What Is Cross-Country Car Shipping?

Cross-country car shipping is when you ship a car across the country from one end to another. You can ship a car cross-country from north to south, east to west, or on any other auto shipping route that spans a large chunk of the country. Cross-country car transport usually spans 2,000 miles or more from east to west, and 1,300 to 1,500 miles or so from north to south.

Other shorter car shipping routes might be considered “cross-country,” though, depending on the placement of the car pickup and delivery locations. You can move a car across the country on your own, rent a trailer hitch, or secure other self-shipping equipment for the job. Professional cross-country car shipping services vary greatly in price depending on the car transport company you contract through. Some movers and travelers prefer DIY cross-country car transport because of the lower out-the-door costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Across the Country?

The cost to ship a car across country is $600 to $4,100 or so depending on your vehicle’s make, model, and your method of auto transport.

The Average Cost To Ship A Car Across The Country

$600 to $1,000
For Open Car Hauling
Ship a 4-door sedan from CA to NY
$800 to $1,070
For Open Vehicle Hauling
Transport an SUV, van, or truck from CA to NY
$800 to $1,100
For Open Vehicle Hauling
Ship an SUV, van, or truck from NY to FL
$1,600 to $4,100
For Closed Car Hauling
Transport a classic car from NY to FL

A Cross Country Car Shipping Company You Can Trust

I shipped two cars all the way from west coast to east coast, and both cars were transported with no hassle from the day I booked with Nexus. Customer support was always easily available on phone, once a driver was assigned, their dispatch team was also very communicative. One of my cars were delivered in two days, I wasn’t really expecting it to be this fast.

Nexus is my new go to auto transport company. I bought an old Suzuki Samurai and needed it to go from Reno NV to Brooklyn NY. Firstly, most transport companies are just agents, they post your job to a load board and wait for a driver to select your job. I hired one company who promised me a low low price, posted my job to the board and after 3 weeks couldn’t get me anyone. I moved to another company, same story. Finally, Nexus was the third company I hired. They have trucks and also act as an agent. But, differently, they have a network that they call instead of posting to a load board, so they connected me with a driver right away. Don’t waste your time with the other companies. This is the one.

Arranged to have my 1982 Volvo 242 shipped over the phone. The shipping company called and made it easy to schedule the pickup. The driver was great. To my surprise it was an enclosed hauler for a very affordable price. Will definitely use Nexus next time I need a car shipped!

I recently purchased a pre-owned vehicle here in Gilbert, AZ and needed a reliable Auto Transportation company to pick up and deliver my vehicle to Sacramento, CA safely. Richard from Nexus was great and provided on-time delivery for me. The driver was professional and handled my vehicle with care just as I expected. I use transportation service at least twice a year and Nexus will be my choice of Auto Transportation from now on. Thank you Nexus!!

I have used Nexus Auto Transport twice now to ship a vehicle from Florida to Michigan and both experiences have been great. Friendly professional service and reasonable prices. Easy communication with company and driver. Would recommend this car transport company.

Very good communication, best rates and next day delivery awesome and recommended! Can't go wrong with Nexus Auto Transport!

The quote along with price estimation of the entire shipment process has been already shared by Nexus Auto Transport. They didn’t charge me any additional cost above the quoted cost unnecessarily. I will surely recommend your services to everyone

Nexus found a driver very quickly and for a cheaper price to ship a vehicle cross country (AZ to GA). Driver was very professional and delivered the vehicle on-time and without issue. I have used other transport companies in the past but I will use Nexus from now on. Great job to the Nexus team.

This was the first time we shipped a car, so it was a little scary but it turned out great. Customer service was always helpful, the price was the best we found and the carrier that picked up our car was reliable and flexible. It was faster than expected and they were happy to change the drop off location (in the same town) at the last minute. Would recommend and use again.

Vehicles picked up and delivered on time, even with crazy supply chain issues and fuel prices. Decent rates, and reliable service. The driver who transported our car did a great job loading and unloading, and the car arrived a bit dirty but in perfect condition. I plan on calling them when we ship our car back in the spring.

First I was working with another transport company and for three days I didn't hear anything. So I contacted Nexus Auto Transport and the communication was outstanding. They communicated with me daily and responded within minutes when I needed them. They transported my 65 mustang from Colorado to Houston in no time.

They will be my go-to auto transport company from now on.

I used nexus to send my car from Washington to Florida and back again in 2021. Both times they were up front with the pricing, took very good care of my car and delivered the car earlier than expected. I was nervous to send my new car on an open truck across the country, but now I wouldn’t think twice about using nexus to do it.

How Long Will it Take to Ship a Car Across the Country?

