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Which Vehicle Transport Service should I Use?

December 22, 2016

Shipping your from one state to another should be an exciting experience. As opposed to what others say, you have every reason to enjoy the shipping moment. One of the best ways of ensuring this is going for the ideal car shipping service for you. Varying client demands has led to the rise of different car shipping options. As such, there are multiple car shipping options available for anyone who would like to ship his car from one point to the other.

Open Carrier Services

You don’t need to have stayed long enough in the car transport industry to know about this auto shipping option. It is the most common way of transporting your vehicle from one point to the other. It is also the most economical way of having your vehicle transported from location A to location B. As the name suggests, this method involves cars being transported in open carriers. The service is less involving and suitable for someone who needs standard auto transportation services at affordable. It is even better for someone transporting several vehicles at one time. You will not have to spend so much.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This is the other way of getting your car across different states. As you might have guessed, this latter option comes with advanced security measured. The vehicles are put in enclosed carriers. Doing so ensures protection against external elements like rain, dust, or even snow. If you are shipping a classic car like BMW X6 or Range Rover Vogue, you might want to use this service. The extra security measures put in place ensures clients get real value for their money. As expected, this services costs a little more than the open carrier option. In most cases, you might need to use $800 to $1400 more to have your car shipped through this service. Considering the additional security measures put in place, it is worth going for this service when shipping an antique car.

Expedited Car Shipping Services

At times, you just want your car to be delivered as soon as possible. Let us say; you need your car to be picked within two or three days. What should you do? Expedited vehicle shipping service is the way to go! This service allows for quicker car delivery services. You will have your car picked up and delivered within the slightest convenience. This top line, white glove service is offered to the clients who are willing to spend a little more to have their cars delivered right on time.

Other shipping options

You might heard of door-to-door car shipping services. This involves your car being picked up and delivered to an area close to your home as much as possible; even at your doorstep. In cases where the trailer cannot navigate through, the cars will be delivered at the nearest accessible picking point. On the other hand, there us terminal-to-terminal car shipping services. For this option, you will have to take your car to designated pick-up point and go for them in similar places upon delivery. At the end of the day, the ultimate choice of car shipping services lies with the vehicle owner.