What Makes One Auto Shipper Better Than Another?

May 29, 2018

There are certain things that auto shippers do not tell potential consumers. Rather than just the quality of services, the available services and the how to contact them, there are other things that consumers need to be aware of in order for them to make good choices. There are several aspects that a potential client needs to put into consideration before hiring a shipping company. Some things are easy to identify such as the quality of services provided while some might be a bit difficult to figure out. The appearance of the website and the content will tell the client a lot about the level of professionalism in the company. Another alternative is taking the direct approach and calling the company to make an inquiry about the process taken during the shipment. Their responses will give one a clear indication of how knowledgeable and competent the company is in their operations.

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 Things to Look For When Hiring an Auto Shipper

Determining the authenticity of a shipper and the degree of excellence of their services is an essential task. This is usually determined by elements such as the performance reviews from previous customers, safety precautions taken and the equipment they use to handle your belongings.


The presence of the right equipment is important but what is even more important is the presence of proper equipment that is in good condition. The equipment used is usually what accounts for a great portion of the amount charged in conjunction with the level of professionalism of the services and the gap between the two areas. The trucks used in the transportation can either be open or closed. The closed trucks usually have cargo areas that are controlled and all weather which makes them safe, efficient and reliable.

Safety & Performance Record

The best way to access the quality of services is through the assessment of previous performances. There are resource websites where individuals can quickly look up the details they want to know about shipping companies. The data provided in these websites include their operation status, their insurance provider and their safety history.  Some of the websites with such information are the U.S. Department of Transport Number which is responsible for assigning unique numbers to all auto shipping companies and theFMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Safety Data which is the supreme authority in the transport industry.  The shippers are ranked impartially based on their performances which will provide the client with necessary due diligence.

Insurance Coverage

Safety in auto shipping comes hand in hand with insurance coverage. The law requires every shipping company is to be insured. Some companies will have comprehensive coverage while some will just stick to the minimum requirement by law. If the vehicles being transported are regular the minimum insurance cover will be enough but if it is some of the luxurious brands the client might consider selecting a shipper with comprehensive cover.