Fast shipping is perhaps one of the greatest conveniences in our online-shopping world. Whether it's overnight or Amazon same-day delivery, it means you get what you need without overlong shipping wait times. But did you know you can ship your car fast, too?

Hot shot car transport is a means for you to get your vehicle in record time. Whether you're moving to another city or need to ship a car to another state you can have your vehicle ready and waiting for you. But compared to cheaper options like open car transport, is this car hauling hotshot trucking really worth it?

Hotshot hauling cars gives you more car shipping options and may be a lifesaver when you're pressed for time. Keep reading as we discuss the benefits of hotshot car hauling.

What Is Hotshot Car Hauling?

Hotshot car hauling is a means of rapid cross-country or cross-state car delivery. These are a type of "less than truckload" (LTL). Rather than using the big open car carriers you're used to seeing, operators use hotshot car hauling trailers.

These tend to be consumer medium-duty trucks that are capable of pulling small to medium trailers--big enough for a single vehicle and occasionally more. This is a flatbed trailer--hotshot car hauler trailer--but if needed can be an enclosed trailer to protect the cargo.

Hotshot car hauling tends to be for shorter distances. However, it can deliver across state lines, or even to the other end of the country. A hotshot car hauler trailer does not suffer from the limitations of larger counterparts like open carriers.

What Does It Mean to Hotshot a Car?

Unlike expedited car hauling, a hot shot car transport doesn't make use of company-hired drivers. Rather, it uses load boards to hire out jobs to freelance drivers, known as owner-operators. These are operators who own their equipment, such as a hot shot hauler trailer.

These hot shot auto haulers do runs when they have free time--or need some cash on the side. Think of a car hauling hotshot as Uber, but for auto delivery. However, in some cases, a company vehicle will step in to fulfill a rush order.

How Much Do Hotshot Loads Cost?

That depends on a lot of factors, so it's impossible to give a rough estimate. Use a car shipping calculator and set your time limit to "as soon as possible". This ensures you only see hot shot car hauling prices for hot shot trucking hauling cars.

Look for hotshot car hauling companies that give the best rates, as this option can be pricey from the wrong providers.

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Is Hotshot Hauling Worth It?

It depends. Hotshot truck car hauling is an expedited transport method. You might use hot shot auto haulers for the following:

  • You need vehicles for a rush job
  • You need to make up for logistic hiccups
  • You're short on drivers to deliver vehicles to a location

Whatever the reason, a car hauling hotshot driver will get your vehicle to a location as fast as possible. A load board means you can get a quicker response, even if company drivers are occupied.

How Many Miles Do Hotshot Drivers Drive?

Hotshot car hauling goes as far as you need it to! The only limitation on hot shot car hauling prices is that there is the infrastructure to get there. A hotshot car hauler trailer has better clearance and mobility than larger trucks, meaning it won't have to take long, convoluted routes.

Hot shot car hauling companies can work with you to get your vehicle anywhere you need on a tight schedule, even to rural areas.

Is Hotshot Trucking in Demand?

Yes. Hot shot trucking car hauling is a big industry that does thousands of hot shot car transport routes every year. While hot shot trucking car hauling is more niche than the standard open transport, it has a consistent demand. A car hauling hotshot steps up for emergency and expedited loads that standard options can't fulfill.

What's the Best Truck for Hotshot?

A hotshot car hauler trailer is the best solution, and is pulled by a medium-load truck. These are maneuverable trailers with small clearance, ideal for almost any route.

In some cases, hotshot trucking car hauling may use a larger dually truck. Large open carrier trailers usually won't fulfill these types of hotshot trucking car hauling loads, since it's very inefficient. This makes it easier for door-to-door car shipping in tight residential neighborhoods that carriers cannot enter.

What Size Trailer Do I Need for Hot Shot?

A car hauling hotshot only needs enough space to carry a single car. Hot shot car hauling trailers tend to be small to medium flatbeds.

In some rare cases, you may need hot shot car hauling trailers that can handle two smaller vehicles. You may need to get in contact with your preferred hot shot car transport directly to discuss extraneous options. Do keep in mind that hot shot car hauling prices will go up significantly for overloads.

How Much Weight Can a Hotshot Haul?

Hot shot car hauling trailers are designed for heavy, multi-ton loads. They can carry most standard small to medium vehicles. Hot shot car hauling prices will reflect hotshot trucking car hauling for larger loads, such as SUVs or heavy-duty trucks.

Do I Need a Dually to Hotshot?

A dually (a heavy-duty consumer truck with two back wheels) gives hotshot hauling cars more torque and traction. These are ideal for larger hotshot car hauling situations, or when you need state-to-state car shipping.

In most cases, you don't need a dually for hot shot car transport. Requesting a dually may cause a steep increase in hot shot car hauling prices. However, you may want a vehicle with better handling to ensure your delivery makes it safe and sound.

Get Hotshot Car Hauling With Nexus

Hot shot car transport is the best solution for those who need a vehicle delivered as fast as possible. It's an excellent alternative if the days or weeks that an open carrier requires is insufficient. It makes use of load boards with experienced owner-operators who can fulfill a rush order with little to no warning.

Nexus auto transport is the leader in car delivery--hotshot or not. Make us your go-to auto delivery and see the difference it makes for yourself.

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