“I am planning to ship my car from California to Florida in the next few weeks. Is there something I need to know?” In our thirty years of experience in the car shipping industry, we have had many clients ask such questions. It is particularly common among first-time auto shippers. For someone planning to transport his car for the first time, you are in the right place. Shipping a car from California to Florida involves quite a lot. However, you only need a few insights to ensure a successful car shipping process.


Times come when you need to transport your vehicle from one part of the country to another, in this case, California to Florida. Maybe you have just bought your dream car from a dealer in California and you are based in Florida. The other scenario is when you are shifting because of a new job elsewhere. You can choose to sell your car or go with it, together with your other properties. Under certain circumstances, you might want to send a vehicle to another relative. Yet again, it might be possible that you are study in another state. At the beginning of the school year, it is normal to seek auto shipping services from one state to another. Whichever the case, you need an ideal car shipping process that will guarantee maximum safety for your vehicle.


To get your vehicle to the exact location you want, you can explore several avenues. There lies the obvious option of driving the car yourself. This will take a couple of days. At the onset, you might be tempted to believe that the only essential requirement is fuel for the vehicle. Upon closer consideration, one realizes that one will have to look for accommodation and food for the period that one be on the road. Even more, you will have to drive long hours leaving you completely drained at the end of the journey, which might not be a good option. You can even risk being involved in an accident if you are not an avid driver. By driving your car, it will not be possible for you to engage in other activities that might be income generating. Everything else has to stop; that can inconvenience you.

There also lies the option of hiring a professional driver to do the work for you. You can also use the services of someone who is on the other side but is willing to use your car to get to where you are, in Florida. Obviously, this method is affordable because you only have the driver to take care of. In other circumstances, it can even be free if you agree with someone who also needed to do a road trip in that direction but did not have enough money to rent a car. However, the risks involved in this option might not be for everyone. You need to write down all the terms of the agreement. The agreement should contain the responsibilities of each party and possible consequences in case things do not turn out the right way. Who will cover the driver’s insurance? What if the car is involved in an accident? What will be the compensation? For someone shipping an expensive car from California to Florida, this alternative will not be agreeable.

The last option is hiring a professional car shipping company, and that is where Nexus Auto Transport comes in. Here, we offer professional car shipping services across the country. From west to east or north to south, you can trust our team to have the car delivered safely. We have operated for more than three decades. In hiring a car transport company like ours, you will need to make several considerations and learn the rules of the game.

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How will you know a car shipping company is the best one to opt for? For a first time client, it will prove not only tricky but also costly. If you have someone to take you through the process, however, you will find it easy. At Nexus Auto Transport, we acquit our potential customers with the basics. Concerning the hiring of car transportation companies, for instance, you need to have a list of what you want. Some of your key priorities should be:

  • Experience:

Who wants their car to be shipped by amateurs? Don’t even think of it. Shipping a car from one state to the other is complex. You need drivers with sufficient experience. Even more, you need people who are well acquainted with the routes. An auto transport company that has not been in service for more than five years might not be the best choice for you.

  • Reputation:

Never pen down a shipping deal with a company before knowing how well they are doing. What do other clients saying about them? Are there too many complaints about them? If everyone else is complaining, you will most likely join the list. However, you should also be keen on companies receiving praises because not all of them are genuine. Ideally, your confirmation sources should cut across. From review sites to individual confessions, you need to confirm that you are not getting yourself into a mess.

  • Licensing:

The shipping company needs to be legally recognized by the transport department. Otherwise, you might end up on the wrong side of the law. A company that is not willing to share registration or licensing details with its clients is not worth hiring out.

  • Shipping charges:

How much will the company charge you for shipping your from California to Florida? The figure should be something affordable; one you will be willing to pay without the slightest hitch. Having a budget will help you settle on the best company that is in line with your plans. However, it is good to know that auto transport rates keep fluctuating depending on several factors. That takes us to the next important question:


As observed earlier, the amount of money involved in auto transportation varies. The variation is influenced by several factors. The most obvious one is distance. Although many believe this is the only determinant factor, other reasons also influence the amount of money one will pay for their car to be shipped. The amount you pay will vary depending on which part of Florida your vehicle is being shipped to. Besides distance, the shipping costs also depend on other factors, which include:


Larger cars take more space in the shipping trucks. Similarly heavier vehicles add more cargo weight. Those shipping larger vehicles will, therefore, pay more money to have their cars shipped. For those who have shipped different cars before, you might have realized that shipping an SUV costs more than transporting a Sedan over the same distance. The weight of the vehicle involved will play a major role in determining the final load the carrier is allowed to haul legally.


