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How our Maine auto transport works

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Secure your quote for car shipping, Maine to/from anywhere.

To book with the best of the best car shipping companies in Maine, head over to our vehicle transport cost calculator for your free quotes! You can book auto transport in Maine from there within seconds. It’s that simple

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We book you auto transport Maine residents trust.

There is common auto transport, Maine. And then there’s Nexus. When you are looking to transport a car to Maine, no other company boasts the flexibility, the network, and the reputation of Nexus Auto Transport.

Step 3

Pay for shipping a car to Maine on your terms.

Car transport, Maine to/from anywhere, is straightforward and unbelievably easy with Nexus. Simply pay your Maine vehicle transport deposit when you set up your order, and pay the remainder to your driver at pick-up or delivery. No games, just the best car shipping Maine has at prices you can afford!


Car Shipping Company You Can Trust

We top the list of the best car shipping companies shipping to/from Maine
Transparent, Highly Recommended

I was connected with a very reputable auto transport person. My contact with the initial gentlemen was excellent. He answered all my questions and explained how the process would work. There was follow-up contact to be sure my pick-up was scheduled and that all was satisfactory with the arrangements. I would definitely recommend Nexus Auto Transport to anyone in need of this type of service.

Quick Response, Smooth Process

Nexus responded quickly to my request and even though I gave them less than a week's notice, they were able to schedule my auto transport. Communication was open and the process was smooth

Friendly, Reasonable Prices

I have used Nexus Auto Transport twice now to ship a vehicle from Florida to Michigan and both experiences have been great. Friendly professional service and reasonable prices. Easy communication with company and driver. Would recommend this car transport company.

Fair Pricing, Fast Delivery

Used Nexus twice. They delivered early/on time both times. Fair pricing and fast delivery. I recommend their team and will be using them in the future. Honestly still shocked I got my first delivery done in one day and the other one in two days.

Professional, Amazing Prices

Process was very professional, the driver was always a call away, we had a small hiccup with the pickup but the driver worked with me and made this whole process extremely smooth. Amazing prices compared to competitors.

Hard-Working, Professional

We used Nexus twice and have had good experiences both times.

They found a very professional, hard working career for us. They arranged to have our vehicle picked up in CT within a couple of days of our intended pick up date and it got to the Sarasota, Florida area in 2 days ! (We expected 4 days)

Easy, Unexpected Deal

Arranged to have my 1982 Volvo 242 shipped over the phone. The shipping company called and made it easy to schedule the pickup. The driver was great. To my surprise it was an enclosed hauler for a very affordable price. Will definitely use Nexus next time I need a car shipped!

Responsive, Fantastic Experience

From the first call all the way to delivery, fantastic experience. On time and always responsive. Driver kept us up to date, delivery was on time and as arranged. Thank you.

A Deserved A+ Rating

I did my research! Nexus Auto Transport has an A+ rating on the BBB and I agree! The contractor, Tony, picked up my car and was great with communicating with me along the way. The customer service was great as well with scheduling everything. The price was fair and the service was great! Be cautious with those other companies that under quote - you get what you pay for!

Effortless and Transparent

Nexus provided me with awesome service. From beginning to end of the transport, the company was very professional and made the process effortless. I really appreciated the communication letting me know when it was picked up and when it was waiting at my home being delivered. Highly recommend this company for your auto transport needs.

Earned a Repeat Customer

I recently purchased a pre-owned vehicle here in Gilbert, AZ and needed a reliable Auto Transportation company to pick up and deliver my vehicle to Sacramento, CA safely. Richard from Nexus was great and provided on-time delivery for me. The driver was professional and handled my vehicle with care just as I expected. I use transportation service at least twice a year and Nexus will be my choice of Auto Transportation from now on. Thank you Nexus!!

Excellent, Efficient Service

The employees at this company were very quick to communicate and arrange for a delivery of my Audi S7 all the way from Iowa to New Jersey, and they also did an excellent job at keeping me updated with the progress of the pick and delivery, I would highly recommend Nexus Auto Transport

How much does car shipping cost to or from Maine?

The cost of auto transport, Maine to/from elsewhere, differs based on specific factors involved in your order. These include the total driving distance of your Maine car transport order, the make and model of your vehicle, the time of year you ship a car, your scheduling flexibility, your choice of closed or open car hauling, and the company you choose for car transport to Maine.

For more information and to secure a spot with one of the most well-reviewed auto transport companies in the nation, head over to our instant car shipping cost calculator. Within seconds, you'll receive multiple quotes for car transport to Maine or vice versa!

How long does car shipping take to or from Maine?

The time it takes for auto transport companies in Maine to move your car depends on the total distance of your order, the time of year that you ship a car, and other key factors involved with your particular shipment.

That’s why you need to save headaches by working with one the best car transport companies Maine has on offer. That’s why you should work with Nexus.

At Nexus, you can ship a car from one state to another with unparalleled transparency and ease. We only work with Maine car shipping providers locals trust, and we offer five-star auto transport, Maine to/from anywhere in the US.

Are you transporting a car to Maine on a tight schedule? Looking for affordable mobile home transport into or out of the state? From cross-country car shipping to helping you link up with local household movers, Nexus is your #1 option.

Contact us right away or head over to our instant car shipping quote calculator to schedule car shipping, Maine bound, the way it should be.

Want to ship a car with the best car shipping company in Maine?

What’s the best way to ship your car to or from Maine?

It’s Nexus! Nexus has earned its standing as the one of the most trusted auto transport companies in Maine thanks to fully-insured, fully-licensed and safe vehicle transport, affordability, and the best customer service in the business

When it comes to car shipping to/from Maine, we’re the cream of the crop. Car transport, Maine to the world. We can help you with that. When shipping a car to Maine, Nexus offers you unmatched simplicity and peace of mind.

