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When searching for top Washington auto transport services, look at Nexus Auto Transport. We are the nation's leading Washington shipping company, providing elite Washington auto shipping to all our customers.

There are plenty of car hauling companies in Washington. Nexus is just different. We are the safest, most secure auto transport Washington State offers.

With thousands of 5-star ratings and countless recommendations, Nexus is the class of auto transport companies in Washington State. The Nexus difference is apparent from pick-up to delivery. Whether you need door-to-door auto transport, Vancouver, WA to the East Coast, or any other Washington car shipping service, head to our instant car shipping calculator to get started. Within seconds, you’ll receive quotes calculated to fit your budget and schedule.

How our Washington auto transport works

Step 1

Secure your Washington car transport quote with our AI-boosted calculator.

Are you looking to buy a vehicle from one of the top car dealerships in Washington? Do you need top-shelf enclosed car transportation Washington to/from anywhere? Head over to our vehicle transport cost calculator! We are the premier Washington auto carriers, offering efficient services at affordable rates!

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We provide car shipping Washington State residents trust.

There is regular car transport, Washington State. And then there's Nexus. No other car transport companies in Washington State balance professionalism, affordability, and transparency like Nexus Auto Transport.

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Pay for your Washington auto transport bill now or later.

Vehicle transport is stress-free and straightforward with Nexus. Pay your Washington car shipping deposit when you set up your order, and pay the remainder to your driver at pick-up or delivery. Other car shipping companies in Washington State can’t match our flexibility and efficiency!


How much does car shipping cost to or from Washington?

Are you looking for auto transport Spokane, WA, to the East Coast? Do you need enclosed auto shipping Lakewood, Washington, to Los Angeles? Your bill incorporates many factors, including the driving distance of your auto shipping order, the vehicle's make and model, the time of year you ship a car, your scheduling flexibility, your choice of closed or open car hauling, and the company you choose to book with.

For more information and to secure a spot with one of the nation's best auto transport companies, head to our instant car shipping cost calculator. Within seconds, you'll receive multiple quotes for car shipping, Washington State to/from anywhere!

How long does car shipping take to or from Washington?

The time it takes for car transport companies in Washington State to ship your car depends on the total distance of your order, the time of year you move your vehicle, and other factors involved with your particular shipment.

It doesn't matter if you need open auto transport, Seattle, Washington to New York, or enclosed car shipping, Spokane to Denver. At Nexus, you can efficiently ship a car from one state to another, no matter what time of year. We only work with car transporters Washington locals know and trust.

Are you about to sell a car online? Are you searching for the most experienced classic car shipping into or out of Washington State? From five-star-reviewed cross country car shipping to helping you coordinate with both appliance movers and local household movers, Nexus is your best option.

Contact us immediately for car shipping, Seattle based or elsewhere in Washington. We can help!

Want to ship a car with the best car shipping company in Washington?

What’s the best way to ship your car to or from Washington?

Nexus has earned its reputation as the preferred Washington auto transport company due to our professional transport approach and attentive customer service.

You can reserve a spot on a Nexus-approved hauler anytime via our auto transportation calculator. We even offer special services for hot shot car transport, clients shipping a vehicle from Alaska to Washington, and those customers in the market to ship a luxury car.

Choose Nexus for Washington car shipping and breathe easy.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car from Washington?

You always get what you pay for. At Nexus, you pay a fair rate for the United States' best Washington auto transport! No other auto shipping, Lakewood, Washington, or otherwise, compares.

We can't promise the lowest car shipping rates every time, but we can offer you the most relaxed and rewarding auto transport experience possible. That's the kind of auto transport Washington residents deserve.

Nexus is Washington’s premier auto shipping provider. If you need long distance auto transport, we've got your back. We also facilitate local auto transport, Spokane, WA bound, when you need it most. No matter what your car transport situation may be, we've got a solution.

That’s the Nexus way of doing things.

Learn more about the great State of Washington

The only state in the Union named after a former United States President, the Evergreen State is the 12th most populous of the 50 states. It’s also the 18th largest state in total area at 71,362 miles, although 4,757 square miles of that is water. The second most populous state on the West Coast behind California, Washington is often called "Washington State" to eliminate confusion between itself and the nation's capital, Washington D.C.

