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What is State-to-State Car Shipping?

Shipping a car from one state to another state is also known as state-to-state car shipping. Whether you’re shipping a car across the country or transporting a vehicle across state lines, it pays to book your shipment with a professional car shipping company like Nexus Auto Transport. After all, we’re the most trusted state-to-state car shipping provider in the United States!

How to Ship a Car to Another State

When transporting cars from state to state, it's important to weigh your options. From DIY auto transport to professional car transportation from state to state, there are advantages and disadvantages to any transport type you choose. Choose what's right for you.

How much does it cost to ship a car from one state to another state?

The cost of state-to-state car shipping averages between $700 to $1,050 for short distances. For longer car shipping orders of 2000-3000 miles, you could pay anywhere from $1,500 to over $2,000 for coast-to-coast vehicle transport. Prices may vary based on the time of year, consumer demand, and whether you opt for added benefits such as enclosed transport and expedited car shipping.

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car From One State to Another State?

Depending on the distance of your state-to-state car shipping order, it takes anywhere from 1-12 days to ship a car in the Continental United States. Shorter state-to-state auto transport orders of 1-500 miles take 1-2 days, while longer state-to-state vehicle shipping orders of 2,000 miles or more can take anywhere from 7-12 days.

Ship a Car To Another State in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Schedule your auto shipment with Nexus.
Secure free, instant quotes and easily schedule door-to-door service.
Step 2
We pick up your vehicle.
It’s that easy.
The best auto transporters simplify the car shipping experience for you.
Step 3
Your car is delivered, and you’re on your way!
Our easy-to-use auto transport services are changing the industry.
Step 1
Schedule your auto shipment with Nexus.
With affordable car shipping prices and flexible scheduling options, booking with Nexus is effortless.
Provide your auto pickup and auto delivery zip codes
Select a vehicle size and type
Pick between open or enclosed transport
Step 2
One of our expert auto transporters will pick up your vehicle.
Our network of 59,000+ vetted auto transport carriers provides the best car shipping services in the U.S.
Clean your car inside and out to prepare for auto shipping.
Disable alarms, remove personal belongings, and make sure your vehicle has a quarter to half tank of gas.
A driver dispatched by Nexus will conduct an auto inspection before loading it onto their car hauler.
Step 3
Our car transport services deliver your car, and you're good to go!
The car shipping process isn't complicated with Nexus. That's what you should expect from a top auto transport company.
You can pay for your vehicle shipment now or at pickup.
Your driver will inspect your vehicle at its destination.
Sign off on your Bill of Lading, and you're ready to go!

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What types of state-to-state shipping options are there?

When you move a car to another state, there are essentially four ways to make it happen. You can ship a car domestically via rail, train, or plane. Or, you can ship a car to another state on your own.

Shipping a car to another state by train

Transporting cars from state to state with a train company is a scenic, fun way to ship a vehicle. It's one of the cheapest shipping options, but also one of the lengthiest. You can ship a vehicle with a passenger train service or with the help of a freight train provider.

Shipping a car to another state by plane

Transporting a car to another state by air is the quickest way to move a car from one city to another. However, it's also the most expensive domestic shipping option for auto transport. If you're in a lurch and can book out plane transport services, expect to pay a premium.

Transport a car to another state by truck

Transporting cars from state to state by truck is a cost-effective, efficient alternative to train and plane transport services. You can choose open car shipping for a cheaper ride or enclosed car shipping for added protection and peace of mind. Some top companies offer door-to-door transport for an extra layer of convenience.

Move a car to another state yourself

State-to-state shipping done the old-fashioned way. You can either drive your vehicle yourself or haul it with the help of a trailer hitch. Be sure to block off plenty of time for rest, food, and pit stops for your state-to-state journey.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car to another state?

While many people think that shipping cars to another state by yourself is the cheapest transport option, there are hidden costs you need to consider. In addition to paying for gas to either drive the car or haul it with a trailer hitch, you'll need to factor in time lost at work, food & lodging, and the inevitable wear and tear that cross-country shipping will cause to a vehicle.

The car shipping cost of train transport is often cheaper than shipping a vehicle by plane or truck. However, you may have to buy a passenger ticket and ride alongside your vehicle -- a time-consuming endeavor that requires you to clear your schedule.

As for the vehicle shipping cost of plane transport, it's quite expensive and often reserved for those with large budgets. While the flight time from city to city can cut into your overall transit time considerably, the sky-high costs make it a no-go for average customers. And if you have to order ground transport to pick up the car from the airport, it'll cost you even more.