An average cross-country vehicle transport order will take 7-10 days. The time it takes to ship a car across the country varies based on your specific cross-country car shipping order. Factors that affect the length of your cross-country transport include supply and demand, inclement weather, route accessibility, and road conditions. For more information, feel free to contact one our car shipping experts at (224) 218-2949.
Distance Type of transport Avg. price per mile Sample distance Sample price
0-500 miles Open $0.80 250 miles $200
500-1000 miles Open $0.73 700 miles $511
1000-1500 miles Open $0.70 1000 miles $700
1500-2000 miles Open $0.48 1750 miles $840
2000-2500 miles Open $0.37 2400 miles $888
2500-3000 miles Open $0.35 2700 miles $945
3000+ miles Open $0.33 3200 miles $1122

How Do You Ship a Car Across the Country?

Step 1
Pick a car shipping pickup location and destination.
Step 2
Choose your dates for pickup and delivery.
Step 3
Find a top auto shipping company to work with.
Step 4
Secure an instant car shipping quote.
Step 5
Prepare your vehicle for shipment to maximize efficiency.
Step 6
Make plans to drop your car off and pick it up.

Nexus Auto Transport makes cross-country car shipping process much easier with affordable door-to-door car shipping options! With this car transport service, we’ll pick your vehicle up from your home (or allocated address) and drop it off wherever you decide! This is a convenient option for those who are too busy to hang around at depots to drop off or pick up their car.

Within door-to-door shipping, you can choose from open and enclosed car haulers. Open car haulers are readily available and less expensive than closed car haulers. But, you do risk potential rain or snow damage to your car as it is not in an enclosed carrier.

However, this kind of damage is extremely rare.

We recommend closed car hauling for classic cars or expensive sports cars. Although this car shipping service is more expensive, the protection your car receives from the elements and potential road hazards is worth it.

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Ship your car with the nation’s most trusted car transport company.

Instantly calculate the cost of shipping a car.
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When Do We Recommend Cross-Country Car Transport?

We recommend cross-country car shipping in most instances! DIY cross-country auto transport is time-consuming, and the cost of car shipping could end up being way more than you think! You shouldn’t waste money when you can move a car across the country safely and securely with a pro. reputable professional auto transport service like Nexus Auto Transport? The cost to ship a car across the country with a reputable professional auto transport company like Nexus Auto Transport might be less than you think!

What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Across the Country?

The cheapest way to ship your car is via an open car hauler. Typically, an open auto transporter holds up to ten vehicles at a time. This extended capacity lets operators save on transportation, oil, and fuel costs when providing cross-country car shipping services. Those savings are passed on to you when shipping a car across the United States!

Open auto transport with terminal-to-terminal delivery is the cheapest way to transport your car at any time of year. You’ll have to factor in the added costs of traveling to both terminals, though, and driving your car to and from both sites. And, with storage fees factored in, door-to-door car shipping service might be the cheaper choice.

Be sure to look for potential car transport discounts when researching professional vehicle transportation. For example, at Nexus Auto Transport, we offer a military discount to show our gratitude to those who serve our country.

Also, the distance you ship your car increases, the cost per mile of transport decreases. Therefore, shipping your car a longer distance might end up saving you money!

When time is of the essence, expedited car shipping is an option. However, a quicker car delivery turnaround comes with a bigger price tag. It’s not the cheapest way to transport your car, so make sure you organize your shipment as soon as possible.

Average Ship Cost
Ship across the country a four-door sedan.
Average Ship Cost
Ship from CA to NY a SUV, truck, or van

What Should I Know About Shipping A Car Across The Country?

When you move a car across the country, the right car delivery service to ship your car is crucial. Cross-country car transport is an involved process. Only work with an auto transport company that hires experienced, safe drivers with all the proper certifications and training.

That's where Nexus Auto Transport comes in. Our network of cross-country car transport drivers will ship your car across the country with the utmost care. From pickup to delivery, our network of cross-country car shipping experts goes the extra mile to keep your car safe and sound.

Is Cross-Country Car Shipping Door-to-Door?

There are two types of cross-country car shipping -- door-to-door car transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. We recommend door-to-door vehicle transport because it’s easier and quicker than terminal-to-terminal shipping. You don’t have to drive to the nearest terminal to pick up your car and then coordinate another driver to bring it back. And at Nexus Auto Transport, door-to-door vehicle transport is comparable in cost to terminal-to-terminal transport from other providers!

When Do We Recommend Cross-Country Car Transport?

When you ship your car through a professional car transport service like Nexus, cross-country car shipping is easy. Our car shipping cost calculator will provide you with affordable vehicle shipping rates within seconds! No matter the reason for shipping a car, hiring the best auto transport company to ship your car is the most sensible option.

