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Understanding Car Shipping Cost

October 28, 2016

Understand Your Auto Shipping Estimates Your vehicle is a big investment and shipping it to a new destination requires careful planning. When choosing an auto transport company, there are a few considerations to be made apart from securing the lowest price for your shipping needs. Before you start shopping around for auto shipping quotes, it is important that you understand your shipping requirements: urgency, flexibility in pick up and drop off times and locations, and affordability. An auto shipping cost estimate is primarily based on these five factors:

Shipping Distance: Distance between the place of origin and the destination will be the biggest factor in determining your shipping cost. When requesting a quote, pick up and drop off locations can allow you to cut down costs if your pick up and drop of locations are in populated cities and providing easier pick-up and delivery access for your auto transport company.

Size and Type of the Vehicle: The shipping cost of your vehicle will also depend on the size of your vehicle(e.g., large van, small pickup, motorcycle, etc.)and on the type of vehicle (consider a Honda Civic vs. Ferrari). Transporting smaller and less expensive vehicles will cost less.

Condition of your vehicle: The condition of your vehicle will also be factored in when determining the shipping cost. If your vehicle runs, it will cost less than if your car is a work in progress since it will require winch load and unload.

Open vs Enclosed Trailer: If you are transporting exotic and classic cars or cars that have extreme sentimental value and safety is of utmost importance including protection from exposure to dust, dirt, moisture and weather-related elements, you need to choose an enclosed trailer rather than a standard open trailer. An enclosed trailer option will cost more but will provide the highest degree of protection for your prized possession.

Shipping time: The flexibility of picking up times is also an important determinant of the shipping cost. Nexus Auto Transport offers three different shipping estimates.

Economy Price is the lowest price we offer with a pick window of 5 business days. This option is recommended when you have adequate flexibility with your pick up times.
The pick-up window at the Standard Price is 3 business days.
And finally, the Expedited Price offers pick up within 2 business days to meet your urgent shipping needs.

Cost is usually a major deciding factor, however, be sure to look out for information on how long the auto transport company has been in business, whether it is adequately insured, and reviews on the service the company has provided. At Nexus Auto Transport, we provide you with an industry leading cost calculator to give you a personalized shipping estimate without asking for any personal information until you are ready to schedule a pick-up with us.

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