While Olympia is the capital of Washington, it doesn't even rank in the state's top ten most populous cities. The most populous city in the state is one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the entire nation, Seattle. The current estimated population of Seattle is 749,256 – nearly 24% bigger than the 2010 Census count of 608,660. The metro area surrounding Seattle is also snowballing, with cities like Tacoma and Vancouver seeing population booms as of late. Below are some other cities to consider when making the move to Washington State:

WA CITY 1 Custom pin-icon


(214,804 residents)

WA CITY 2 Custom pin-icon


(210,103 residents)

WA CITY 3 Custom pin-icon


(194,512 residents)

Suppose you're buying wood furniture anywhere in the Continental United States (or elsewhere). In that case, the wood used to make that furniture came from lumber operations within the Evergreen State. Thanks to its plentiful forests and near-constant rainfall, Washington is brimming with Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, spruce, larch, and cedar trees, among many others. These trees are prime for lumber production and essential to the Washington state economy.

Agriculture is also a significant player in the Washingtonian economy. Washington is the nation's leading producer of sweet cherries, spearmint oil, red raspberries, pears, hops, and apples. It also places exceptionally high on the list for asparagus, potatoes, peppermint oil, lentils, dry peas, grapes, and apricots. And if you love wine, you'll be happy to know that Washington trails only California in the nation in wine production.

Manufacturing also has a strong imprint in the Evergreen State if you're looking for jobs in that sector. Plants and factories in Washington turn out a wide swath of different products, including ships, other transportation devices, chemicals, various metals, general machinery, food processing equipment, missiles, and aircraft.

All told, Washington ranks among the wealthiest states in the entire country. If you're looking to raise a family, you can look forward to some of the highest life expectancy rates in the country and the lowest unemployment percentages. While the cost of living is starting to skyrocket in the Seattle area, there are still plenty of towns in Washington with affordable housing and many available jobs to apply for.

Tourism is a vital contributor to the state economy as well, especially when it comes to Seattle. Seattle has a ton of attractions to its credit, from sports venues to world-renowned museums. The most recognizable attraction in Seattle is what most outsiders associate with it – the towering Space Needle. If you get a chance and are not afraid of heights, ride up the needle and maybe grab a bite to eat in the cafe. The view is something that isn't replicated anywhere else.

There are plenty of other sights to see around Washington, including checking out a few of the 1,000 different dams in the state. The Grand Coulee is the most visually impressive of the bunch and helps the area with everything from irrigation to energy. Other points of interest worth checking out include three different National Parks (Olympic, Mt. Rainier, and North Cascades), the breathtaking Mount St. Helens in the Cascade Range, which erupted way back in May of 1980, and the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

Now that you know a bit more about what Washington State is all about, let’s beef up your trivia knowledge about the state with a list of its official living and inanimate symbols

  • State Amphibian – Pacific Chorus Frog

  • State Bird – American Goldfinch

  • State Flower – Rhododendron

  • State Fish – Steelhead Trout

  • State Insect – Green Darner

  • State Tree – Western Hemlock

  • State Mammals – Olympic Marmot (land), Orca (marine)

  • State Food – Apple

  • State Gemstone – Petrified Wood

  • State Ship Lady Washington

  • State Soil – Tokul

  • State Vegetable – Sweet Onion

Are you relocating to Washington soon? We’re here for you. After all, Nexus is the nation’s top Washington auto transport company for a reason!

When you need to ship a car, truck, or specialty vehicle into or out of Washington, you can rest assured that our experienced staff will make it happen. From the initial inspection to delivery, our truckers take pride in everything they do. We only work with the safest and most dependable car transport companies in Washington.

We take the utmost care to facilitate safe and secure daily transport. Contact us now to set up your order, or visit our instant car transportation calculator!

We have answers for whatever situation and vehicle shipping questions you may have. We work hard and efficiently to deliver your car, truck, or specialty vehicle on your terms

5 expert tips for moving to Washington

Insider info from one of the nation’s top-rated Washington car shipping companies.

  1. Make sure to save up before moving to Washington State. The average cost of living in Washington is 16% higher than the U.S. average, and housing is a whopping 28% higher.
  2. Washington is a hiking and biking paradise. The splendor of the Pacific Northwest is undeniable, so purchase and pack proper outdoor clothes and equipment!
  3. The easier you make things for the driver servicing your order, the lower your Washington auto transport bill will likely be. Choose your pick-up and delivery locations in easy-to-access locales, preferably off a main highway or byway.
  4. Nexus gives instant access to the best Washington State car shipping daily. Access our instant car transport calculator for more information!

Want to ship a car with the best car shipping company in Washington?