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Vehicle transport to, from, or within South Dakota is straightforward and stress-free with Nexus. Simply pay your South Dakota auto transport deposit when you set up your order, and pay the remainder to your driver at pick-up or delivery. No games, just the best car shipping South Dakota has at prices you can afford!

Shipping Your Car from South Dakota - Cost & Delivery Estimates
Ship Car From Ship Car To Estimated Route Distance Estimated Delivery Time Estimated Cost
South Dakota Nebraska 261 miles 1-2 days $740.00
South Dakota Minnesota 305 miles 1-2 days $755.00
South Dakota Missouri 438 miles 2-3 days $878.00
South Dakota Colorado 462 miles 2-3 days $927.00
South Dakota Illinois 656 miles 3-4 days $1,031.00
South Dakota Texas 1140 miles 3-5 days $1,423.00
Shipping Your Car to South Dakota - Cost & Delivery Estimates
Ship Car From Ship Car To Estimated Delivery Time Estimated Route Distance Estimated Cost
Minnesota South Dakota 1-2 days 329 miles $733.00
Montana South Dakota 2-3 days 361 miles $804.00
Colorado South Dakota 2-3 days 396 miles $728.00
Missouri South Dakota 3-4 days 506 miles $711.00
Oklahoma South Dakota 3-4 days 677 miles $1,041.00
Michigan South Dakota 3-5 days 868 miles $1,179.00

Want to ship a car with the best car shipping company in South Dakota?

How much does car shipping cost to or from South Dakota?

The average cost for car shipping to or from Iowa is about $450 for distances less than 500 miles, $1055 for distances between 500 and 1500 miles, and $1,500+ for distances over 1500 miles.



Less than 100 miles


101 to 350 miles


351 to 500 miles


501 to 800 miles


801 to 1200 miles


1201 to 1500 miles


1501 to 1800 miles


1801 to 2200 miles


The primary factor in shipping cost is the distance your car has to travel, but other factors may affect the price.

Route: Two shipping routes may be the same number of miles, but they won’t necessarily have the same price. For example, South Dakota to Montana is a little shorter than Washington to Idaho, but it may cost more because of differences in the routes and logistics.

Time of Year: The time of year may factor into your shipping price. Summer has better weather and higher demand, which can mean higher prices. Winter is slow and may get you a better deal on shipping, but severe weather like storms and heavy snowfall can impact your shipping price. However, windstorms, tornados, and floods are also common in South Dakota, so you may have weather delays during any season.

Scheduling: Flexible shipping schedules can get you a competitive rate if you book shipping during the off-season. Strict pickup and delivery dates, especially at the last minute, often have higher prices.

Make and Model: The weight of your car factors into the shipping price, so the make and model matter – as well as the type of transport you choose. Small cars and SUVs are lighter, leading to lower shipping prices than large pickup trucks and SUVs. If you’re shipping an oversized vehicle, you may have higher prices because of the specialized equipment needed to secure and ship these vehicles.

Type of Transport: Open-air trailers are the most economical way to ship your car. It does leave your car vulnerable to road debris and damage, however, so people with high-value cars like antiques or exotics often choose enclosed shipping at a premium price for extra protection.

How long does car shipping take to or from South Dakota?

Shipping your car from South Dakota to New Jersey usually takes between 4 and 7 days, while shipping from South Dakota to Nebraska may only take 1 or 2 days. Here’s a rough guide for how long shipping takes based on mileage:



Less than 100 miles

0.5 to 1 day

101 to 350 miles

1 to 2 days

351 to 500 miles

2 to 3 days

501 to 800 miles

3 to 4 days

801 to 1200 miles

3 to 5 days

1201 to 1500 miles

4 to 7 days

1501 to 1800 miles

5 to 8 days

1801 to 2200 miles

6 to 9 days

2201 to 2800 miles

7 to 10 days

2800+ miles

8 to 12 days

The number of miles your car has to travel significantly impacts shipping time, but that’s not the only factor to consider.

Route: The route your car travels can add delays that affect the shipping time. For example, a car shipped between two cities may encounter more road closures or traffic congestion that makes the process take longer than routes that are mostly highway travel.

Time of Year: The shipping time to and from South Dakota depends on both weather patterns on the route and seasonal shipping demand. The summer is usually the busiest season because of nice weather, but it may be harder to secure a shipping date. Winter is slower, but you may have delays from weather that require alternate routes or layovers. Early fall is the best time because of stable demand and fair weather.

Transport Type: If shipping time is important, choose open-air transport. Unless you have a high-value vehicle that requires an enclosed trailer, open-air transport is the fastest option because there are more available companies that offer the service and more cars ship at once.

