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Shipping Your Car from Mississippi - Cost & Delivery Estimates
Ship Car From Ship Car To Estimated Route Distance Estimated Delivery Time Estimated Cost
Mississippi Louisiana 170 miles 1-2 days $605.00
Mississippi Tennessee 177 miles 1-2 days $559.00
Mississippi Texas 471 miles 2-3 days $778.00
Mississippi Florida 585 miles 3-4 days $698.00
Mississippi Georgia 612 miles 3-4 days $821.00
Shipping Your Car to Mississippi - Cost & Delivery Estimates
Ship Car From Ship Car To Estimated Delivery Time Estimated Route Distance Estimated Cost
Alabama Mississippi 1-2 days 207 miles $496.00
Florida Mississippi 3-4 days 642 miles $878.00
Georgia Mississippi 2-3 days 378 miles $644.00
Louisiana Mississippi 1-2 days 107 miles $462.00
Tennessee Mississippi 1-2 days 160 miles $496.00
Texas Mississippi 2-3 days 484 miles $623.00

Want to ship a car with the best car shipping company in Mississippi?

How much does car shipping cost to or from Mississippi?

The average cost to ship a car to or from Mississippi ranges from $0.58 to 1.96 per mile. The greater the distance of your shipment, the lower the per-mile cost.



Less than 100 miles


101 to 350 miles


351 to 500 miles


501 to 800 miles


801 to 1200 miles


1201 to 1500 miles


1501 to 1800 miles


1801 to 2200 miles


The biggest factor is the miles your car has to travel, but other factors can affect your shipping cost.

Routes: Transporting a car from North Dakota to Tennessee is a slightly shorter distance than Oregon to Arizona, but the latter typically has a cheaper cost per mile because it’s more commonly traveled.

Time of Year: The time of year can have a big impact on the shipping cost. Summer is a common time for people to move, either permanently or for the season, so it can be more expensive with the high demand. Winter is slower, but there can be delays because of extreme weather that cause drivers to reroute shipments – increasing the cost.

Scheduling: If you need your car at a certain time or book close to your delivery timeframe, it’s more expensive. Just like travel, booking early and staying flexible about your drop-off and pickup times can get you a better deal.

Make and Model: The make and model of your car, specifically how big and heavy it is, can affect the price of transporting your car to Mississippi. Smaller cars and SUVs are lighter and don’t cost as much to ship as large trucks and SUVs. If you have oversized vehicles to ship, you will likely have higher prices because shippers need specialized equipment to secure your vehicle and ship it safely.

Type of Transport: Thetype of transport is a big factor as well. The most economical option is an open-air trailer. This is often used for daily driving vehicles since it exposes cars to road debris and rain or snow in transit. High-value vehicles, such as antique and exotic vehicles, are often transported in enclosed trailers for protection with added expense.

How long does car shipping take to or from Mississippi?

Transporting your car from Mississippi to Georgia usually takes between 3 and 4 days, while shipping from Mississippi to a closer state like Louisiana may only take between 1 and 2 days. The time it takes to ship is largely impacted by the miles it has to travel, but there are other factors.

Here’s a rough guide for how long shipping takes based on mileage:



Less than 100 miles

0.5 to 1 day

101 to 350 miles

1 to 2 days

351 to 500 miles

2 to 3 days

501 to 800 miles

3 to 4 days

801 to 1200 miles

3 to 5 days

1201 to 1500 miles

4 to 7 days

1501 to 1800 miles

5 to 8 days

1801 to 2200 miles

6 to 9 days

2201 to 2800 miles

7 to 10 days

2800+ miles

8 to 12 days

Generally, shipping a car thousands of miles in the continental US is faster than the same number of miles from a mainland state to Alaska, which is more complex with transfers to ships and ports.

The weather and season can also affect your shipping speed. Winter has lower demand, but you may have some delays because of weather conditions that affect the routes and safety. The summer is the busiest season because of good weather, so it may be more difficult to secure shipping on the dates you prefer. Shipping in the early fall may have fewer delays because the weather and the demand are moderate.

No matter the distance or time of year, getting a professional auto transport company is crucial. They not only have the experience to streamline the shipping process and plan the best routes – weather and traffic permitting – they can ensure that your car arrives safely and on time.