At any time, you can reserve a spot your spot right away! We even offer special services for car dealerships in Maine, hot shot car transport, and for when you need to ship a luxury car.

Do car transport to/from Maine right. Choose Nexus and breathe easy.

Ship your car to or from Maine easily and affordably!
Ship Car From Ship Car To Estimated Route Distance Estimated Delivery Time Estimated Cost
Maine Texas 2,221.7 mi 6-7 days $1405
Maine California 3,238.9 mi 10-12 days $1525
Maine Arizona 2,804.3 mi 7-8 days $1505
Maine Virginia 852.3 mi 2-3 days $875
Maine Florida 1,591.9 mi 5-6 days $1025
Texas Maine 2,221.7 mi 6-7 days $1105
California Maine 3,238.9 mi 10-12 days $1555
Arizona Maine 2,804.3 mi 7-8 days $1355
Virginia Maine 852.3 mi 2-3 days $835

What is the cheapest way to ship a car from Maine?

Beware of Maine auto transportation quotes that are below market-rate. It’s a red flag! Cut-rate companies may advertise services at drastically reduced rates, but those services likely come with a cost. That could mean anything from a lack of required insurance coverage, to hidden fees or a complete scam!

You get what you pay for. And with Nexus, you pay fair prices for the best auto shipping in the United States!

While we can’t promise the lowest car shipping rates every time, we can offer you auto transport Maine residents continuously return to time and time again.

Maine vehicle transport is simply better with Nexus. From long distance auto transport to local door-to-door auto transport, Nexus has you covered in new and unexpected ways.

Learn more about the great State of Maine

Nicknamed “The Pine Tree State”, Maine is the easternmost state in the United States. It’s the 42nd most populous state in the Union with an estimated population of 1,344,212. The State of Maine is the 39th largest state with a total area of 35,385 square miles, and its population density is in the bottom fourth of U.S. states at 38th.

While the capital city of Maine is Augusta, it barely cracks the top ten of the most populous cities in the state. The most populous city in Maine is Portland with a modest estimated population of 66,067, not enough to crack the top 500 most populated cities in America. Portland is a medium-sized town in a state full of small towns, so it feels like a big city in comparison. It's also both quaint and impressively industrialized for its size.

Portland is a great city to call home, but there’s a host of other cities in Maine worth checking out for prospective transplants. Below are some other towns for you to consider!

MAINE CITY 5 Custom pin-icon


(35,868 residents)

MAINE CITY 3 Custom pin-icon


(32,167 residents)

MAINE CITY 4 Custom pin-icon

South Portland

(25,474 residents)

One of the most eye-popping statistics about the State of Maine is that 90% of the state is covered by forests. As you might expect, that makes foresting one of the most vital industries in Maine. Foresting provides more than 33,000 jobs for Maine residents. Business is a bit tricky as many publications shift from paper to digital, but it remains a profitable sector in the Maine economy.

Other industrial sectors essential to Maine’s economy include leasing and real estate, education, business and professional services, retail, general manufacturing, arts and entertainment, construction, transportation, and wholesale trade.

Maine is also starting to see major gains in its tourism industry, especially when it comes to its outdoor recreation areas and gorgeous parks. Baxter State Park and Acadia National Park draw thousands upon thousands of tourists each year. Hikers and bikers especially love these parks as they represent the northern end of the spellbinding Appalachian Trail.

Other tourist attractions worth your time in the State of Maine include the Allagash National Wilderness Waterway, Roosevelt Campobello International Park, the St. Croix Island National Monument, Bar Harbor, and the Wadsworth-Longfellow House in Portland.

Now that you've gotten a brief glance at what the State of Maine has to offer, let's take a little trivia detour and look at the official living and inanimate symbols of the Pine Tree State:

  • State Bird – Chickadee
  • State Insect – Honeybee
  • State Mammal – Moose
  • State Fish – Landlocked Atlantic Salmon
  • State Flower – White Pine Cone
  • State Crustacean – Lobster
  • State Tree – Eastern White Pine
  • State Foods – Blueberry Pie, Whoopie Pie
  • State Gemstone – Tourmaline
  • State Beverage – Moxie

Ready to relocate to Maine? We’re here to make car shipping the easiest its ever been!

When you need to ship a car, truck, or specialty vehicle into or out of Maine, you can rest assured knowing that our expert vehicle shipping staff has got you covered. From the initial inspection to delivery, our truckers take pride in everything they do. We have a solution for every car transport inquiry, from enclosed car transportation, Maine to Florida to open car hauling, Georgie to Maine. Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

We’ve got decades of experience transporting a variety of different cars and trucks, and we only work with the safest and most dependable vehicle transporters on the road.

When it comes to the top vehicle transport companies in Maine, we’re the best thing going.

Whatever the situation is and whatever vehicle shipping questions you may have, we have answers. We work hard and smart to deliver your car, truck, or specialty vehicle on your terms.

5 expert tips for moving to Maine

Insider info from one of the nation’s top-rated Maine car shipping companies.

  1. The cost of living in Maine is 15% higher than the national average. Housing is the biggest culprit, especially on the coast in the vacation areas of the state.
  2. Maine averages over six feet of snow each year! Be sure to pack all of your winter clothing and buy some new snow tires for your vehicle!
  3. If you’re looking for a safe place to raise a family, you’ll be happy to know that the crime rates in Maine are much lower than the national average.
  4. New Maine residents from out of state have 30 days to obtain a new driver’s license after establishing residency.
  5. If you’re a freelancer working remotely, one drawback to Maine is that internet speeds are much lower than the national average. Be sure to do your research to find an ISP that works well for you!

Want to ship a car with the best car shipping company in Maine?