What is Luxury Car Transport?

Luxury car transport is a special car shipping service coordinated and designed for the safe and secure transport of high-value vehicles.

Nexus offers many different services under the umbrella of luxury car shipping, all of which are meant to provide customers like you with the ultimate peace of mind when shipping a valuable vehicle. Those services are as follows:

Standard Luxury Car Transport

There’s nothing standard about our standard luxury car hauling services. Rather than subjecting your high-value vehicle to the elements and road conditions on a normal open car transport carrier, your car will be fully enclosed in a luxury car transport carrier designed to protect its body and paint job from everything travel can throw at it.

Classic Luxury Car Transport

When you ship a classic car through Nexus, you can rest assured that we assign the most experienced, licensed exotic and classic car transport drivers for the job. For top-value vehicle that are 20-45 years old, we have one of the best track records of any company in the continental United States. We are your one-stop shop for the highest-rated luxury auto transport providers in the country.

Exotic Auto Transport

Is your car a unique import or a one-of-a-kind domestic in need of added care? We work with trusted providers around the United States to provide the best exotic car transport services going today! Exotic auto transport cost should be fair, regardless of the value of your vehicle. And we make that happen.

Antique Car Shipping

Similar to exotic car transport, antique car transport takes special account of the needs of your vehicle aged 45 years or older. Our expert luxury auto transport team is well versed in the handling and transportation of priceless vehicles from years past. If you have questions or concerns about antique car shipping, feel free to give us a call at (224) 218-2949. We’ll be happy to assist.

Cross-Country Car Transport

Do you need luxury car transportation services from coast to coast? Are you in need of a 5-star exotic auto transport provider as soon as possible? Every day, we coordinate cross-country car shipping for luxury cars, exotic vehicle, antiques, and other high-value vehicles for clients like you!

How much does it cost to haul an exotic/luxury car?

Luxury car transport costs about $1.90 per mile for shipmilitary car shippingments of 0-500 miles. For example, a 425-mile luxury car hauling order will cost around $807.50 on average. As the distance, your luxury car transport carrier has to cover increases, the cost per mile decreases. If you need to ship a car from one state to another, you can pay as little as $1.30 per mile (on average).

Nexus offers affordable car shipping solutions for vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and values. The cost of classic and exotic car transport varies based on the time of year, the vehicle shipping route, driver availability, special considerations such as inoperable vehicles, and any added exotic auto transport benefits such as expedited enclosed shipping.

We also offer military car shipping discounts for active and retired personnel, and we remain transparent about cost throughout the luxury auto transport process.

How does our luxury car transport work?

At Nexus Auto Transport, classic luxury transport is our passion. We love classic and exotic vehicles as much as you do, which is why we only partner with the best luxury car transport companies and independent providers in the United States.

1) Instantly Book Your Luxury Car Shipping Order Online

Our instant car shipping cost calculator is the easiest (and smartest) way to book an exotic auto transport order in the United States. Within seconds, you can get market-rate exotic and classic car transport quotes for thousands of routes. Feel free to compare prices using our cutting-edge calculator tool or to book right away with a credit card or PayPal account.

2) We Match You With A Safe, Experienced Driver

The best luxury car shipping company is one that understands its customers’ needs. And when you’re entrusting the safety of your exotic or classic car with a professional luxury auto transport provider, we know you need reassurance that your vehicle will be in steady hands from pickup to its destination. At Nexus, we offer luxury enclosed car transport solutions that provide the highest level of shipment security in the industry today.

3) Pay Your Way & On Your Terms

You can easily pay for your exotic car shipping services upfront via credit card or PayPal using our luxury car transport cost calculator. Or, you can make a refundable deposit and pay the remainder with cash, check, or money order to your driver at the time of pick-up or delivery. All orders are fully refundable prior to driver assignment. And we’re glad to work with you to find the right payment solution at the right moment.

4) Only The Best For Your Classic Car

We go the extra mile to ensure that your exotic car gets the attention it deserves. Every exotic car hauler we partner with is fully vetted for safety and insurance coverage prior to dispatch. We don’t cut corners and we don’t waste your time. With thousands of 5-star ratings and one of the highest customer service satisfaction rates in the exotic car transport business, Nexus has you covered.

5) Unparalleled Protection From Pickup to Delivery

Classic luxury car transport isn’t just regular auto transport dressed up with fancy language. Reliable luxury car transportation services should take added precautions to ensure that your classic/exotic vehicle is completely protected from Point A to Point B. Our exacting and high insurance standards for drivers make sure that your high-value vehicle is completely covered on its journey in a premium enclosed car hauler.

6) Sign Off and Go!

Our exotic car transport services are designed to be customer friendly from booking to delivery. At Nexus, we believe that our valued clients shouldn’t have to stress about any aspect of our luxury car transportation offerings. That’s why we offer around-the-clock assistance, full transparency about order changes and schedules, and both flexible dates and pricing to work around your budget and schedule.

What is the safest way to ship a classic car?

The safest way to ship a classic car is with Nexus Auto Transport’s network of professional classic car shippers! But, don’t take our word for it. Check out these reviews from classic car lovers like you!

How are luxury cars shipped?

Rather than using the multi-tier open car carriers you often see on the highway, most luxury cars are shipped using enclosed trailers to ensure that they are fully protected from potential damage on the road.

Luxury car transportation is all about taking added steps to protect the paint, body, and accessories that make your luxury vehicle what it is. That’s why Nexus works with drivers that operate the most secure enclosed trailers in the business today. Enclosed car shipping protects your luxury vehicle from common road hazards such as inclement weather, dust, dirt, animal waste, rocks, and more. It also hides your luxury vehicle from view, keeping it from becoming a target of potential theft.

With countless decades of experience behind the wheel, our vast network of luxury car shipping specialists is ready and waiting to run your route! We can ship a luxury car for you as soon as the next day in certain circumstances. Just head over to our car shipping cost calculator to get started!

How does BMW ship their cars?

BMW ships its cars to a port of destination that houses one of its Vehicle Distribution Centers. From there, BMW contracts with luxury car shipping providers like Nexus, Wallenius and Wilhelmsen, Kline and NYK, and others to transport its luxury vehicles to customers via ground.

If you are a BMW customer looking to ship your new vehicle to home in the United States, look no further than Nexus Auto Transport. For a comparable deal to in-house shipping arrangements, you can have access to the best luxury car shipping providers in the U.S.

How does Lexus ship their cars?

Just like BMW, Lexus will ship its cars to a port of destination close to its Vehicle Distribution Centers. From there, they work with independent trucking companies to move their cars from port to customers safely and efficiently.

That’s where a 5-star auto transport company like Nexus Auto Transport steps in. Our network of luxury car shippers regularly ship new and used Lexus automobiles in five-star fashion all over the United States.

How do exotic cars get transported?

Depending on their country of origin, exotic cars sometimes require multiple steps of transport to be united with customers like you. This may include air transport, sea transport, ground transport, or a combination of two or three of these methods.

If you are in need of an exotic car transport company, Nexus is the right pick. For domestic shipments, we can find an exotic car shipping specialist in your area ready to move your car from state to state or coast to coast. For international shipments, we can help your organize the different steps necessary to get your exotic car where it needs to go.

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