The ultimate guide to shipping a car you bought online

June 14, 2017

Buying a car is always an exciting thing for an individual. Actually, for most people, it is an actualization of a dream. The era of physically presenting yourself at the car shop is also slowly going away because businesses are going online. Whether it is a new car you want or a used car, you will always find it online.

Is driving state to state an option?

Hiring someone else to drive the car for you might not sound attractive. Imagine you bought a classic car with your lifetime savings; will you put it in the hands of a stranger? Driving again will mean that your car covers some mileage, which may reduce its value once it reaches your location. There is also the accident bit of driving which you must take into account. This brings us to the last option of using car-shipping companies.

After buying a car, how do you ensure it gets to where you are? Well, you can choose to drive it yourself to your home or hire someone to drive it for you to your location. Driving the car yourself can prove to be expensive especially if the distance covered is several miles. The cost of fuel, accommodation, and risk of damages along the way can paralyze you financially. What’s more, a lot of time will be consumed which can be not so good news for you.

Take your time

Don’t be in a hurry to ship a car before confirming with your car dealer whether that is the car you actually wanted. You can go through the whole process of shipping only to find out that you shipped the wrong car.

Before you ship a car, it is advisable that you compare the offers that various companies give. This includes the cost, the transportation conditions and other terms and conditions. You can also check with the state organs to ensure that your carrier is a registered company with a great reputation. Doing this homework helps you make informed decisions that will ensure that your car is transported cheaply and safely.

Open or enclosed auto transportation?

There are two types of transportation modes that you will choose from; the open trailer transport and the enclosed trailer transport. Open trailer transport is cheap, but it has a disadvantage of exposing the car to damage. Elements such as extreme weather can easily damage your car. Enclosed transportation is the best choice though it comes at a price. Most enclosed trailers are fitted with shock absorbers; this means your car is highly protected.

Finalize auto-shipping details

You should agree with the carrier on where to pick and where to drop your car. This could be either at the terminal or at your doorstep. While most people argue that terminal delivery is cheap than door-to-door delivery, it might not be the case. At the terminal, you may incur extra charges for keeping your car. Therefore, door-to-door delivery may be a good option for you.

Once your car arrives at the location you desire, it is advisable that you check and confirm whether it is the car that you bought or different. You can also check for damages. If there are any, you can liaise with the carrier to know how you are going to be compensated in case the damage was due to their negligence.