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Can I have a car registered in another state?

It is allowed to register a car in any state but as long as the owner has moved to a different state, it has to be registered because every state has its unique traffic rules. Keep in mind that the period taken for the car to be registered depends on the state hence it is recommended to seek advice regarding the same from the local authorities as well as local DMV office. The car can be registered in the local DMV office, the sooner the better.
Transporting a car from another state.

Can someone else drive my car if I have insurance?

Yes, as long as the owner permits so and his/her auto insurance policy must cover the driver at that particular time.

Can you buy a car in another state?

In general, the answer is yes. Note that the buyer pays for the sales tax according to the state where the car will be registered. For example, home state.

Can you buy a new car directly from the manufacturer?

Most states do not allow buyers to purchase cars directly from the manufacturer.

Can you drive a vehicle without plates if you just bought it?

This is allowed according to most states; note that what varies is the period that every state allows you to drive without plates. In some states, the timeframe is only a day while in others, its 3 days.

Can you register your car without insurance?

No, this is not possible.

Do I need a vehicle title or registration to ship it?

To be discussed.

Do I need license plates on a vehicle to ship it?

Not at all.

How can I track my vehicle while in transit?

We offer additional after purchase services such as tracking services and this will enable you to take full control of the transportation as you will receive updates during.

How long do you have until you have to register your car?

This differs from one state to another as some only allows 24 hours while others allow up to 3 days.

How much can a new car depreciate within the first year?

Generally, most cars lose an average of 60 percent within the first 5 years which means that it’s 12 percent per year.

How much does it cost to register a new car?

There are several aspects that influence the cost and this varies from state to state. Find out more with your local DMV.

How much gas should I leave in my car?

The best estimate is one gallon which will be enough to the vehicle to reach a nearby filling station once it is unloaded.

How should I prepare my car for shipment?

Even though the whole process is organized by an auto transportation company, the owners also have a role to play to ensure that the transportation runs smoothly. For instance, car owners are responsible for cleaning the vehicle before it is shipped. They should ensure that all tires are okay especially when it comes to their pressure. Make sure that the radar detectors as well as alarm systems are off. While looking into details such as organizing for anti-freeze, especially when shipping the vehicle during winter is very important. Clear all personal items from the vehicle before it is shipped. If everything is put in place as recommended, be sure that you will experience seamless and enjoyable vehicle shipping.

How to transport car by train?

This all depends on the distance as well as cost of transporting particular cars. For instance, if your destination terminal is longer from the other, you can choose train. Keep in mind that whether you use train or not, you will still use trucks to deliver your vehicle to your close destination.

How to transport car overseas?

When transporting your vehicle to a foreign country, make sure that it is empty and only leave installed equipment. Details such as serials are quite important especially in earning the vehicle amazing value in terms of US dollars. As a shipper, proper paperwork is very important.

How to transport car without plates?

This works when you have opted for door-to-door option so that the vehicle is delivered to your closest destination.

Is a boat a vehicle?

Even though boats are not cars, it is important to understand how this works. For example, typical vehicles comprises of bicycles, wagons, motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles as well as buses not to mention railed vehicles which mainly consists of trams as well as trains, water crafts which comprises of ships and boats as well as spacecraft and air craft among others. In simple reality, boats are watercraft vehicles.

What details do you need to place an order?

The following details are required: origin model as well as make not to mention your exact address. You will also be required to choose a shipping option among other details such as payments.

What does it mean when a car is being sold as is?

This simply means selling a car without a warranty. In case there are problems, the dealer as well as the private seller will not be held responsible once the car is sold.

What is a Bill of Lading?

This is simply a document that is normally issued by an agent as well as a dealer. It is a contract that is issued to the shipper. It can also be referred to as receipt for cargo which must be presented when clearing your cargo at the destination:

What is an operable or inoperable vehicle?

Operable is a car that is drivable and no additional equipment may be required for it to be loaded as well as unloaded onto the carrier. Inoperable vehicle is non-functional and requires additional details for its successful shipping operation.

What is dealer cost vs MSRP?

This is also referred to as invoice as well as price not to mention dealer cost. This did the cost that the dealer should pay to the manufacturer for a vehicle. MSRP is manufacturer suggested retail price as well as the price for which manufacturer desires its car to be sold for.

What is the best car transport company?

Well, working with a reputable company that offers quality services at competitive prices is quite important.

What is the cheapest car transport company?

Working with a cheapest company may be a good idea or not at time. This is because you should opt for accompanying that offers affordable services without compromising their quality.

What is the First Available Shipping Date?

This is always the soonest date that you can pick up your vehicle.

What should I do to prepare my vehicle for transport?

Even though the whole transport process is organized by the company responsible; the car owner also has a role to play. First, clear the car and ensure that you remove all the personal properties form the car, take photos of its exteriors as well as interior, provide a gallon of gas tank, get rid of all lose parts and check all the details regarding the insurance. Learn more at:
Preparing your car for shipping.
Steps to take before shipping.

What type of truck will transport my car?

This will be determined by the kind of transportation option you have opted for. The following are some of our basic offers: Enclosed Auto Shipping, Open Carrier Auto Shipping, Classic Car Auto Shipping, Seasonal Auto Relocation as well as Expedited Express Shipping among others.

Why do you need the year of the vehicle?

This information helps in determining the shipping quote. How car shipping works?