And if you’re worried about the overall cost to ship a car, Nexus can help. Auto shipping costs are difficult to calculate on your own. If you don’t know what to demand from a car transport company, you could get ripped off. At Nexus, we’re always transparent about car shipping costs. That’s our pledge and that’s how we do business.

How Do Seasons Affect the Cost of My Shipment?

The season that you choose to ship your car can affect the cost of transportation due to how many people are on the road as well as weather conditions. Let’s go deeper into this below.
Shipping a Car in Winter

If you’re shipping your car in the winter, you can expect the shipment time to take longer than in other seasons. This is because there is less daylight and ice and snow can cause delays.

In December, many transport drivers are taking time off for the holidays. So you want to book around one month in advance to make sure that your car gets a spot.

January is a very popular time for car shipments because everyone is going south for this winter. Rates can increase and a backlog might occur. February is a fairly slow month for car shipment bookings, however, and rates here may be at their cheapest.

Spring might be the best season to ship your car. Rates in March are still low until it gets to the end of the month. As the months get warmer, people start going back up north and prices start to increase.

In April and May, the bookings can pile up and rates will get even higher.

Summer is the peak season for car shipments. Demand is very high in the summer as people are going on vacations, employees are moving to new offices, and schools are letting out. You might expect rates to be very high during this time. Yet demand, as well as the competition, is so strong that prices may go down.

Throughout the summer months, the price to ship a car is more or less stable.

During the fall, the weather is pleasant and the number of people trying to ship their cars starts to go down. This causes some lowering of costs. Rates might increase in September as college students are shipping their cars to school.

However, things slow down in October and November and rates tend to go back down.

What Factors Affect the Cost of My Shipment?

When you're looking to ship your car across the country, there are certain decisions that you can make that will affect your total auto shipping cost. Let's look at those factors below.

Distance and Delivery time

The longer it takes to move your car from one location to another, the more it will end up costing you. Generally, it takes between 5-14 days to ship from the West Coast to the East Coast. It also takes 3-8 days to ship from the Midwest to either the West Coast or the East Coast. And it takes about 3-8 days to ship your car from the North to the South.

Type of car transport truck

An open car transport truck is cheaper than enclosed car transport. Of course, this method exposes your car to possible damage from weather and debris but these risks are fairly low. An enclosed transport truck is recommended for highly valuable cars. Because these car hauling trucks can't hold as many cars, they make up for the lost revenue by charging more for their services.

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vehicle image

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Your Car?

Open auto transport with terminal-to-terminal delivery is often the cheapest way to transport your car. Typically, an open auto transporter can hold up to ten cars. This lets operators save on transportation, oil, and fuel costs.

However, if there are storage fees, then door-to-door service might be cheaper than terminal-to-terminal shipping. If you want to save even more money, try to ship your car during the cheaper seasons listed above.

Service at its Finest

This is the finest customer service I’ve received in a long time. The specialist I worked with matched me with the nicest, most attentive driver ever.

Quick and Worry-Free

I didn’t expect Nexus to dispatch a driver to my house as quick as they did. I asked for expedited car shipping and I got, no worries and no stress.

Didn’t Miss a Thing

The driver was as detailed and thorough as can be! He took his time to inspect my car at pick-up and delivery, and didn’t miss one thing. I feel secure shipping with Nexus.

Look out for discounts

It's fairly common for auto transport companies to offer a variety of discounts. Some common discounts they may offer include:
Student discounts
Many auto transport companies give college students discounts in the summer and fall.
First-time shippers
Some auto transport companies will give you a discount if this is your first time shipping a car with them.
Military discounts
To recognize your service and help you with frequent moves, a lot of auto transport companies will give discounts to members of the military.
Senior discounts
Many seniors live on a fixed income and need to stick to a strict budget, so auto transport companies will sometimes give big discounts to seniors.
Return customers
As opposed to the discount for first-time shippers, some auto transport companies will give you a discount if you’re shipping your vehicle with them for the second or third time.
First responders
Similar to the military discount, first responders may also be eligible for special discounts.
Vehicle fleets
If you run a cab company or other business that wants to ship a fleet of cars, then you may be able to receive a discount from your auto shipping company for transporting in bulk.
Early bird
Some auto transport companies will reward you with a discount if you book their service within 48 hours of getting your quote.

Why is it Important to Know How Much it Costs to Ship a Car?

While shipping a car across the country may seem costly at first, it's not. If you drive your car cross-country, the hidden costs of gas, lodging, and future car repairs will add up. The cost to ship a car across the country by yourself is much higher than most people expect!

