Classic Car Auto Shipping

If you have a classic vehicle in your collection and you need to ship your car soon, you’re probably reticent to sign it over to a car transport company and risk potential damages. Fear not! Our team of certified car hauling experts here at Nexus Auto Transport is fully trained to carefully handle and securely transport vehicles that are both priceless and fragile. We will always go the extra mile to make sure your classic car is safe, whether you need a nationwide auto transport service to ship a car across the country or basic vehicle shipping services across state lines.

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What is classic car auto transport?

You can choose to transport a classic car economically using our economical open vehicle carrier service. Or, you can go premium and opt for our fully-enclosed car shippers to maximize safety and eliminate common threats while on the road.

For classic car owners, sentimental value is everything. It's typically much greater than the financial value. For them, shipping a car isn't that simple. Their classic car is a treasure of sorts – a work of art. Many owners buy their classics from other car collectors, already restored and in perfect condition.

However, the vast majority of classic car owners spend a lot of time, even years, trying to bring them back to life and their original condition. Classic car restoration usually takes a lot of time. Seeking out the original parts that may be missing, or having pieces custom manufactured for them can be arduous and expensive. Overall, restoring a classic car to like-new condition has typically proven to be a time-consuming and costly investment.

A quality classic car transport service takes a collector’s love for their vehicle into account. Nexus Auto Transport does all this and more, offering premium car moving services tailored to rare and expensive vehicles and their unique needs.

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How should you ship your classic car?

Classic car owners rarely drive their cars long distances. They usually opt for professional auto shipping services to move a car. There are several reasons for this. Classic car owners opt for professional classic car shipping services to avoid the risks of long-distance driving. They also choose classic auto shipping to minimize the vehicle's exposure to external hazards such as harsh weather conditions during the car shipping process.

At Nexus Auto Transport, classic auto transport (oversized or otherwise) is one of our specialties. We offer two classic vehicle transport options. The most commonly used and cost-efficient method of vehicle shipping is to use an open car carrier. The other available car shipping option is to ship a classic car in an enclosed car carrier. Enclosed classic car transport prevents your vehicle from being exposed to external threats that may be encountered on the road. While the vehicle shipping cost is a bit more than with an open car shipper, it provides your classic car with maximum protection during its vehicle transportation journey.

Regardless of the selected type of vehicle transport service, classic car shipping requires extraordinary precautions. The vehicle moving process begins when the car is loaded and secured to the truck and ends once it is delivered to the desired car shipping destination.

All of our drivers are specially trained to exercise the utmost diligence and caution when transporting classic automobiles. Nexus Auto Transport's network of vehicle shippers spares no expense. They cut no corners in their quest to deliver you the best classic vehicle shipping experience imaginable.

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How much does it cost to ship a classic car?

Here at Nexus Auto Transport, classic auto transport (oversized or otherwise) costs vary based on the details of your particular auto shipment.

Rates for classic auto shipping services are determined by multiple factors. These include the make and model of your vehicle, the total distance of your shipment, and whether you choose open classic car shipping or the recommended enclosed auto shipping option.

If you want to secure accurate classic car shipping quotes at any time of day, you can do it in seconds. Just head over to our Nexus Auto Transport classic auto shipping cost calculator. With some particulars about your classic auto transport needs, we'll provide you three comprehensive quotes for classic car shipping services.

How do you ship a classic car that doesn’t run?

It’s easy! Just let our team of classic car shipping experts know that your vehicle is currently in non-running condition. Either notate it when scheduling your shipping services online, chat with us, or give us a call at 224-218-2949.

We’ll make sure that the driver who services your order has the proper equipment ready to load and unload a non-running vehicle. It does cost a bit more to ship a non-running classic car. However, the benefits of classic auto transport with Nexus far outweigh the added costs.

Making the best classic car shipping decision

To make the best classic car shipping decision, you need to be fully informed.

First, you should be certain your auto shipping service provider is a reliable and experienced classic car shipping provider. Not all car transportation services have adequate equipment and specially trained truckers for classic car transport. Never rely on anyone but experienced professionals to move a classic car. Only accept the best vehicle transport services you can find for the money.

Secondly, regardless of the experience and attention to detail when shipping a car, road automobile transport always carries some risks. Always verify that your classic car will be fully insured from pickup to vehicle delivery. At Nexus Auto Transport, we offer full auto cargo insurance coverage at no additional cost to you. Your classic car is always insured for the full length of the car shipment.

Cheap car shipping for classic automobiles with Nexus Auto Transport

Auto transport companies that inflate the cost of car shipping aren’t necessarily offering a better vehicle transportation service. Although you’re shipping a car that’s priceless to you, there is no need to overpay.

We invite you to compare our highly competitive vehicle shipping prices with that of other car transport companies. Use our online classic car shipping price calculator to secure a fair vehicle shipping quote in seconds. Requesting a classic car shipping quote from us is fast and anonymous with no personal information required. Just enter the desired pickup and drop-off locations, and you will get an accurate auto shipping quote with no fuss.

We do classic car shipping right at Nexus Auto Transport. We don’t skimp, we don’t mislead, and we don’t rest until we ship your classic car safely and professionally.