Car dealers

They are where you buy your dream car and one that you may drive for the next 20 years.

Americans bought over 15 million vehicles in 2021 from the top car dealerships.

However, buying a car is a big responsibility and financial commitment. With that in mind, people should look for the top car dealers and the best car dealerships.

What should you look for in car dealers? What does it take to be the best car dealer?

This is your guide on how to find the best car dealerships.

Know What You Want

The first thing you need to do before buying a vehicle is to know what type of car you want. Do you want a sedan? Do you want an SUV? Do you want a truck?

Research these classes and then start looking at cars within a particular class. Once you do this, you will see what car dealers have available, and you can begin to narrow down the best car dealer for you in this situation.

To do this, think about what is a priority for you. You may need a larger SUV because you drive your spouse and children around. You may need a truck because you want to go off-road and be able to tow heavier objects. Or, you could need a car with excellent gas mileage.

Plus, you need to figure out how much driving you will do. If driving is more limited, you could buy a used car from top-rated used car dealerships. Top car dealerships will have certified pre-owned vehicles on their lot.

Or, maybe you want a classic car as a collector or to look good? In this case, look up the best classic car dealers.

The top car dealerships should be able to meet whatever you need, and the best car dealerships may even have all these types of cars on the same lot.

The Right Price

The next thing you need to figure out before going to car dealers is what you are willing to spend on a car. Be realistic about what you can spend on a car, and then look at what car dealers offer in your price range.

The best car dealer for you may be one with many options in your price range. Or, the top car dealers for you are the ones that have more inventory of a particular car you want. The latter can help when it comes to negotiating a price for that car.

Feel free to look into top-rated used car dealerships for the right price. The truth is that some dealers will overcharge for these types of cars. Look into ones that offer a better value for the exact vehicle you want.

Next, you will have to test your negotiation skills with car dealers. Sometimes, if you sell the car that you already have, that can help you get closer to the price that you want.

However, it may be challenging to get a deal even from the best car dealer or the largest car dealership in the world. This is because, in 2022, the average price of a car is over $48,000 from car dealers. Even the best new car dealer might not give you the deep discount you want.

So, see who is the best car dealer when negotiating the price. And look for car dealers that allow you to trade or sell your car for a solid deal on your next vehicle purchase.

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Next, check to see what the inventory is for the top car dealers near you. The best car dealerships make their stock openly available on their websites for you to see.

Part of the inventory concerns how the best car dealerships handle their car shipping . Are they shipping cars between dealerships? How often does the best car dealer ask for more inventory?

These are things that you have to take into consideration when it comes to car dealers. If you find low inventory available at specific car dealers, you may not even bother showing up there. And if it's a dealer auto auction, be sure that the cars available for auction are ones you're interested in.

See the top car dealers in inventory, and consider how much inventory the top-rated used car dealerships have. You can also buy a car from another state by traveling there or using a car dealer's website.

Best Dealership Per State

Customer Service

Finally, consider what level of customer service the best car dealer is willing to offer to you. Are they offering anything to sweeten the pot and make you want to buy a car from their lot?

A straightforward example is facilitating free oil changes and tire rotations for your car for a specific time.

If the top  car dealers  want to take it a step further, top car dealerships may even offer free maintenance in their service area at the car dealership for the next few years.

Also, consider how friendly the people who help you with this significant transaction are. Sometimes, a gut feeling from a customer is what can make the best car dealerships stand out.

This can help you find top-rated used car dealerships, and it may be where you feel comfortable enough to sell your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

CarsDirect is our #1 pick for the best website to shop for cars right now. The simple interface of CarsDirect makes it easy to browse new and used listings from car dealers in your area. You can also check out listings from car dealers in other areas, secure low-credit or no-credit loans through a direct approval process, and check out customer-focused buying guides, which will help you make a more informed purchasing decision. Other websites include AutoTrader, AutoList, Cars & Bids, AutoTempest, and CarGurus.

If you’re looking to buy a car from branded car dealers in your area, the most popular options in the United States right now are as follows:

  • Toyota

  • Ford

  • Honda

  • GMC

  • Chevrolet

  • Ram

It all depends on what you're looking for. Each of the five car brands above has a wealth of makes, models, and niche automobiles. Research and look for auto dealers with a good reputation in your area. It's your best bet to turn the most popular car dealers into the best car dealers for you.

While brick-and-mortar car dealers offer a personalized buying experience that cannot be duplicated, online car dealerships dominate the landscape regarding pure selling power.

