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Learn more about the great State of Missouri

Located smack dab in the heart of the Midwestern United States, Missouri is the 18th most populous state in the Union with an estimated 6,137,428 residents. While there is a large population density around some of the major metropolitan areas within the state, the entire state is pretty well spread out thanks to its 69,715 square miles worth of area – good for the 21st largest state in the Union.

The most populous city in all of Missouri is one of the most interesting cities in America. Kansas City is a large metropolitan city by all accounts with 495,327 residents. That ranks 38th among all cities within the United States. The really strange part is that the Kansas City metropolitan area has two different Kansas Cities – the aforementioned one and Kansas City, Kansas which is just the third-largest city in Kansas. They are two different cities with two different population counts, although they share a name and a border.

While the capital of Missouri is Jefferson City, it's not one of the ten most populous cities within the Show-Me State. Let's look at the nine cities which round up the top ten most populous behind Kansas City:

MO CITY 4 pin-icon

St. Louis

(293,792 residents)

MO CITY 1 pin-icon



MO CITY 5 pin-icon



The Missourian economy is one of the most balanced and diverse economies in the United States. If you're looking for an entry-level job in the service industry or something in management, you're definitely in luck. The service industry is booming in Missouri, especially in larger cities such as the aforementioned Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield. Wholesale and retail outlets also bring big bucks into the Show-Me State's economy every year.

Manufacturing is extremely critical to Missouri's financial health as well. The state is one of the leading producers of automobile parts and automobiles in the entire nation. It also has major export imprints in beer, nonalcoholic bottled beverages, food processing, defense, and aerospace tech. Missouri was not hit as hard as Rust Belt states were by the threat of shuttering plants and factories, most likely because the state has such a diversified economy and lower cost of living outside of the main metropolitan areas.

Mining is also a key contributor to Missouri's bottom line. According to recent estimates, 90% of the non-recycled lead supply in the United States comes from the Show-Me State. Missouri is also rich in several other natural resources and has significant export profits from mining and producing barite, limestone, iron ore, zinc, and timber.

From an agricultural standpoint, Missouri makes a lot of export capital off of grains and similar crops. Sorghum, hay, rice, soybeans, and corn are all nice cash crops for the Show-Me State. Missouri also has a great reputation in livestock exports, ranking high in the nation for producing turkeys, broilers, hogs, and cattle. If you've had a good slab of ribs or a tasty bit of barbecued chicken somewhere in the Midwest, chances are good that your dinner could have come from Missouri.

Keeping with the diversified economy theme, tourism is yet another healthy part of the Missouri economy. It's a growing sector within the state which is buoyed by many different attractions, historical and otherwise. One major attraction which is less history-oriented and much more contemporary is the Bass Pro Shops national headquarters in Springfield. In an area where lake and river fishing is extremely popular among the locals in Missouri and surrounding states, it's basically like Disneyland for those who fish.

Other attractions to check out when in the Show-Me State include the iconic Gateway Arch at the Jefferson National Expansion in St. Louis, Mark Twain's childhood home out in Hannibal), the Harry S. Truman library and home in Independence, the Jesse James and Pony Express museums in St. Joseph, and the natural grandeur of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. There's also a lineup of amazing country music acts which perform regularly in Branson, so definitely check that out if you're a music fan.

We talked about it a bit, but fishing and outdoor activities are major sources of entertainment and revenue for Missouri. There are a ton of lakes and river outlets teeming with fish, and there are 81 different state parks and a host of other conservation areas perfect for hiking, biking, and other exploits.

Missouri is a major hub for railway travel and has several very reliable bus systems, but it's still much easier to access everything there is to do in the Show-Me State with your passenger vehicle. If you ship your car into Missouri for a new living arrangement or just to visit, you'll be able to take advantage of some well-maintained highways and byways which will get you anywhere you want to go.

And the cool thing about Missouri is that it joins Tennessee as one of just two states which border eight other different states. Missouri shares a border with Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. If you want to get somewhere outside of the state in a flash, driving is the way to go.

One of the things you may want to drive to while in Missouri is one of the many major sporting events held within its borders. Missouri has four different professional sports franchises within the four major American sports – the Kansas City Royals (Major League Baseball), St. Louis Cardinals (Major League Baseball), St. Louis Blues (National Hockey League), and Kansas City Chiefs (National Football League). It also has two Major League Soccer teams, 18 minor-league teams across a wide swath of sports, and a great reputation in both high school and collegiate athletics.

All of this talk about sports is probably getting you hungry. After all, what goes better with watching sports than a good brew and a great meal. Missouri is the place to be for foodies who have an affinity for barbecue. Kansas City-style barbecue is world-famous for its sauces and its overall flavors, with citizens of many states on either coast adopting its ways when opening their barbecue joints.

The cool thing about Missouri is that while there is great barbecue and soul food to be had almost anywhere, there’s also a diverse populace within cities like Kansas City and St. Louis serving up countless different regional cuisines from around the world. You can find great sushi, tasty Thai, and amazing Indian food just a few blocks away from each other in Missouri’s main metropolitan areas.

And if you’re looking to head to Missouri to continue your education, there are a host of different four-year universities, two-year trade schools, private colleges, and community colleges for you to choose from. The main university in the State of Missouri is the flagship of the University of Missouri System in Columbia. The University of Missouri also has satellite campuses in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Rolla.

If private colleges are more of your thing, two of the most decorated and highly-regarded private schools in the country are in Missouri. Saint Louis University and Washington University are both in the City of St. Louis, and both are often listed among the best the country has to offer in several different facets.

Now that we've given you a really clear look at what Missouri is all about, it's time to beef up your trivia knowledge about the Show-Me State. Let's start by taking a gander at the various inanimate and living symbols of the State of Missouri:

  • State Bird – Eastern Bluebird

  • State Fish – Channel Catfish

  • State Amphibian – American Bullfrog

  • State Flower – White Hawthorn

  • State Insect – Western Honey Bee

  • State Tree – Flowering Dogwood

  • State Mammal – Missouri Mule

  • State Food – Ice Cream

  • State Gemstone – Beryl

  • State Instrument – Fiddle

  • State Rock – Mozarkite

  • State Mineral – Galena

  • State Soil – Menfro

Don't go away just yet! We have even more juicy trivia nuggets to share about one of the most intriguing states in the Union. Below is a list of really cool and interesting facts about Missouri that you likely don't already know:

  • While politicians are often known for trying to play both sides of the fence, they take it to a whole different level in Missouri. If you listen to speeches by some state representatives closely, you'll hear them pronounce the state's name in two different ways – "Missourah" and "Missouree." This is done to curry favor with citizens who say it one way or the other.

  • Did you know that Missouri has over 6,000 caves within its borders? While it's better known as the Show-Me State, it's also known in some circles as the Cave State.

  • Speaking of caves, have you ever wanted to have a really good meal in one? Well, just head to Richland! They’re the only city in the United States which has a restaurant situated within a cave.

  • There are only 12 states in the Union that have an official state horse, and Missouri is one of them. If you've ever ridden a Missouri Fox Trotter, then you've ridden the official horse of the Show-Me State.

Shipping your van, car, or truck with Nexus Auto Transport is a smart idea for those who want to unlock everything that the State of Missouri has to offer. Whether you want to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play or want to go exploring one of the thousands of caves in the state, a reliable vehicle is the most efficient and relaxing way to make it happen. If you want the Show-Me State to show you what it's made of, place your order when you can.