Auto Auctions

Congratulations! You found your dream car at an automobile auction and bid your way to make it a reality! Now, what do you do? How do you get your auction vehicle home, to your customer, or onto your car lot? Nexus is here to ship your auction vehicle anywhere you want.

The first thing you need to do is have all of your financial arrangements in place to pay for your purchase immediately. Be aware that most car auction houses will not accept credit card payments or personal checks. Instead, they prefer a cashier's check or wire transfer for the full amount before they will release your vehicle. Once that's taken care of, you will need an automobile transport company you can trust and rely on to transport your new vehicle to its new home.


Nexus is here to serve all of your car auction transport needs across the United States. We serve a variety of needs:

An individual buying your dream car
A car dealer purchasing vehicles for your lot
A collector buying a classic car
An insurance company sending a car to auction

Nexus has the expertise, reliability, and professionalism needed to meet all of your auto transport needs. Whether you need car transport services to or from an auction, we can and will help.

Once you have won your auction, your next step is researching auto auction shipping rates. You also want to hire an auto transport company that is familiar with your auction house's timing regulations and can work within them.

Our automobile shipment drivers are professional, licensed auto transporters experienced with running, non-running, and damaged vehicles, trucks and motorcycles, luxury and exotics, as well as classic cars and everyday vehicles. Our drivers can be trusted to transport your vehicle safely and quickly with our door-to-door car shipping service.

Our drivers are also experienced with the loading and unloading of exotic, luxury, muscle, and classic cars. They're also familiar with all the unique bells and whistles for these types of vehicles, so you can rest easy.


Are Auto Auctions Worth It?

Yes! If you're looking for value and are willing to set a budget and not overdo it, motor vehicles auctions are definitely worth your time.

When you head to car auctions, "buy now" should be in your vocabulary -- albeit, with needed precaution. Whether it's online dealer auctions, salvage auto auctions, government motor vehicles auctions, or private car auctions, you can quickly fall in love with and secure a beautiful vehicle for a fraction of its Kelley Blue Book Value.

If adventure is your type, all auto auctions have an element of surprise to them. You never know what you’ll find at dealer auctions or motor vehicles auctions of any kind.

Now, there are some risks involved with all car auctions. “Buy Now” mindsets can get you in trouble with certain vehicles. At car auctions, are vehicles are usually sold “as is.” There are no guarantees and no refunds.

It pays to do your due diligence and inspect a car before buying it at auction.

It also pays to stick to a budget at car auctions. Auto auctions are a great place to find unheard-of deals on new, slightly-used, and used cars.

But, you have to go into motor vehicles auctions with a game plan.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Car At Auction?

It pays to create a budget and stick to it at all car auctions. “Buy Now” mindsets can get you into bidding wars, costing you more money than you wanted to spend if you let the adrenaline take over. There are fees associated with auto auctions of every type. All car auctions have some sort of security deposit system. For example, most car auctions have a low maximum bid for anyone who doesn't want to pay a security deposit upfront. If you're planning on going over that total, you'll usually have to pay a 10% security deposit with a limited refund.

So, if your maximum bid is $8,000, you’ll have to pay an $800 security deposit beforehand. That deposit goes towards the cost of your winning bid.

In addition to security deposits for online dealer auctions and other types of car auctions, there are also other fees for you to consider.

First, there are documentation fees for any winning bid at a vehicle auction. For most cars procured at motor vehicles auctions, this documentation fee can range between $75 and $85.

Also, there’s usually a general fee assessed to winners at car auctions. This general fee is usually somewhere between $249 and $299. This fee varies based on the overall cost of your car.

Altogether with fees added in, you can still save about 70% over the actual value of a vehicle at auction. These savings will vary from car to car, but deal-hunters can secure some real steals from auction proceedings.

After you win, though, remember there are also auto shipping costs to consider. If you’re not driving the car off-site, you’re going to need a reputable car shipping service to ship your car for you.

That’s where Nexus Auto Transport comes in. Head over to our car shipping cost calculator today. In just seconds, you’ll receive an anonymous set of vehicle shipping quotes for your auction prize.

Nexus works with car auctions all over the United States to deliver vehicles to people like you. You’ll be amazed at just how cost-efficient and safe our vehicle shipping services are!

Can Anyone Buy From An Auto Auction?

It depends upon the auto auction. Some car dealer auctions are closed to the public. For you to attend these car auctions either in-person or online, you’ll need to procure a dealer’s license. That’s a tough proposition. It’s a long and arduous process, and there are usually minimum requirements for how many cars you must sell and purchase in a given year.

Lucky for those without dealer’s licenses, there are plenty of auto auctions out there that are completely open to the public. There are government and police auctions, public car auctions, and online car auctions that are aimed at car buyers like you!

You just need to make sure that you have the money for a security deposit, fees, and overall payment if you win. You also need proper identification for the car to be signed over to you after payment is complete.

To sum things up, car auctions aren’t just for auto dealers. Auto auctions are for people like you who want to save money on their next vehicle purchase. If you play your cards right and approach motor vehicles auctions with the correct mindset, you might find the vehicle of your dreams for a fraction of its listed value.

What Is The Cost To Ship A Vehicle To Or From An Auction?

Auto shipping rates change with the vehicle's size and weight, location, season, and driver availability. So, it's always best to get an accurate vehicle shipping quote from our online car shipping quote calculator. Choosing options such as express vehicle shipping and enclosed car carrier service will also affect your vehicle shipping quote.

If you are shipping an exotic vehicle or one that is worth more than $50,000, we strongly recommend our enclosed vehicle carrier option. It costs just a bit more than a traditional open car carrier, but it's worth it. Your precious cargo will be safe from the elements for the entire vehicle shipping process.

Regardless of whether you are a car auction seller or buyer, we know that you will appreciate the budget-friendly rates Nexus offers. We treat every vehicle we ship with the utmost care and respect, whether it's an everyday vehicle or a top-of-the-line luxury sedan. You can depend on Nexus to meet your car shipping needs.