When it comes to pure value, there is just one state-to-state car shipping method that stands out above the rest. State-to-state car transport by truck is the way to go for consumers looking for an efficient, affordable vehicle shipping option.

Super Competitive Auto Transport Pricing

For maximum convenience and transparency, our auto shipping cost calculator provides you with three different auto transport quotes spread across three different service tiers:

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Accelerated Open Carrier

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Faster Pickup-Delivery For Open Transport
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Use your preferred dates for expedited shipping
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Standard Open Carrier

tick icon
Lowest Price, Best Availability For Open Transport
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Required flexibility for pickup timing
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Best protection from outside elements with enclosed transport
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High-value vehicle protection during the car shipping process

What is the best way to transport a car to another state?

The best state-to-state shipping option, in our humble opinion, is to ship a car across state lines by truck. It may not be as cheap (on average) as train transport, or as quick as plane transport, but it provides a happy medium that's accessible and cost-conscious for the average consumer.

And when you partner with a reputable, trusted state-to-state vehicle shipping like Nexus Auto Transport, it's even better. Some of the best companies in the vehicle transport game offer full-service door-to-door shipping from Point A to Point B. Do you need cheap open car transport from New York City to Seattle? Are you looking to ship a classic car from Chicago to Miami in a secure enclosed trailer?

Whatever you need and whenever you need it, transporting cars from state to state with a top professional truck transport company is the way to go. This shipping method, at its best, can offer you unparalleled flexibility, affordable rates, and ease of use that's unmatched in the car transport game.

And when you're in the market for transporting a car to another state via truck, there's one company that sets the bar for secure, exemplary door-to-door shipping services.

Pick Nexus and pick quality.

Why choose Nexus as your state-to-state car shipping company?

Whether you're a car dealership shipping vehicles out to loyal customers around the U.S., a college student relocating for your next semester, or a professional ready to tackle your dream job, Nexus Auto Transport has a car shipping solution built with you in mind.

Our door-to-door vehicle shipping services are tailored to your schedule, your budget, and your car transport needs. And thanks to our state-of-the-art instant car shipping cost calculator, you can receive free, no-obligation quotes for our industry-leading services 24/7/365.

When you ship a car to another state with Nexus Auto Transport, we take care of you and your car. Our team of experienced, dedicated vehicle transport experts is available around the clock to assist you. If you have questions or concerns about your shipment, or just need more information before booking an order, we're happy to assist you at any time.

And with the help of a vetted, licensed network of 29,000+ car hauling specialists, we cover the entire map of the United States every day and every night. If you need to ship a car domestically, we've got someone on your route. That's just what we do here at Nexus.

Easily ship a car from state to state!

Don't settle for less. Nexus Auto Transport is America's #1 state-to-state shipping company.

With a dedication to customer service unlike any other auto shipping company in the industry today, Nexus Auto Transport goes above and beyond to earn your business. We are constantly innovating and reimagining our approach to state-to-state transport to better serve you.

Our top priority is to make the car shipping process easier on you, day in and day out. We don't cut corners. We don't take days off. We work hard to provide cross-country auto transport services that evolve with the evolving needs and wants of customers like you.

When you ship a car with Nexus, it's just different. Our reputation as America's #1 state-to-state car shipping provider is built on trust, efficiency, safety, and affordability. Grab a quote today from our instant car shipping cost calculator and see for yourself.

Nexus has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer your most pressing inquiries about transporting a car from state to state.

You can ship a car domestically from one state to another by rail, air, truck, or on your own by driving or hauling it. How you ship a car from state to state is an important decision. Do you want to get your car as soon as possible? With the right arrangements, shipping a car by plane can move a car from one city to another in as little as a few hours. It's a very expensive move, though.

Do you want to take a scenic ride alongside your car from Point A to Point B? Shipping a car by train from state to state is the way to do it, especially if you book through a passenger service. Train car transport is usually the cheapest of the domestic professional car shipping options. However, rail car shipping can also be quite time-consuming.

If you decide to move a car yourself, you can either drive it to its destination or find a way to haul it. If it's a drive that can't easily be made in a day, you'll have to arrange food, lodging, and stops for rest along the way. This can add up quickly and cost you more than some professional shipping services.

That’s where truck transport comes in. Nexus Auto Transport is a nationwide leader in providing safe, efficient, and cost-conscious state-to-state auto shipping services. When you ship a car on the road with Nexus, you get the best of all car shipping worlds. Contact us at (224) 218-2949 for more information about your next door-to-door car shipment.