According to recent sales data, CarMax Inc. sells over 800,000 new and used cars annually. That's nearly 40 times the sales volume of the best-selling brick-and-mortar car dealers in the United States!

According to data from the 2021 sales year, Penske Automotive Group Inc. owns the most car dealers in the U.S., with 287. Lithia Motors Inc. owns the second most car dealerships with 278, followed by AutoNation Inc. (256), Group 1 Automotive Inc. (202), and Asbury Automotive Group Inc. (162) to round out the top five.
Ford has the most car dealerships in the United States right now, with 2,990 car dealers across all 50 states. Chevrolet follows closely behind with 2,903, followed by Ram with 2,463 car dealerships. These three automotive titans account for nearly 40% of the branded car dealers in the U.S.

Located in El Monte, California, Longo Toyota has a sheer size, which puts other humongous car dealers to shame. With over 120 service bays and a 50-acre set-up, the only way to get a good look at the entire property is through the air!

Longo Toyota makes an absolute killing regarding pure sales compared to other car dealers. According to recent sales figures, the car dealers at Longo sell about 25,000 to 30,000 vehicles per year.

According to a recent report, Monday is the best day to buy a car from used car dealerships, luxury car dealerships, or any auto dealership. If you're looking for the best price, dealership employees have more incentive to close a deal on a Monday. Traffic is slow at the beginning of the week, with everyone returning to work. Those employees stuck with the Monday shift will likely offer you some of the best car-buying deals to get you on the ledger.

Those looking for affordable used cars can do no better than a Monday, especially if you want the space to haggle and take a few test drives. Tuesdays are also suitable for used car sales, especially if the automobile dealership is closed on Sundays.

According to different polls, Texas and Oklahoma usually trade off the honors as the best place to buy a used car. However, the best state for cheap car dealerships is New Hampshire. New Hampshire is a haven for affordable used cars, especially considering there is no sales tax on vehicle purchases. Local car dealerships offer great used car sales year-round, and the low cost of vehicle registrations makes the best-used car dealers in New Hampshire even better.

Local car dealerships without iron-clad brand affiliations are usually the place for the best affordable used cars. Even if they don't have the best auto sales inventory, you can generally find used car sales well under sticker if you know where to go.

As for the best auto sales, branded auto dealerships sometimes offer exclusive rebates and APR financing deals that the top used car dealerships cannot. Depending on what you're looking for, the smart car dealership for you is the one that meets your particular wants and needs.

The best way to buy a car is to pick your spot. Whether it's the best car sales websites or an exotic car dealership down the block, bank holidays are a great time to find affordable used cars and significant discounts on new vehicles. This may only sometimes affect brick-and-mortar car auctions and the best online car auction sites, but holiday discounts are a common practice for most car dealerships.

Currently, the best car dealers websites like AutoTrader and curate hundreds of the best-used car dealerships in the U.S. and North America. These sites offer car buying at your fingertips and the best auto sales inventory out there. When dealers compete for your business, the best-price dealership finds you.

Auto shopping websites are often the best place to list cars for sale. Some sites even allow you to set your price and market yourself on your terms.

The best dealership to sell your car when you owe money on your current vehicle is any dealership that offers trade-in credit valuable enough to pay off most or all of your current balance. Be sure to assess the value of your vehicle first, either through Kelley Blue Book or a third-party car value calculator. Some used car sales representatives will lowball you on a trade-in. So, it pays to know what your vehicle is worth and to stand your ground.

Whether you're hunting for the best new car dealer or the best classic car dealers in your area, you get the best deals at car dealerships by being prepared. Understand that car sales are a negotiation process. A car salesman has every incentive to maximize profits for the dealership to maximize their cut. It's up to you to demand a fair price and the right perks. Also, ensure pre-purchase car inspections are on the table-- especially with used car sales. Know your maximum price and shoot for 20-25% lower at the beginning. Don't cave under pressure; let the car dealer know you're willing to shop around if they don't play ball.

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Find the Best Car Dealer

Consider these factors when finding the best car dealer. Consider what inventory the car dealers offer, the level of customer service, the average prices on their lot, and what car you want.

If you do all this, you should quickly find the best car dealer.

But what about transporting your vehicle to one? Whether you want to work with the largest car dealer in the world or a mom-and-pop standout, Nexus has car shipping solutions tailored to your budget.

From  shipping cars between dealerships to personalized door-to-door transport service for customers like you, Nexus does it all at affordable prices.

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