By learning how much it costs to ship a car across the country, you can make more informed and confident purchasing decisions. And in our industry (and any industry for that matter), consumers who do their homework are the ones who save money on their overall cross-country car shipping cost.

car image

Check Out Our Favorite Cross-Country Car Shipping Stories

Shipping a car across the country with Nexus Auto Transport is a game-changer for customers like you.
2020 Toyota GT86

One of our drivers picked up this absolute beauty from a car dealership in Buffalo, New York. He delivered it to a young professional buying his first dream car. When the car made it to Seattle, the customer started crying. It was one of the coolest moments we’ve had, and it shows just how much vehicles can mean to people of all ages.

2020 BMW i8

When one of our truckers grabbed this car from a vacation home in San Francisco, California, he was greeted by a family dog that looked exactly like his dog at home. It was a cool moment made even cooler by the customer who allowed the driver to throw a ball with his dog for a few minutes. The driver said he was smiling all the way to Raleigh, North Carolina.

2017 Honda Civic Type R

The driver who picked this absolute stunner up from a car show in Chicago was met by a older couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. The wife had bought the car for her husband as a birthday gift and he was so excited to show it off at the show. The trucker brought the car back to Los Angeles and met the couple who flew back shortly thereafter.

Ship your car with the nation’s most trusted car transport company.

Instantly calculate the cost of shipping a car.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cross-Country Car Shipping

Yes! When you transport a car across the country with a professional, 5-star cross-country car transport service like Nexus Auto Transport, you can’t lose. Shipping cars across the country yourself is hard, strenuous work. It also leads to added costs for time lost at work, food, lodging, and wear and tear on your vehicles. Instead, choose a reputable cross-country vehicle shipping company like Nexus and have us do the work for you. Your cross-country car shipping cost will be offset by the ease of using our service.
When shipping a car across the country with Nexus, you have multiple payment options at your disposal. You can take care of your cross-country car shipping balance with cash on arrival, PayPal, a debit card, or credit card. You can even pay part of your balance with one payment method and the rest with another. Transporting a car across the country is a breeze with Nexus. We work with you and your budget to make things happen on your terms.
We’ve covered the ins and outs of cross-country vehicle shipping. But, what if you need to ship a car internationally? This will likely be a two or three-part process. First, you’ll need to arrange car shipping services to the proper port -- whether that means shipping a car across the country or just across state lines. Next, you need to arrange shipping services via boat or air to its destination country. Finally, you’ll need to arrange car shipping services in that destination country to ship your car to its final drop-off point. This doesn’t have to be daunting! Contact us now for more information about how to coordinate an international car shipping order.

Shipping a car across the country with a respected car transport company like Nexus Auto Transport isn't just smart. It's simply the best way to ship a vehicle across the United States. Our extensive network of experienced, licensed car haulers minimizes risks to your vehicle while maximizing the value you receive from our services. We don't cut corners. We don't mess around. We'll ship your car in a professional, caring manner every single time you work with us.

If you’re wondering how much it is to ship a vehicle across the U.S. with Nexus, head over to our instant car shipping cost calculator right away. Or, you can contact us directly at 224-218-2949 to speak with one of our car shipping experts. We’ll put you first with transparency and comprehensive cross-country quotes that work with your scheduling needs.

That's our pledge. And that's who we are here at Nexus Auto Transport.

When you ship a car across the country, be sure to give yourself as much time as possible. After all, you might find a cheaper rate if you’re able to observe the market for cross-country car shipping rates. At Nexus, you can book your shipment well in advance and adjust your schedule as long as your driver has not been dispatched. Flexibility is key, and that’s our promise at Nexus Auto Transport.

The first available pick-up date is the day that your car is ready for cross-country car shipping. However, that doesn’t guarantee that the drive will ship the car cross-country on that date. Please allow a window of a few days to a week or so for your driver to get to your address and drop-off/pick up other cars along the way. When you’re ready to ship a car across the country, we know that time is often short. So please feel free to call us at 224-218-2949 to set up expedited car shipping or to voice any questions/concerns.

Shipping a car across the country can take anywhere from 5-14 days from the West Coast to the East Coast, and 3-8 days from South to North (or vice versa). However, the time it takes to ship a car across the United States varies based on the time of year, road conditions, weather conditions, driver availability, and extenuating circumstances such as truck issues and route accessibility concerns. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the duration of your particular car shipping order.

According to the Department of Transportation, the shipment of personal goods during a cross-country car shipment is generally prohibited. If you pack your car with personal items prior to cross-country car shipping, your driver might even refuse to pick up your shipment! To be safe, be sure to remove all personal belongings from your car prior to shipment. For those with special circumstances and flexible, please feel free to contact us at 224-218-2949 . We’ll be happy to find a car shipping option that works best for you!