Your state-to-state car transport bill will vary significantly based on multiple factors surrounding your particular vehicle shipment. Factors that impact your state-to-state vehicle transportation services include the time of year that you ship a car, the make and model of the vehicle you're shipping, the operating condition of your vehicle, the type of transport service you work with, and the general laws of supply and demand.

In short, every state-to-state car shipment is different. Shipping a car a few hours across state lines is a different thing than shipping a vehicle from coast to coast. For one, your transit time will differ. Also, your car shipping route availability may be affected as well.

That's why choosing a one-stop door-to-door shipping company like Nexus makes so much sense. Rather than working with a local company that may not service your route or a less reputable national provider with a spotty service record, choose Nexus. For shipments big and small (and in between), we've got your back.

Most state-to-state auto shipping providers prohibit you from filling your car with boxes, personal items, or other various personal belongings before transit. While there is no federal regulation that bans a car shipping company from moving a car with personal belongings inside, a company will rarely okay such a move unless special circumstances dictate otherwise.

At Nexus, we strongly encourage you to fully clean and clear your vehicle of personal items before shipment. Our comprehensive cargo insurance policy covers your car but does not cover any belongings left in the vehicle during shipment.

If there's an extenuating circumstance you need to discuss with us, please contact us at (224)218-2949. Some drivers will make an exception for an added fee with prior notice. We'll always work with you to find a car shipping solution that makes sense for you and your family.

When choosing between driving your car to another state and shipping it, distance is a huge factor to consider. If the drive is only 100-200 miles or so, it might make sense just to take a few hours and drive it to its destination. However, what if you are shipping a car across the country? A drive of 1,000, 2,000, or even 3,000 miles is a very different situation entirely. Even drives of 400-500 miles can be taxing and cost you a whole day that you may not have to spare.

At times when driving a car doesn't make sense, five-star car transport providers like Nexus Auto Transport are a smart alternative. When you ship a car with one of the best auto transport companies in the United States, they'll do the work for you. Your driver will inspect your car thoroughly, load it onto a secure trailer, drive it to its destination, and unload it with care.

And if you're worried about the cost of shipping a car, we're here to ease your mind. Just head over to our instant car shipping cost calculator at your convenience. Within moments, we'll provide you with three cost-effective vehicle shipping quotes that'll work with your budget, not against it. Ship your car to another state with confidence. Ship with us.

Our professional transportation services do not include insurance for personal belongings during car transport. According to Department of Transportation regulations, car moving companies are prohibited from shipping your car with personal belongings in the front or back seats. Outside of special circumstances (agreed to by the driver for an additional fee), be sure to remove all belongings from the trunk and cab of your vehicle before shipment. Consult with your driver if you have questions about your particular shipping situation, or feel free to contact us directly at 224-218-2949.

A car shipping company you can trust

Professionalism That's Worth More

I researched and got a few quotes to ship my Jeep on a truck instead of driving.

Nexus was a bit more expensive than others, but sounded and looked more legit then the competition so I Got my car delivered by Nexus from LA to Dallas last week. It was a great service and their timing was as promised.

I definitely recommend using them even if it costs you more, it was worth it for their professional service and my peace of mind to have my car arrive safely and promptly.

Seamless 5-Star Service

My experience with Nexus auto transport was excellent....definitely 5 star. The assigned driver was on time and thoroughly briefed me on the procedures he would follow and the route he would take. He kept me informed of his progress and was very accommodating to a change I requested in the day and time for delivering the vehicle. The service was seamless from initial phone call to the drop off. I would use the service again without hesitation.

Reliable, Friendly, and Recommended

Very reliable, immediate back and forth communication, and extremely friendly. I definitely recommend and am a living proof that the job is done well. The car was taken care of and no issues to the destination

Friendly, Reasonable Prices

I have used Nexus Auto Transport twice now to ship a vehicle from Florida to Michigan and both experiences have been great. Friendly professional service and reasonable prices. Easy communication with company and driver. Would recommend this car transport company.

Best in the Game

So far the best in the game. I have used them on three occasions and haven’t been disappointed! Thanks guys!

Exceeded All Expectations

Very professional, exceeded my expectations! The car arrives from Federal Way, WA to South Carolina within three days! Driver was very informative and answered all my questions.

No Hassles, Great Communication

I shipped two cars all the way from west coast to east coast, and both cars were transported with no hassle from the day I booked with Nexus. Customer support was always easily available on phone, once a driver was assigned, their dispatch team was also very communicative. One of my cars were delivered in two days, I wasn’t really expecting it to be this fast.

