On average, most military families move every 2 to 3 years. If you’ve been in the military long enough, then you’ve surely experienced this for yourself. Every time you receive military PCS orders for a Permanent Change of Station, things can get hectic.

Each time you have to pack up and move, it can be quite a headache. Not only do you have to get everything together and travel across the country, but you also have to unpack and settled in. When you have to do this every other year, it can get exhausting.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make each move easier. For example, you can have military PCS vehicle shipping done for you so you can focus on everything else.

Nexus works with a client, military customers can rest assured that we’ve got things covered for their next big move.

Have we got your attention about our military car shipping service? Then keep reading. We’ll provide all of the information that military personnel needs to ship your car safely, affordably, and with confidence.

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Military Car Shipping Methods

When deciding on military auto transport, you have two main choices available: military PCS vehicle shipping in either an open or enclosed car hauler. There are pros and cons to each military car shipping method. That’s why we’re here to help military customers like you with an overview of the vehicle shipping process.

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You may have seen these on the road before; open car haulers are used by auto dealerships to cheaply transport vehicles in large numbers from one place to another. You can even use these truckers' services for your personal car! This is a cheap car transport option partially because the cars aren't sheltered from outside elements. This means they can be affected by temperature changes during vehicle shipping, as well as bad weather such as rain, snow, sleet, or wind.

Because of this, you should think long and hard about the pros and cons of open car haulers if you have a newer car or if it's a vehicle that’s either classic or expensive. Do note that all car shipment drivers carry current cargo insurance policies. If anything happens to your vehicle while it's under their care during the car transportation process, you'll be compensated for it.

Besides being the cheapest car shipping option, why else would you choose open car hauling? Another big plus of this car shipping method is the increased truck and driver availability. The majority of auto transportation truckers drive open car haulers instead of enclosed car haulers. If you have a very tight schedule or need vehicle transport services at a specific time, you'll have better luck choosing an open car hauler when working with auto shipping companies.

Otherwise, if you want extra protection for your vehicle when using a car delivery service, don't mind paying more, and aren't picky about the pickup and drop-off date, you should think about using an enclosed car hauler instead.

Enclosed Car Hauler

With an enclosed car hauler, your vehicle will be completely shielded while in transport. It'll be in a trailer with several other cars, but the cars are generously spaced to avoid potential damage from collisions.

This service is more expensive, but it may be worth it. It's always calming to know that your car is protected from the elements. The drivers of our enclosed car haulers always have up-to-date cargo insurance policies. If anything is out of the ordinary, you'll be compensated accordingly.

There aren't as many enclosed car haulers as there are open ones, so you may need to have several car shipping dates and times in mind when calling for an appointment. Otherwise, you risk disappointment.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Military PCS Vehicle?

How much does car shipping cost from one state to another? The thing is, there's no way to tell you that without some extra information about your car transporter needs.

For example, the price of an auto shipment will depend on whether you want to use an open or enclosed car hauler. Enclosed car haulers can cost you a fair amount more than open car haulers when shipping cars across the country or even just across state lines.

With that being said, you'll also have to consider how far you have to ship a car. Obviously, a vehicle shipment from Southern California to Northern California will cost a lot less than direct express auto transport from California to New York.

Depending on the time of year you need auto shipping services, the car shipping route may change. For example, if the car transport driver needs to go through a mountain passage but it gets flooded or snowed in during certain times of the year, they'll need to take a detour. Such detours and added work for your vehicle shipment driver means added car transportation costs.

Lastly, your military car shipping price will depend on how quickly you need to move a car. For instance, Nexus Auto Transport has 3 tiers of service: economy, standard, and expedited car hauling service. Economy auto shipping is the slowest but the cheapest military auto shipping option, while expedited vehicle shipping is the quickest yet most expensive military car shipment option.

To get a better idea of how much of your moving budget you need to allocate to military car shipping, it's always best to request a vehicle transport quote or two from different auto transport companies. Not only can you get a general idea of how much you'll need to spend when shipping a car, but you can also be able to parse out the car shipping companies which charge unfair amounts for basic vehicle shipping services.

So how much is shipping a car? You'll have to request a car shipping quote from the auto transport companies you're interested in to find out.


When Shipping a Military PCS Vehicle, Can You Pack It?

During a military move, you’re probably wondering whether you should bring your belongings with you on the plane, ship them separately, or ship your car with them packed inside.

If you're considering the last option, then you'll want to ask the auto shipping company if you can transport a car with your belongings. Hopefully, they'll be amenable to at least a partially-packed vehicle during auto transportation.

However, all car shippers will have their own rules and regulations, so you should always ask them before moving a car with belongings inside. Ask them sooner rather than later to avoid problems and having to scramble for another military car shipping solution.

How Does Military Car Shipping Work?

Now that you know the basic details of car shipping, the next thing you need to find out is how the auto transport process works. Here is the general idea of what you'll have to do when you choose Nexus Auto Transport as your military car shipping company.

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Getting a Car Shipping Quote

First, request a car shipping quote from Nexus Auto Transport by filling out a simple online form or calling a vehicle transport agent. Either way, you'll tell Nexus when you need vehicle shipping services, whether you want to ship a car with closed or open car hauling, and how quickly you want your car shipped (economy, standard, or expedited). With expedited car transport services, you'll get your car picked up on either the day of the call or the very next day.

Once you've received a military car shipping quote, you can speak with a vehicle shipping expert to decide on the pickup date. To set up your car shipment order, all you need is a $75 refundable deposit payable by credit card or PayPal. This deposit will be deducted from your total vehicle shipping cost.

Pickup of Your Military Car

Nexus will assign a dedicated vehicle shipment driver who will promptly arrive at the car pickup location. If the trucker executing your car transport service can't reach it for any reason, they'll get in touch with you and arrange to meet you in a parking lot around the area.

Once they meet you there, your trucker will inspect the car with you and jot down any existing damages. They'll then load up the vehicle and get it started on its car shipping journey,

When you’re shipping a car with Nexus Auto Transport and it’s in transit, you have the option of tracking your upcoming vehicle delivery on our website. You can also call your auto shipment driver at any time to check on your car.

Military Vehicle Delivery Service

Once your automobile ends up at its car shipping destination, you’re free to receive it. If you're not there in person yet, you can send someone else in your place to finalize your vehicle delivery. Just make sure to let Nexus Auto Transport know.

You (or someone you appoint) and your car shipment driver will conduct one final vehicle inspection to make sure there aren't any new scratches or dents. Once you're both happy, you’ll sign the Bill of Lading and receive a receipt. After that, your car transportation journey is officially complete!


Consider Nexus Auto Transport for Your Military PCS Vehicle Shipping Needs

The next time you're packing up for a military move, don't move a car on your own. Instead, take a comfortable plane ride and let Nexus Auto Transport take care of your vehicle shipping needs.

Not only is military car shipping less stressful than driving, but it'll keep you from logging unnecessary miles on your car. By shipping a vehicle, you’ll ensure that your car will be with you for multiple military moves to come.

And when you need to ship a vehicle, consider Nexus Auto Transport for your military car shipping needs. We have years of experience helping military families like yours relocate and will treat your car with the respect it deserves.

Ready to book an appointment? Then get a car shipping quote from us now. Receive an answer within seconds!