These shipment times are an average based on real delivery data, but your exact shipment time can vary.Contact us to get an accurate estimate of how long your shipment will take to or from South Dakota or use our instantcar shipping quote calculator!

What’s the best way to ship your car to or from South Dakota?

The shipping price is an important consideration, but you want your car to arrive safely first and foremost. Professional auto transport companies are the best choice for efficient, safe, and secure shipping. Plus, you have the peace of mind of licensing, insurance, and bonding if any damage occurs.

You may want to drive yourself to have more control over your car and save some money. However, once you consider fuel, accommodation, wear and tear on your car, and your time, it may end up being more expensive. There’s also more risk involved when you drive yourself vs. loading your car onto a trailer.

Another option is to hire someone to drive your car to save yourself time without paying professional shipping prices, but that’s not ideal. You will still need to pay for someone to drive your car, as well as the gas and other expenses. If something goes wrong, you may not have the backing of a professional company with licensing, insurance, and bonding.

Shipping your car by train can be an economical choice, but it’s often slow. Trains travel quickly, but they transport multiple cars in one trip – leading to multiple stops along the route. Depending on how many shipments the train has, your car could take weeks longer to arrive at its destination.

Compare your professional shipping options and check out thebenefits of car shipping to determine the best choice for your needs. When it comes time to ship, Nexus Auto Transport can connect you with the ideal transport company for your needs.

Make shipping your car to South Dakota as easy and convenient as possible with door-to-door shipping.

Affordable, cost-effective, secure, and fully insured against all accidental damages.

Protect your valuable vehicle on its way to South Dakota with enclosed auto transport.

Get your vehicle from South Dakota to anywhere in the country in the quickest timeframe possible.

What is the most affordable way to ship a car from South Dakota?

If you’re shipping on a budget, there are ways you can reduce your shipping costs. Booking early can help you take advantage of deals during the slow season, and it’s best if you can be as flexible as possible in your pickup and delivery dates.

Don’t be tempted by the cheapest quote. Inexperienced shippers may use low-cost shipping to attract more customers, so you won’t have the peace of mind of professionally trained and experienced drivers hauling your car. Shipping scams and fly-by-night companies also rely on cheap quotes to get you to book, then add charges and fees at the end of the trip – essentially holding your car for ransom.

South Dakota Fast Facts

  1. South Dakota has four distinct seasons and a lot of natural beauty, including Badlands National Park, the Missouri River, and Mount Rushmore.

  2. If you’re on a budget, South Dakota’s cost of living is 7% lower than the national average, particularly for housing, food, and utilities.

  3. South Dakota can be a tax haven with no personal income tax, corporate income tax, or personal property tax.

  4. Adventurous people love South Dakota for its state parks, lakes, and trails for hiking, hunting, and fishing.

  5. South Dakota is also a great place for families with many kid-friendly attractions, including parks, museums, and other attractions.

Want to ship a car with the best car shipping company in South Dakota?

Nexus Auto Transport service areas in South Dakota

We can arrange pick-ups and deliveries to or from anywhere in South Dakota nationwide.
Ship Car From Ship Car To
Aberdeen 57401
Belle Fourche 57717
Box Elder 57703, 57706, 57719
Brandon 57005
Brookings 57006, 57007
Harrisburg 57032
Huron 57350, 57399
Madison 57042
Mitchell 57301
Pierre 57501
Pine Ridge 57770
Rapid City 57702, 57703, 57701
Rapid Valley 57703
Sioux Falls 57110, 57104, 57105, 57106, 57107, 57103, 57108, 57197, 57117, 57101, 57109, 57186, 57193
Spearfish 57783, 57799
Sturgis 57785
Tea 57064
Vermillion 57069
Watertown 57201
Yankton 57078

Top Auto Transport Routes in South Dakota


Vehicle Type

Carrier Type


Gregory, SD

Roseville, CA

Gregory, SD to Roseville, CA

SUV Midsize

Huron, SD

Snowmass Village, CO

Huron, SD to Snowmass Village, CO

SUV Large

Mechanicsville, MD

Hitchcock, SD

Mechanicsville, MD to Hitchcock, SD

Pickup Midsize

Miller, SD

Carson City, NV

Miller, SD to Carson City, NV

Sedan Large

North Brunswick, NJ

Sioux Falls, SD

North Brunswick, NJ to Sioux Falls, SD

Sedan Midsize

Sioux Falls, SD

Bismarck, ND

Sioux Falls, SD to Bismarck, ND

Pickup Large

Sioux Falls, SD

Cape Coral, FL

Sioux Falls, SD to Cape Coral, FL

Sedan Small

Spring Hill, FL

Rapid City, SD

Spring Hill, FL to Rapid City, SD

SUV Midsize