Easy, Unexpected Deal

Arranged to have my 1982 Volvo 242 shipped over the phone. The shipping company called and made it easy to schedule the pickup. The driver was great. To my surprise it was an enclosed hauler for a very affordable price. Will definitely use Nexus next time I need a car shipped!

A Deserved A+ Rating

I did my research! Nexus Auto Transport has an A+ rating on the BBB and I agree! The contractor, Tony, picked up my car and was great with communicating with me along the way. The customer service was great as well with scheduling everything. The price was fair and the service was great! Be cautious with those other companies that under quote - you get what you pay for!

Impressed, Not Stressed

I was nervous about picking a car transport company because I was reading so many negative reviews about being charged a different price, not being able to get in touch with the carrier, the car never being picked up etc. I chose nexus because I was impressed with how easy it was to get in touch with them, and their non aggressive sales approach. The car was picked up on time, I was able to speak to the driver for updates and it arrived on time. I was not charged extra and it was very stress free. I was very impressed and would recommend nexus to others

Transparent, Highly Recommended

I was connected with a very reputable auto transport person. My contact with the initial gentlemen was excellent. He answered all my questions and explained how the process would work. There was follow-up contact to be sure my pick-up was scheduled and that all was satisfactory with the arrangements. I would definitely recommend Nexus Auto Transport to anyone in need of this type of service.

Can't Beat This Service.

Needed 2 cars transported from New Jersey to California. The agent from Nexus Auto Transport provided a fast quote that was very competitive with clear expectations of timeline for payments, pickup and delivery. They subcontracted for actual transport which had some hiccups, but the agent was my advocate and made sure everything went smoothly with the shipping team. He is very responsive to text and calls. Ultimately our cars were delivered safely and EARLY! Can't beat that.

Flexible, Affordable, Fast

This was the first time we shipped a car, so it was a little scary but it turned out great. Customer service was always helpful, the price was the best we found and the carrier that picked up our car was reliable and flexible. It was faster than expected and they were happy to change the drop off location (in the same town) at the last minute. Would recommend and use again.

Wouldn't Use Anyone Else

Have used Nexus twice in the last 2 months and both times they were awesome! Great communication throughout the whole process, drivers were great and they were on time at pickup and drop off. Wouldn't use anyone else! Highly recommend it!

Professional Next-Day Service

So I needed my car shipped from California to NJ ASAP. I was able to get a driver the next day! They were very professional. I love that I could reach them anytime to talk to them about my car shipment. I've went through 3 different companies before a friend recommended them to me. .... Recommend. Will definitely use them again in the future.

On Time, Safe and Sound

I recently hired Nexus to haul a collector car from Iowa to Washington for me. The driver showed up when he said he would, was friendly, and did a great job dropping my car off on the day and at the place he said he would, safe and sound. I would work with Nexus again.

Effortless and Transparent

Nexus provided me with awesome service. From beginning to end of the transport, the company was very professional and made the process effortless. I really appreciated the communication letting me know when it was picked up and when it was waiting at my home being delivered. Highly recommend this company for your auto transport needs.

A New Go-To Company

First I was working with another transport company and for three days I didn't hear anything. So I contacted Nexus Auto Transport and the communication was outstanding. They communicated with me daily and responded within minutes when I needed them. They transported my 65 mustang from Colorado to Houston in no time.

They will be my go-to auto transport company from now on.

BBB #4

In the middle of a moving emergency, the dispatcher hustled for me and scheduled the pick-up of my 2020 Fusion the very next day. The agent offered me a very affordable rate which was hundreds of dollars cheaper than the first company I called. The truck-drivers and Nexus agent were kind people and just overall great in terms of service. I would definitely recommend using to anyone looking to move their car over a long distance

Hassle-Free Car Delivery

Great service. Fast delivery time. Hassle free car delivery. And great prices. Will definitely continue to use them

Flawless, Excellent Transaction

I received a quote within minutes and it was better priced than the other half a dozen ones I received. Actually, I was a bit skeptical because of that. However, I went along with my gut feeling and used them. They did an excellent job! I put them directly in contact with the party I bought the car from and they did the rest. They picked up the car on schedule. Then, a day later I received a call from the driver letting me know he was in town and on his way to drop off my vehicle. The whole transaction was flawless and done by text and email. Definitely recommended and I will certainly use them again.

Awesome Experience, 5 Stars.

I had an awesome experience getting my car shipped across the country. The agent helped me a lot with great communication and a very good price for the job. The entire process was painless and now I am successfully moved from L.A. to Nashville safe and sound even through this whole virus outbreak. 5 stars all round!