The type of shipping can affect your shipping timeline. Enclosed trailers are more personalized and haul fewer vehicles at a time, but that often means a slower trip to get to the destination. There are only so many companies that offer enclosed trailer shipping and prime spots are in demand. If speed is a concern, open-air trailers are the best choice.

These shipping times are averages based on real deliveries and may not reflect your exact timeframe. If you want an accurate estimate of your car’s shipment to or from Louisiana, use our instant car shipping quote calculator or contact us!

What’s the best way to ship your car to or from Mississippi?

Getting your car to its destination safely is the highest priority, and the best way to do that is with a professional auto transporter. You can drive yourself, but that comes with a lot of stress and possible added expenses for the trip and miles on your car.

You can hire someone to drive your car, but you will still have expenses for their time and travel. In addition, they may not have licensing, insurance, and bonding that covers your car if it’s damaged in transit.

Shipping your car by train is one of the cheapest and most convenient options, but it can take much longer than other shipping types. Trains transport a lot of vehicles at once, meaning there are several stops to pick up cars along the way that can extend the delivery dates.

Learn more about thebenefits of car shipping to see what’s right for you. When you’re ready, Nexus Auto Transport can connect you with the ideal auto transport company for your needs.

Make shipping your car to Mississippi as easy and convenient as possible with door-to-door shipping.

Affordable, cost-effective, secure, and fully insured against all accidental damages.

Protect your valuable vehicle on its way to Mississippi with enclosed auto transport.

Get your vehicle from Mississippi to anywhere in the country in the quickest timeframe possible.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car from Mississippi?

If you want to save money shipping a car to Mississippi, the best way is to book as early as possible. Last-minute shipments are often more expensive. You should also try to be flexible with your pickup and delivery dates to get a good deal.

Your budget is important, but that doesn’t mean you should choose the cheapest quote. You want your car to arrive safely, and low quotes may come with hidden fees – or worse, they could be a scam. In addition, inexperienced shipping companies can put your car at greater risk in transit.

Mississippi Fast Facts

  1. Mississippi has a lower cost of living than the national average, particularly with housing and rental costs.

  2. If you’re planning to go to college, Mississippi has a lower cost of higher education than many other states.

  3. Mississippi is known for its southern hospitality, charm, and blues and bluegrass music with a vibrant cultural scene.

  4. Outdoor enthusiasts love Mississippi’s beautiful trees and sandy beaches for fishing, hunting, and more.

  5. Mississippi is filled with attractions celebrating American history and Southern history for history buffs.

Want to ship a car with the best car shipping company in Mississippi?

Nexus Auto Transport service areas in Mississippi

We can arrange pick-ups and deliveries to or from anywhere in Mississippi nationwide.
Ship Car From Ship Car To
Biloxi 39531, 39530, 39532, 39534, 39533, 39535
Clinton 39056, 39058
Columbus 39702, 39701, 39705
Greenville 38701, 38703
Gulfport 39501, 39503, 39507, 39502, 39505, 39506
Hattiesburg 39401, 39402, 39406, 39403, 39407
Horn Lake 38637
Jackson 39272, 39206, 39204, 39203, 39202, 39201, 39209, 39269, 39174, 39211, 39212, 39213, 39216, 39217, 39060, 39205, 39207, 39210, 39215, 39225, 39236, 39250, 39271, 39282, 39283, 39284, 39286, 39289, 39296, 39298
Laurel 39440, 39443, 39441, 39442
Madison 39110, 39130
Meridian 39307, 39305, 39301, 39302, 39303, 39304
Natchez 39120, 39122
Olive Branch 38654
Oxford 38655, 38677, 38675
Pascagoula 39581, 39567, 39568, 39569, 39595
Pearl 39208
Southaven 38651, 38671, 38672
Starkville 39759, 39762
Tupelo 38804, 38801, 38826, 38802, 38803
Vicksburg 39180, 39183, 39181, 39182

Top Auto Transport Routes in Mississippi


Vehicle Type

Carrier Type


Fort Lauderdale, FL to Greenville, MS

SUV Large



Grenada, MS to Spring Hill, FL

SUV Midsize



Gulfport, MS to Greensburg, IN

Sedan Midsize



Irvine, CA to Ellisville, MS

Sedan Midsize



Jackson, MS to Las Vegas, NV

Sedan Small



Jackson, MS to Milwaukee, WI

SUV Large



Pittsburgh, PA to Gulfport, MS

Sedan Midsize



Waynesboro, MS to Atlanta, GA

SUV Large