Open Auto Transport

Open auto carrier shipping is the easiest and most affordable method to ship any car, truck, or van across the United States. Open car hauling is both secure and fully insured against all accidental damages.

What is open transport?

Open auto transport is the most popular car shipping method in the United States. Open transport vehicle shipping is easier to schedule that closed transport, and it costs less overall. With an average capacity of 8-10 cars at a time, open auto transport carriers use shipment efficiency to pass on savings to you, the open carrier car shipping customer.

Learn more about open carrier auto transport?

Open auto transport is the most cost-effective vehicle shipping method in the United States. You may even have seen some of our open auto transport carriers on the highway. On open car carriers, multiple vehicles are secured on an open trailer. And while your car is exposed to the elements during open car shipping, it’s exceedingly rare for even minor cosmetic damage to occur.

When you choose open transport, quick and affordable car shipping is the name of the game -- especially when you ship a car with us.

Here at Nexus Auto Transport, open car shipping is our bread and butter. Since it is our most-requested service, open auto transport is the primary focus of our network of experienced car shipment drivers. Whether you have a certain date in mind down the road or need expedited service, we have an open auto shipping solution for you.

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

There are two main types of auto shipping: open carrier and enclosed carrier.

Open carrier car transport is when you ship your vehicle on an open carrier. As opposed to an enclosed carrier, this is the most economical auto shipping option available. However, your vehicle will be exposed to external elements such as rain, hail, or snow. In truth, there is a possibility that external factors could damage your car. But, that possibility is minimal and rarely occurs.

Open auto transport specifics

Door-to-Door: The driver will come as close to the vehicle’s location as safely and legally as possible. If there are restrictions for the trucker to enter the exact location, the person releasing or accepting the vehicle might need to meet at a nearby location for safely loading or unloading.

Communication: The driver will usually call within 24 hours in advance to schedule the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. The driver will notify the customer upon arrival for receipt of shipment. Options to track the shipment are also available for your convenience.

Vehicle Inspection: The driver will perform a detailed inspection report upon pick-up and delivery and leave a copy with both parties for transparency. In case of any accidental damages during transit, Minimum insurance coverage of $100,000.00 is in effect.

Cost-Effective: The open auto carrier is the most cost-effective option available. Open car carrier, along with our economy price option, will be the lowest cost option to ship a vehicle within the United States.

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How much does open auto transport cost?

At Nexus Auto Transport, open car transport costs vary based on your particular needs. Open car shipping rates are contingent on several different factors. These include the make and model of your car, the overall distance of your shipment, and whether or not your vehicle is in running condition.

When you’re ready to receive service, open car shipping quotes are easily secured from our instant open car transport cost calculator. You can even remain anonymous! Just give us some key information about your car and shipping route. Within seconds, you'll have accurate open car shipping rates from which to choose from.

So, how much does it cost to ship a car on an open carrier?

When you decide to go open, quick and affordable car transportation is easy to come by with Nexus. It’s our fundamental approach to open auto transport. We’ll pair you and your vehicle with an open car hauler that works with both your schedule and your budget. That’s the Nexus advantage.

What are the disadvantages of open auto carrier services?

As we already mentioned, vehicles shipped on open carriers rarely suffer damage from exposure to rain, dirt, ice, dust, etc. However, automobile shipping damage occurs. If it does, insurance will cover any resulting dents or scratches. The risks are statistically minimal, and the advantages of open car hauling far outweigh the potential negatives.

If you are seeking a car transporting service provider to compare quotes, the quotes you receive will usually be for open car transport, unless otherwise specified.

In short, open car transport is very rarely the wrong choice. Enclosed auto transport is a better bet for rare, expensive, or fragile vehicles. But, open auto transport is the perfect pick for most customers.

What are the advantages of open auto carrier service?

Nowadays, open automobile carriers are the most widely used means for cost-effective car shipping. As a result, there is immense competition among auto transport service providers. Such competition forces auto shipping providers to do their best to provide quality car shipping services at a lower price. The auto transportation business is booming, forcing serious providers to provide the best services possible to keep up.

Another significant advantage for customers is that vehicle shipping providers can accommodate more vehicles on their trucks, which affects car shipping costs drastically and lowers prices even more.

The most common open auto carriers are the standard ten-vehicle hauler, an auto transport method often used to ship new cars to dealerships. An open car transport carrier is the most cost-effective means to transport numerous cars on a single trip. It benefits both service providers and clients. Carriers maximize their gains while clients get the lowest car shipping prices.

Customers on a tight budget aren’t the only ones opting for open carrier auto shipping. Most dealerships, collectors, and manufacturers use it as well. Transporting ten cars at once has a significant impact on final auto shipment costs. There are also open carriers in different sizes that can transport fewer vehicles, but ten-car carriers are the most commonly used.

Open automobile carriers are the best solution for you unless you need to prevent potential damages while transporting a very fragile and expensive car or a car that you hardly use.

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Is open auto transport safe?

When you work with a reputable open transport car shipping provider like Nexus Auto Transport, you can rest assured knowing that your car will be safe and secure from pickup to delivery. Any open car transport carrier we work with adheres to all state and federal safety regulations for commercial transport. When you schedule open auto carriers transport through us, you’ll be paired with one of the nation’s best drivers behind the wheel of a fully-vetted open car hauler.

As with any form of shipping, though, there are slight risks when you choose open carrier car shipping. Although our open auto transport carriers rank among the safest in the entire nation, infrequent accidents happen.

That’s why we provide the industry’s most comprehensive cargo insurance with every open transport car shipping order we arrange. Choose Nexus for open auto carriers transport and choose peace of mind.

Why choose Nexus open auto carrier services?

Nexus Auto Transport employs a modern fleet of open car carriers driven by experienced drivers that will transport your vehicle with the utmost responsibility and professionalism. Not only are our open transport car shipping quotes highly competitive, but there are no hidden surprises. Once you get an auto shipping quote from us, you can rest assured that there will be no unexpected additional costs.

Although open auto carriers may seem to involve some risks, Nexus Auto Transport covers every possible contingency that may occur. Our quotes include full insurance coverage and 24/7 auto-tracking. If you need to have your vehicle transported long distances, don't worry. You can use our stress-free online vehicle tracking to watch it every step of the way.

You won’t even need to phone us to keep track of your car’s location. By simply logging into our website and entering your email address and name or order number, you will be able to find the precise location of your open car hauler during open auto transport.

Professionalism, reliability, and comprehensive service at affordable prices distinguish our open auto transport services from those of our competition. Don’t put your car at risk during open carrier car shipping. Leave it in the best hands possible with Nexus Auto Transport.