No More Shopping Around

Nexus found a driver very quickly and for a cheaper price to ship a vehicle cross country (AZ to GA). Driver was very professional and delivered the vehicle on-time and without issue. I have used other transport companies in the past but I will use Nexus from now on. Great job to the Nexus team.

Earned a Repeat Customer

I recently purchased a pre-owned vehicle here in Gilbert, AZ and needed a reliable Auto Transportation company to pick up and deliver my vehicle to Sacramento, CA safely. Richard from Nexus was great and provided on-time delivery for me. The driver was professional and handled my vehicle with care just as I expected. I use transportation service at least twice a year and Nexus will be my choice of Auto Transportation from now on. Thank you Nexus!!

Satisfied To The Fullest!

The agent from Nexus was an absolute pleasure to work with and had great customer service skills. We had another reservation with another company who wasn't following up and felt helpless. When we started a new search, he was able to get our new reservation booked, payment processed and vehicles picked up within 24 hours! I was relieved and satisfied to the fullest! He fulfilled and exceeded our expectations and thank you again!

Great Experience, Friendly

Great experience with the delivery of vehicle. Professional and friendly. I appreciated that they stayed in touch with me to keep me posted on the delivery.

A+ Customer Service!

A+ service! They had my car shipped from Kentucky to Seattle in 6 days. Great service and superb communication for a very competitive price. I strongly recommend them and will use them again!

Planning Another Shipment

Vehicles picked up and delivered on time, even with crazy supply chain issues and fuel prices. Decent rates, and reliable service. The driver who transported our car did a great job loading and unloading, and the car arrived a bit dirty but in perfect condition. I plan on calling them when we ship our car back in the spring.

Quick Response, Smooth Process

Nexus responded quickly to my request and even though I gave them less than a week's notice, they were able to schedule my auto transport. Communication was open and the process was smooth

Nexus Auto Transport's Outstanding Service!

Nexus Auto Transport's customer service was outstanding. They anticipated every concern and responded to my questions promptly and courteously. I recommend them without hesitation, as my vehicle was delivered safely and without incident ahead of schedule.

Earned My Loyalty!

I was recommended Nexus by a friend of mine and I got the best quote from them for shipping my car from Phx AZ to Austin TX. They got the carrier to pick up the car within 48 hrs and delivered on time. I ended up shipping my 2nd car with them too. I would definitely use them again for future needs.

Fair Pricing, Fast Delivery

Used Nexus twice. They delivered early/on time both times. Fair pricing and fast delivery. I recommend their team and will be using them in the future. Honestly still shocked I got my first delivery done in one day and the other one in two days.

Calmed My Nerves

I used nexus to send my car from Washington to Florida and back again in 2021. Both times they were up front with the pricing, took very good care of my car and delivered the car earlier than expected. I was nervous to send my new car on an open truck across the country, but now I wouldn’t think twice about using nexus to do it.

Rare Level of Service

Excellent service, efficiency, and care for my vehicle. Moving cross country was very difficult overall, but not in regards to my vehicle. Our driver was incredibly quick, careful, and caring whilst transporting our car. Customer service is excellent from this firm, which is very rare nowadays. I recommend this company with 0 apprehensions.

I am very happy

I am very happy, with high quality service, which Nexus provided for me, to transfer my car from Michigan to Panama. These are honest and hard working people taking care of your car. Thank you to my friend who recommended Nexus to me.

Rough Weather, No Problem

I had an excellent experience and would recommend them highly. They transported my daughter's classic Miata that only has 35,000 miles on it. It was delivered in the exact same shape as it was picked up (From Southern California to Seattle) even through rough weather!!!

Can't say enough good things about Nexus Auto Transport!!!

Professional, Amazing Prices

Process was very professional, the driver was always a call away, we had a small hiccup with the pickup but the driver worked with me and made this whole process extremely smooth. Amazing prices compared to competitors.

Friendly Customer Care.

I got the best offer for moving my Acura TLX from Kansas city to Seattle. The customer care is really friendly and I got my car shipped within the next 3-4 days and completely safe. The driver is really friendly and upon my request he delivered it to my work address instead of home.

Excellent, Efficient Service

The employees at this company were very quick to communicate and arrange for a delivery of my Audi S7 all the way from Iowa to New Jersey, and they also did an excellent job at keeping me updated with the progress of the pick and delivery, I would highly recommend Nexus Auto Transport

Excellent, Friendly Service

The communication was excellent, they made sure the vehicles were delivered quickly and they also coordinated with the pick up location, who was not ready on time. As soon as vehicles were ready, they picked up the same day and delivered the next morning. Driver was friendly and put vehicles right where we wanted them.