Vehicle Shipping from One Place to Another

May 13, 2018

Today, car shipping companies are plenty in number which provides customers with a wide array to choose from when they want to transport the vehicles across state borders. Most of the time, transporting your vehicle across the country through a carrier is more convenient than driving the car all the way. An automobile transport carrier will save you the hassle of spending days and nights on the road as well as excessive hotel money that you will use along the way. Driving all the way will also use up a couple of days which will mean not doing anything productive until you get your car to the other side.

Car hauling services, compared to making personal trips to the destination, are much simpler and cheaper in terms of time and money. For businesses which deal with automobiles, this can be the ideal niche for you to be able to sell and buy cars from different parts of the country. With a vehicle transport carrier, a dealer can still sell cars in different areas without topping on the mileage. Car shipping services are quite reliable when it comes to affordability and on-time delivery. Here are a few benefits of vehicle shipping that you should know.


Every car shipping service should be licensed and insured for it to be allowed to serve commercially. As a customer, this should be the first thing to check when deciding on a car shipping company to work with. Most of the time, transport carriers don’t damage the shipment because the drivers are vetted, professionals. However, if the shipment gets damaged, the company’s insurance takes care of it. In the car hauling industry, the safety of the customer’s vehicle is always assured. Going on a personal trip across the country to deliver your own car can increase chances of an accident given the long hours on the road. It is better and safer to rely on a car hauling company.

Less Hassle

Unlike making your own trip across states where you will end up tired and aggravated by the traffic, a car shipping service does all the heavy lifting for you. If you are moving out of town, you can enjoy a relaxed plane ride as your car follows you later through a transportation carrier. There is no doubt driving all the way can be very stressing and tiring.

Preserve your car

When you transport your car using a car shipment carrier, it saves you wear and tear from driving too much. Your car will remain in good condition as it is before it is transported and even better, you won’t add any miles on the mileage. If you compare to driving the vehicle the whole way you will be saving a lot of time and money. From gas money to small repairs and if you are unlucky your car may break down before you get to your destination making you spend more money and time on the road.

Transporting many vehicles at the same time

Now, this is something you can’t beat. Regardless of whether you are a car dealer or own a number of cars, a car shipping service is the easiest and most convenient way of transporting a number of vehicles at once. Even if you are getting your fleet of cars from the manufacturer, a big car shipping company can transport hundreds of vehicles at once due to the numerous transport carriers owned by the company. When transporting a large number of vehicles, a car shipping company is your best option since you can choose to fill an entire carrier which will make the transportation trip much shorter and probably cheaper.

Lower insurance cost

Your car insurance rates are normally determined by the miles you drive. Opting to drive over a very long distance can make you miles shoot up costing you more on car insurance. When you use a car shipment service, this burden is eliminated and you can maintain your mileage even after changing states.

Saves you time and money

Out of all the advantages we have listed, this is the most recurrent one. A car shipping service will automatically relieve you of any money or time you would spend on the road as you drive day and night to get to the destination on time. All those countless hours on the road can be replaced by a more convenient way of transportation. What’s more, you can request for a customized transportation route that will ensure that you get your vehicle the fastest way possible from the pickup point to your required destination.