IBIS World reports there are 4,848 vehicle transportation companies in the USA. With such high demand, safety is vital, and one of the best ways to guarantee it is vehicle inspection.

Both car haulers and the vehicles they haul need vehicle inspection. This guarantees safety for the driver and other road users.

This is why it is of extreme importance that haulers have a meticulous vehicle inspection check on an annual basis and inspect each vehicle to be towed by the hauler. Well worth the car inspection cost.

So why is a car inspection service so crucial?

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The Benefits of Vehicle Inspection for Car Haulers

Vehicle inspection guarantees your car hauler and cargo are road-safe. But there are greater benefits than this for your company, and you can reap the rewards of adherence to car safety inspections.

Save On Your Operational Costs

You will be able to keep your car hauler efficient and save on fuel costs. A safety and emissions inspection helps you stay on the green side.

For customers, a car shipping calculator helps work out fees. Car haulers can offer a more competitive price with a vehicle safety inspection.

Make Your Fleet Last Longer

Your vehicles will last longer with regular motor vehicle inspection. You can spot issues early on and get them fixed before they become larger problems. This not only keeps your driver, cargo, and other road users safe, but it also boosts the value of your car hauler and prolongs its life.

Lower Your Insurance Premium

Auto transport insurance is a huge factor in a vehicle safety inspection, and the benefits are twofold. One, you will lower your insurance if you have a regular vehicle safety inspection. Two, you will limit your liability risk if you have an accident.

Insurance companies factor in the date of the last state vehicle inspection when they calculate the cost of a policy. If you can show you a regular state vehicle inspection, your car carrier insurance could be lower, offsetting your car inspection price.

Get the right insurance for the cargo, like electric car insurance, to guarantee your claim. You will also boost your reputation with your customers and within the industry at large.

Your Car Hauler Must Comply with the Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the main regulatory body for car haulers. Automobile brokers and transporters must register with the FMCSA if they are to operate interstate.

Once registered, car haulers must display an MC Docket number and USDOT number. This helps consumers verify their authenticity and compliance with regulations - make sure your service displays theirs!

Safety and emissions inspection ensures your car hauler is safe and efficient. As larger vehicles, poorly maintained car haulers pose a threat to road users and the environment. Working with the right places to get a car inspected boosts safety for everyone.

Your car hauler must also meet general roadworthy status for its vehicle class. The only effective way to do this is via road vehicle inspection. They also need to know what documents are required to ship a car.

Examining Structural Integrity: Body and Frame Vehicle Inspection

Given the weight your car hauler carries, it is essential it has robust structural integrity. This car inspection cost is worth every cent. So what does a vehicle inspection center look for?

Any signs of damage, even if they appear superficial, must have a vehicle safety inspection. Marks and dents indicate impact, and these are most common on vertical panels, especially with a larger vehicle.

Horizontal panels, like the hood or roof, could see dents too. Rust affects the strength of your vehicle's body too, and although prevention is better than cure, any rust marks must be dealt with pronto.

Working Parts: What to Look for in the Suspension, Braking, and Electrical Systems

Your suspension system is even more crucial in a car hauler. The extra weight puts a lot of stress on the suspension and during a motor vehicle inspection, you must consider the vehicle with and without cargo.

The peace of mind this offers is well worth the car inspection price. Choose the right vehicle inspection center for added guarantees. When looking for places to get a car inspected, consider reputation and certification.

Suspension Issues and What to Look for

Rough rides, bumps, and shakes are key indicators. A regular motor vehicle inspection lets you spot these issues before they get worse. Squeeks and pulls when you make turns are signs too, as is a dropping nose when you brake hard.

Check Your Brake Components and Function

Inspection of brake fluid levels, pads, shoes, lines, and performance are all part of a car inspection cost. Operational checks should be free from odd noises, pull, and loose pedal feel.

Battery, Lights, and Electronics

Test your battery and alternator at regular intervals, and have a vehicle inspection company take this to the next level with a vehicle inspection check.

All lighting systems, sensors, indicators, and other essentials must be top-notch to guarantee your hauler is roadworthy.

Tips to Ensure Your Cargo Leaves and Arrives in Top Condition

Before you haul any vehicle, you need to gather signatures of liability from the owners. You must do this at the pickup point and the delivery point.

If anyone has queries about the quality of your service, you have evidence on both sides of the trip. Take photos of all parts of the car before and after delivery. A bill of lading offers extra protection, so make sure you get one.

As with any automotive inspection, look over the car for damage. Use a car inspection service and note anything that makes the car hazardous to transport. For car buyers, pre-purchase car inspections guarantee you get a quality vehicle.

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We hope our guide clarified the importance of vehicle inspection for car haulers. With a bigger transport vehicle, you have a special obligation to other road users and yourself to maintain your car hauler.

The same applies to people hiring car haulers. Only work with reputable companies that guarantee compliance and regular automotive inspection.

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