When do you need your car? The normal shipping takes between 7-10 days. This can be shorter or longer depending on other factors like distance. When circumstances demand, however, you can ship your car within a short time. This option calls for special services know as expedited express services. Your vehicle will be picked after 1-2 days depending on availability of carrier. The delivery will be made as soon as possible with the major determinant being the distance involved. To enjoy such faster services, you will need to pay more. In the case of Nexus Auto Transport, the instant auto shipping quote calculator will provide a different reading for expedited express shipping services.


Certain routes are barely used. If you are shipping a vehicle to such areas, you will have to pay more. The Driver is forced to deviate from the main highway, cover several miles before delivering your vehicle and connecting the routes. The person who feels the pinch of that inconvenience is the vehicle owner. If that area is too remote to be accessed by a huge truck, the vehicle can be dropped at the nearest terminal. However, you will have to make quick collection arrangements lest you spend a large sum of money on storage fees at the terminal.


The auto shipping costs might not be seasonal but the time of the year has an influence on the amount of money one pays to have his car shipped from one point to the other. During winter, fewer people are willing to ship cars from California to Florida (or to ship a car from Florida to California, for that matter.) Due to the reduced flow, auto-shipping companies lower their rates to attract more customers. You do not need to wait until the sun is high to ship your vehicle. If you choose a good auto transport company, your car will arrive safely, and you will use less money in the process.


Well, the cost of shipping your vehicle can rise significantly, especially when the traffic is high. For a customer who is smart enough, however, you can still end up using less money and getting better car shipping services. How is this possible? Learn the inside rules. It is the only way to go. For instance, quote comparison is a critical process. If you can, get in touch with transport companies as opposed to brokers. Such companies offer quotes that are more reliable. At Nexus Auto Transport, we provide exact quotes. The good news is: the quotes are all inclusive. You do not need to worry about paying extra money.

By comparing quotes offered by individual companies, you will be able to find out which one best suits you. Simply repairing your vehicle before shipping can save you several dollars. Slight problems can stop the car from running. Shipping an unmoving car is more expensive than transporting one that is operable. The reason is obvious. The former requires additional equipment, all which come at extra costs.

The other simple method of easing auto-shipping charges is by offloading your vehicle prior to shipping. Preferably, the trunk, the front seats, and the backseats should be empty before shipping your car. Trucks need to meet specific weight requirements. Adding personal items within the vehicle might interfere with that. Although Nexus Auto Transport allows up to 100Lbs of loads, such goods are not insured. In the case of anything, you will have to bear the losses. Added goods on the vehicle increase the weight. Since weight is a critical factor, you will end up using additional amounts on car transportation. If possible, you should leave your car free of any personal items during transportation.


To get the most out of car transportation from California to Florida, you should consider the services of experienced auto shippers. Several advantages come with this option, some of which include:


Security of your car is a great concern when it comes to auto shipping. You need service providers who will ensure your car is delivered in perfect condition and unscathed. At Nexus Auto Transport, security is our top-most concern.


You cannot believe the word of all car transportation companies. Sometimes, vehicle transportation companies make promises that they can’t or don’t intend to back up. It is always disappointing to find auto shippers turning back on their words. For instance, being told of extra charges after initial agreements. When you seek the services of professionals, you should expect transparency and follow-up.

While our car shipping quotes are estimates, we work hard to maintain a line of communication with customers when unforeseen circumstances affect pricing. That’s just part of the Nexus difference in car shipping services.


As stated before, the average duration of a California to Florida Car Shipping order is around seven to ten days from when your driver picks up your vehicle to when they drop it off to its destination. In the world of car transport, California to Florida shipping orders are among the most popular for customers. Therefore, it’s often easy to get on board with an open car hauler headed from the Golden State to the Sunshine State.

When you work with Nexus or any other car shipping provider, though, the duration of your California to Florida shipment might vary based on extenuating and unforeseen circumstances. These include road closures, inclement weather, sudden shifts in driver and route availability, and adjustments to the pickup or drop-off locations. If you’re on a tight schedule, call Nexus right away to schedule your California to Florida car shipment. We have expedited car shipping solutions available that can help you out of a jam for a fair price.


The sooner one can have his car, the better. Regardless of the car transportation package you take, it should take a set number of days to get your vehicle. With professionals, you wouldn’t be worried about waiting for one month to have your car shipped from California to Florida. Nexus Auto Transport can take care of your cross-country shipment is as little as a week or so!

In the business of car transport, California to Florida shipping on such expedited terms is worth a second look. And with the level of service provided by both our in-house customer service team and our network of thousands of independent drivers, you’ll never want to ship a car with another top auto shipping company ever again.

And thanks to our simple $75 reservation fee, you can schedule an order for a little now and pay the rest of your balance later!

Do you have any auto shipping concerns? You can always contact us for inquiries. Our customer service team is always there to offer reliable help.

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