers a variety of options for those that do not just see their car as a “thing” but instead see it as a part of the family, including enclosed
shipping, as well as expedited, express shipping options.

For those cars that are just too important to the family to be exposed to the elements for a variety of reasons, Nexus Auto Transport offers enclosed auto
shipping, as well. With the enclosed auto transport, you can rest assured that your vehicle will ride both comfortably and safely to its destination, while being
strapped in securely, as well as protected from the elements, and transported by a driver with extensive, first-hand experience in safely transporting important,
expensive, and antique automobiles across the US. These driver’s top priority stays in line with Nexus Auto Transport’s: ensuring that your car gets exactly
where it is supposed to be, as well as stays protected from the elements, without any damage to the most precious part of your family.
Everyone goes on vacation occasionally, it’s just a part of life. Whether you are going across the country for a short vacation or going to warmer climates for a
long period, it’s no trouble at all. Renting cars can be an expensive endeavor, so why not investigate taking your family car with you? With Nexus Auto
Transport, not only will you avoid the fees that come with renting a car, but you will also avoid the hassle and wear-and-tear of driving your own car to your
destination. With Nexus, you won’t have to worry about getting your car to your destination, giving you more time to plan your relaxing time away with your
family, or special someone, and let us do all of the heavy liftings.

Nexus Auto Transport prides itself on their customer service, keeping in touch with you the entire way and making sure that you always have the option of
tracking your car with up-to-date information through their website. Drivers will notify the person accepting or releasing the vehicle with at least a twenty-fourhour
advance notice to schedule pickup and delivery, as well as inspections of the vehicle on receiving and delivery- with a copy given to both parties for both
insurance and transparency purposes. If there are any accidental damages incurred in shipping, as well, Nexus offers a minimum insurance coverage of
$100,000 for all their deliveries, ensuring that you and your investment will both be protected.