You've discovered your dream vehicle online. The problem? You're in Washington, and it's in Alaska.

You're part of a growing number of people buying cars online. Around 30% of new vehicle sales in the US in 2020 were completed digitally.

You'll need help shipping a car from Alaska to Washington. How do you transport a car from Alaska to Washington? What is the price tag for shipping a car from Alaska to Washington?

Let's explore the process of shipping a vehicle from Alaska to Washington, as well as car transport from Washington to Alaska.

Shipping a Vehicle From Alaska to Washington

Consider shipping a vehicle from Alaska to Washington before trying to drive or tow it home.

If you drive a car from Alaska to Washington, you'll have to factor in your fuel, hotel, and food costs. You may also miss work for several days since Alaska is more than 2,000 miles away from Washington.

When traveling between these two states, you'll have to drive through Canada, so have your passport ready to present to US-Canada border officials. This process may cause a delay in your trip.

Towing your new car from Alaska to Washington will also take time and cost you money in fuel, accommodation, and food. The cost to rent a truck for towing may be high, too, since you'll be driving over 500 miles.

A Washington car shipping service can save you time, energy, stress, and money by transporting your car from Alaska to Washington for you. This makes it the most viable option for moving a car across state lines.

Shipping a Car from Alaska to Washington

The most cost-effective way to transport your car from Alaska to Washington is through hot shot car transport. This is also called open auto transport.

Cross-country car transport services usually use open carriers. Your service will squeeze your car alongside several other vehicles on a carrier with no walls.

Your car will be exposed to debris and the weather, but cars often don't experience damage when a reputable auto transport company transports them in this way.

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Transport a Car from Alaska to Washington

A different type of auto transport available for Alaska car shipping is called enclosed auto transport.

This method involves shipping a car using a carrier with walls. Usually, just one or two cars fit on this type of carrier.

Choose this method if you need classic car shipping. It's also the best choice if you want to ship a luxury car. The carrier's walls will protect your rare or custom car against the elements and debris, so it will be less likely to receive costly damage.

Car Transport From Washington to Alaska

Yet another shipping option for car shipping in Seattle is door-to-door auto transport.

This shipping method is where you pick a drop-off and pick-up location for your car. This means you can ship your car directly to your home or as close as possible to it.

This method is among the most convenient, safest, and affordable ways to ship your vehicle.

If you need your car transported right away, choose expedited shipping. This will ensure your vehicle gets to its destination within your tight deadline.

Shipping a Car from Alaska to Washington Price

The price to ship a car to another state will depend on several factors. The first factor is the shipping distance.

Cross-country car shipping generally costs around 30 cents per mile. The cross-country car shipping price may be closer to 34 cents to 36 cents per mile if you're shipping a pickup truck or SUV. Expect to pay around $1.05 a mile to transport an exotic or classic car.

Whether you choose enclosed or auto transport will also affect your shipping price. Other important factors affecting your price include the following:

  • The season
  • Your shipping deadline
  • Driver availability

Use a car shipping calculator to determine how much it will cost you to ship your car from Alaska to Washington. The calculator will generate a total shipping price based on the vehicle shipping route, your budget, and your schedule.

Auto Transport Process

Ready to ship your new car from Alaska to Washington?

Ask for a quote from the auto transport company you're considering partnering with. If you decide to hire them, tell them when you need to ship your car. Then, tell them where they'll pick it up and drop it off.

The driver will inspect the car being shipped before loading it onto their carrier. They'll inspect the car for any pre-existing marks, scratches, or damages. If they cause additional damage to your vehicle during transport, their insurance will cover the damage repair costs.

After the inspection, you'll receive a bill of lading detailing the results of the inspection.

The driver will then take your car to Washington. A dependable company will make sure your car gets to its destination safely and securely.

Help With Auto Transport

Do you need help shipping a car from Alaska to Washington? An auto transport service can transport a car from Alaska to Washington for you. A reputable company will offer you competitive shipping from Alaska to Washington price tag.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we can help with shipping a vehicle from Alaska to Washington. Car transport from Washington to Alaska, and vice versa, can be a safe and efficient way to get your car to its destination.

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